About Me 2

I’m an Asian American man from New York City. Born in raised in the city that never sleeps, everyday I’m hustling in this massive city trying to find a better way and my life’s purpose. I realized that I was brought up to go to college and then work hard for a company until I retire. I find myself miserable sitting in a cubicle and getting more and more dis-enchanted with what society dictates as a normal life. I don’t understand how in a city of millions, I can still feel so alone. I decided to pursue what I wanted to do with my life instead of worrying about what others thought or expected of me. This lead me to discovering women, motorcycles, and traveling and was my inspiration to become TheLoneWolfTraveler.

A few years ago back in 2012, I wrote an original About Me post (Now that page is private due to the fact that my mentality is far different than it was a few years ago, which was more of a reflection of a man in his early twenties. Women, sex, travel, adventure, extreme sports, risk taking, were my priority and the things I would boast and write about it but it didn’t serve much of a purpose.

A few years later, I still love the lifestyle that I have fore-mentioned but have also matured with age  and want to stand for something more. There are many injustices, discrimination, and oppression that I see happening to my Asian Male kin and quite honestly, myself as well. (This blog does not represent the Asian Woman; specifically the self hating Asian woman type. As far as I’m concerned, they are traitors to their own kind and the primary adversary of the Asian Man).

There are things I see happening throughout my own city, culture, and community and it pisses me off. No longer just complaining to people that don’t care, I founded this blog and using the twenty first century means of communicating to the masses and all those that would listen, can relate, will follow and show support. No one knows and cares about the struggles of an American Asian man trying to make it in country where the odds are against him. Many people hate on the Asian man, including our own women. The media, other races see us as inferior and think they can have their way with us at our expense and there will be no repercussions. The media is so intent on supporting this liberal movement and Black Lives Matter BS but no one even bats an eye on the oppression and injustices being done to Asian men. We don’t count and we are expendable. My long term goal is to create a movement that will bring the war to the very doorsteps of the liberal hypocrites, racists, and self hating Asian women.

I do not want the life of 9-5 chump, but seems money has a good way of enslaving people to lead a life we do not want. Finding a way out this rat race and showing that the human spirit is alive and well is the thing that drives and motivates me on a daily basis.

Last I would describe myself with a few short words. A non conformist by heart, strong willed, adventure seeker, a self proclaimed hustler, women lover, enemy of the self hating Asian women, and a icon for the Asian Male or any Modern male of any ethnicity that shares the same views and struggles.

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