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What To Do When A Girl Does Not Text You Back After Your First Date Guide

When a Girl does not text you back after the first date Survival Guide


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This guide was written solely based on my painful and interesting experiences when girls didn’t respond to me after a great first date. I also had a lot of run ins with girls that didn’t respond to my text after they gave me their phone number.

It was tough dealing with it because I HAD NO CLUE WHY these girls didn’t respond to my texts after a perceived fun date where we held hands and kissed. How could a girl like you on a date and show you so much interest and then suddenly disappeared into the thin air when you texted afterwards? I keep wondering WHAT HAPPENED? Was it something I said or did? Does she like me? Why won’t she respond after the great date we had??? I found myself googling non stop on reasons why girls won’t text you after a first date. This guide is here to end all your questions, wondering, obsessing, and sleepless nights.

Finding my way out of these dating and texting dilemmas, I came up with a few rules and guidelines that I would stick to, to make sure I made all the right moves, said and texted all the right things, to increase my chances of hearing from a girl after a great first date. These rules and guidelines taught me discipline and self respect and me understand how to handle these situations that girls put us men through. If this guide worked for me, it would work for you; my fellow brothers in arms.

The Ebook covers:

  • Rules to follow to make sure your first date goes well
  • How to handle the interaction with a girl after the first date
  • How, when, and what to text (with actual dialogue examples on what to say in your text to get her to respond to you) her after the first date to ask her out for a second date
  • How to handle and what to do when a girl does NOT RESPOND to your texts after the first date
  • Text structure guidelines how the CORRECT approach on how to text her after the first date. It shows the strategic texting strategy structure such as the follow up text, the second text, and the warning text. You will warn her to respond and if she doesn’t she will lose you forever
  • When to know to walk away from a pursuit of a girl with NO REGRETS
  • Discipline, class, and be a gentleman even in the face of defeat and come back a stronger man
  • Tips and actual case scenarios from my personal first date experiences
  • And much more!

With this book (75 pages total), it will help guide you through on to deal with girls that flake or don’t respond to your texts after a great first date. You will understand a woman’s mentality and know how to deal with the situation. You can’t go wrong! Increase your chances for a second date, and know what to do and say. It’s all jammed pack in this guide!

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