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Two Notches in One Night Part Two

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The Tall Asian Girl

It was a Saturday night in early June around 9pm and my place is cleaned, bed made, and condoms put to the side for easy access. I was ready to go. I purposely haven’t masturbated for a few days so I had a decent amount of cum built up inside my balls. I am ready to release it for take off tonight, I thought. I’m the captain, my penis is my spaceship, and her vagina is the big black hole in space. (hopefully not too big of course, I like my pussies with a snug). My destination was to pilot my spaceship to and in the big black hole in space, and the mission must be accomplished tonight.

We met up, she was late again. The fuck, I will take that into consideration when I’m beating up her pussy later I thought to myself. This was our second date. The first date was a week ago and was a success. Although I didn’t get the notch the first time, I had her back at my place, sprawled out with her top off as I made out with her, kissed her neck, chest, stomach, and giving her upper body foreplay she would never forget. I must have spent an hour on the foreplay, no kidding but I enjoyed it every bit as much as she did. I had her moaning my name, and this was just the first date! It was great.

After our original plan for the date didn’t work out I decided to take her to a nice Japanese bar in my neighborhood. The bar is dimly lit, with decent amount of privacy adding to a nice seductive atmosphere. We order a large pitcher of slushy drinks with alcohol and chicken wings. We joked that the slush tasted like a smoothie but little did we know that every refill we were taking were adding to our tipsiness that we weren’t even aware of. They had couch seats, which was a perfect opportunity to sit next to her. The whole time I was rubbing her back and shoulders with my hand occasionally sliding down to massage her legs and squeeze her ass. I went as far as sliding my hand down her pants from behind and rubbed her bare ass. She stopped me but weakly as I continued having my way. She giggled….other people may or may not have been watching us. I didn’t care.

We stumbled out of the bar surprised that we were tipsy. We walked the night streets back to my place and before you know it, she is sprawled on my bed with her panties off. She whispers to me that I’m moving to fast but her pleas didn’t penetrate my pussy mission oriented brain. I took off her panties and the rest of her clothes and inserted my cock slowly into her wet warm pussy. I savored the first sacred moment when you first feel the insides of the pussy of a girl you’ve been wanted to fuck but was only a thought until you made it happen. Notch captured….and I was only getting started for the night….

Two notches in one nightI managed to take this picture of her before she noticed but my flash was off. By the time I tried to turn the flash back on she noticed the phone and flipped out. Notice the white cum coming out of her pussy? That wasn’t mine 😉

Little did I know what an awesome fuck this girl was and that this was the beginning of  great fucking to come..

The Japanese Girl

After the tall Chinese girl leaves, I text my Japanese girl. (After our first mini date of grabbing a drink things were moving extremely quick thanks to my persistence. I already invited myself to her place for our second official meeting and had her on her own couch with nothing but her panties on, while I explored her body).  This was going to be our third meeting along with a combined 4 hours from our previous two meetings. (We did see each other a few more times in between those times but they were quick half hour coffee dates or a hi and bye before work kind of interaction. However, simple interactions like that moved our connection along faster and we felt like we knew each other longer because of that). I asked if I can come over to spend the night with her. She says yes with a heart shape. I smiled after reading the text, I knew she wanted it as much as I did.

Gaming Tip: Sometimes when I know things are going well with a girl sometimes I get bold and invite myself over to her place. This is a bold mood to forward the seduction for sex to come quicker. If you do get inside her place with this move, sex may or may not happen. If it doesn’t, keep it short and leave. I am sure that the next time your at her place, you will get laid because she will feel closer to you because to her you already been to her place before and psychologically it will feel like she knew you longer than it really is. Never be direct, just say something like, “Can I come over to your place now?” Sometimes she will just say yes, sometimes there will be a pause (which means she is thinking or deciding) and she may respond with a yes or sometimes they might even ask why. Just say, ” I want to see you for a little bit, to cuddle, bring you coffee, breakfast, or just some food, wine, six pack beer for a drink, etc.” Sometimes even use the weather as an excuse as I did with the Japanese girl when I invited myself over to her place for the first time. I said: “can I come over to see you? The weather is bad out and I don’t want to go outside.” Just be simple and non direct. If she is not ready, she will have some excuse, then just be cool with it and go out with her again on another date before trying again.

I quickly got dressed, threw out the condom and wrapper that was on my floor,

(This was the Condom I used – LWT Approved. Get it on Amazon)

waited a few minutes to make sure that the tall Chinese girl had walked far enough away from apartment so that she won’t see me get on my bike. I ran downstairs excited to get another piece of pussy for the night. The Japanese girl lived all the way in the city so it was going to be a long ride. This was early June so I was wearing just a t shirt, got on my bike and rode down the night streets. It was about 2am and most of the freeway and streets were clear so I rode fast on my bike. Finally got there about 2:45am and rung her doorbell. She answered the door in a skimpy little top and a short pair of shorts. (No panties). The door closed behind us and I captured my second notch for the night, and my first Japanese Conquest ever. Years and years of fantasizing about Japanese girls was a fantasy no more and let me tell you, the Japanese girl had the tightest pussy ever…

Little did I know that this would be the beginning of 3 months of sex, with plenty of cream-pies, and even sex in an open park….

To be continued?