To all my loyal readers. At the requests of a few readers, this page is dedicated for my blog followers, readers, fans, other Asian bloggers and even haters. Feel free to suggest something you may want to see added to the blog, any ideas, or even posts you would like to see more of.

This page will also serve as an open forum (Can’t open a real actual forum like other websites because it costs money and wordpress is just a free blog) but nonetheless this page will be for anyone that wants to start a topic or discussion with other readers on the blog. I myself, will also participate every now and then as well.

Asian American men speak up!

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  1. About two days ago, I recently went to the gym and got plenty of haters stare because i was going there to improve myself. The gym i went to has a towel service so i went to the desk and there were no towels. In response, i asked the desk person who was pretending to be busy and he ignored me. I looked over at a cute white girl who just smiled at me. Is me or the guy was feeling insecure because she was noticing me. Any how Im happy that i have haters because they just make me stronger. its true that when asian men get attention and the tables are turned other men get extra annoyed.

    Heres a question: how would we as asian men handle the situation to make other ladies see that we are also human beings and deserve a chance as much as other men?

    I think i met one of types of asian ladies lonewolf was talking about while at a late night dinner. It was Sunday i was walking out of the place when i dressed really casual since it was a sunday and i just felt like being comfortable. Two asian gals saw me and laughed. One even says who “its ok, he is not trying to impress me” What stuck up asian girl lol. First of all, i was going out to enjoy a comfortable time.

    1. What I experienced and noticed is that when Asian men do good, other races hate. People can deny it all they want but that’s the truth. In your case, if you went for the towel service and you were a white guy or non Asian you will probably get more respect. That’s just the truth. They treat Asian men as lesser and passive. They also hate when you are with a girl even of Asian descent. Don’t be surprised that they will check your girl out right in front of you. If she’s non Asian, then they hate even more wondering why is a white girl interested in an Asian guy??? Yuck??? small dick??? etc etc
      Now, on how to handle this. First, you need more confidence in yourself. Confidence demands respect and if your confident, others will respect you in most cases. You have your occasional assholes that won’t respect Asians because they are racist or whatever, but it is you who won’t tolerate disrespect if you are confident with yourself.
      How to build confidence? This takes time, especially if your a quiet, passive, good natured type. Build yourself up physically. Learn your physical presence be known instead of a slumped shoulder Asian guy in the corner. Build your social skills.
      Go out more often. Talk to girls, make some friends. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Read, improve your hygiene and dressing.
      Have more sex to build up your sexual confidence and experience.
      Push yourself to constantly improve yourself and step out of your comfort zone.
      Its a working process but if you put your mind to it, you will get what you want. Trust me on that.

  2. **This is long, but it shows my story and why I did what I did. Maybe this is for you or maybe not.

    I’ve taken a different stance at Asian men and dating and I base on my personal experience in the USA.

    I’m a sucker for improvement. Since leaving my Asian-American enclave (the bubble tea type) I had to fend for myself. I found that to get good at women is a matter of progression. It is about increasing odds by bettering oneself and finding an environment of leverage. However, I believe it will be futile to express your true sexual value in the USA(explanation at bottom) .

    To help others, here is what I did to get good with women.

    – At first I learned PUA and the pick-up tricks. I was very active in the sphere.I had good success that still carries over here now abroad. I can approach any girl, train station, cafe, mall, concerts, you name it — I have numbed myself to the approach. In fact, I take go pro video approaches in my youtube channel.

    – Then I locked into target demographics and carried my own niche. To me this was Salsa. If any of you go to Salsa clubs, you will see many Asian-American men there. A lot of master dancers, but very few get laid. I was the luck few who got laid (if you want the guide for this check my blog under “salsa game”)

    – Moved in with the crew. Namely, an Indian engineer and a Jewish English teacher. Indian engineer made over 100k but still had problems (how’s that for racism?) and also 200lbs vegan body builder. To name some of our tricks: we started hosting indian food parties that drove the white liberal type girls nuts, then dimsum parties, always followed with shots.

    – Went on to more self-improvement, including gym, learning another language (I am fluent in Spanish and have gamed in Colombia as well), and read a shit lot more on women. In this process my notch count will probably put me on the top percentile of the Asian-American men. And it’s not even that much compared to the other guys. As a result, I became the go to dating guy for minority guys.

    But it was not enough.

    What I found was that the last bastion of self-improvement to me was moving abroad. It was my next step. I think in America, Asian-men are priced out and will not be able to realize their true sexual value. In fact, there a notorious studies online, like the infamous okcupid among many others, that shows that Asian-American men had the least responses of all groups even if this group had the highest income.

    That to me said it right there. I was working hard in America and giving my productive energy towards the nation. All this talk of freedom, and all I want is equality of poon. Why should I work this hard when my Jewish roommate just for virtue of being was able to land a hot Asian-American girl (he made 35k if you guys care). Why did smelly hipster guy beard get hot artsy Asian girl?

    So after evaluating my options. I did my research and found a solution that is unorthodox but will be a growing trend among the Asian-American community, and that was to move to Asia. I am not one to masturbate intellectually, so I quit my professional bag, liquidated my possessions and headed off to Asia. This was all done even before I hit 30 (i’m late 20s)

    In Asia, to be frank, I have more zen. I now fend myself from girls. And dating is not even a problem anymore. It is natural. It had made me feel whole, accepted, and I feel happy now. It turns out I am a catch. We all are.

    And from here I can see what is happening in America in regards to Asian-American men. We are all getting disrespected. It is quite ugly what is being done to Asian-American men, especially by the media. What is sadder is that some of our brothers would think it’s their problem and not societal. Don’t be fooled.

    To make this shorter, I took the road less traveled. The feeling of being desired is everything, it can be the difference of having a lot of confidence to being depressed. What I am finding is that I am not the only one. I’ve been meeting a lot with Asian-American expats AND HEAR THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER. We are here for roughly the same reasons. We opted out of the USA and now find solace in the homeland. It helps that Asia is booming economically.

    Is this for you? Maybe or maybe not. The only thing I’m sure of is that USA will not change. It will not change this lifetime, your lifetime. To me it was a question of how much I wanted to enjoy my life. So there, I get poon here and peace of mind.



    1. Hi Thirdworldhero,

      You make many great points and I agree that since we are the minority in the states that Asian men will never be the most desired. Its True! I also know that moving abroad would open up more opportunities.However, It gong to take time for me to move from thid place.

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for keepin the website up to date. Did anyone notice the survivor show finale where Woo lost because he wanted to be honorable and loyal? ( martial art master)(Asian stereotype)?

    I was wondering what issues do you all see in the show finale?

    1. Didn’t see the show so can’t give my intake on that. But check this out. This guy appears to Asian, is putting a whooping on this guy then suddenly forfeits the fight to lessen the guy’s beating. It seems quite submissive to me. Perhaps the stereotypes? Any fighter I know would never submit to lessen another man’s pain. Your in there to fight. Win or lose.

      1. exactly that is some BS. If you going in the game, you must want to win. It is ridiculous how that was in the video. This incident is similar to what Woo did on survivor .He was he even mentioned as a dog on the show. I wonder if they would call an asian woman contestant a dog on that show(Stupid)

      1. I’m sure the script writers have a lot to do with it. Racist hollywood influences a lot of stereotypes and propaganda. They will never want an Asian male as a lead or excelling at anything. They will see it as a threat and they want to keep us at the bottom or where they want us

  4. I spent half of the night reading this blog. As an asian female, I have to say, it’s quite interesting. Well of course, some might think it’s disrespectful for women and relationships shouldn’t just base on sex. But I took it as a different perspective, gotta admit some women are super horny and they probably want sex as much as thelonewolftraveler. Besides, reading this blog let me know how men think, their games and intentions. And I like thelonewolftravler’s honestly, he doesn’t hide his desires.

    1. some women need sex or desire sex doesn’t mean this asshole can take photo of their body, called them slut, whore or bitch and then publish a book to tell the world how easy to get to fuck women

  5. You are racist as fuck. I’m a white dude who loves Asians, so you gotta compete with my taller, bearded, white boy good looks. Sorry bro. Fortunately for the both of us, there’s a billion of them to choose from.

    1. Hahahahahah Lombardi, Italian American LOLLL
      So you mutts gotta use racist Hollywood and 30 years of Asian male degradation to feel more secure. Imagine you insecure twats without that.

  6. As am African-American I bought your book from Amazon Fire, and I can respect your position. I am going to Hong Kong in May and your book has been insightful even for someone who is not a white guy expat. Overall i think your book is helpful for men, toward approaching women in another culture and I thank you for that. Any tips on getting a beautiful Hong Konger woman back to the Peninsula hotel?

  7. Hi LWT, I bought your ebook and found it immensely useful. It did make me have a few questions though as I’m not sure how to handle situations where a girl asks ‘What do you like or where do you want to do when you arrive?’ especially on CS. Or times she wants to invite her friends. Would love to know how you handle such situations?

    1. Good to hear you found my ebook helpful. If a girl asks you what you like, I’m assuming as in what you like to do in your life? I would keep it short, sweet, and exciting. As in I like to travel, nice dinner, and wine, go on a boat ride and watch the sunset, walk on the beach and sunset, etc. Keep it short and leave her imagination wanting more.

      What do you want to do when you arrive? Go tour around the city and ask her to show you around the local and touristy spots. It’s better to go out at night and ask her to take to somewhere romantic like a walk on Victoria Peak or TST by the water. Somewhere romantic and you can rung game.

      I would not recommend letting her take her friends with her. Not only would her friends be in the way and most likely cockblock you, but it will also be impossible for you to run game. It’s better you let her know you prefer to hang out with her only. If she doesn’t agree then talk to another girl

      Please, if you want leave a review on my Amazon page on what you thought about the ebook.

      Or share the post on facebook, twitter, etc.

      GOod luck brother!

      1. Thanks a lot for your reply LWT! Funny, I’m now in a situation where I have plenty of people to meet from CS, probably too many to actually meet. I know you’d do something in this situation, but I wonder what 😉 what would you advise?

        Thanks once again!

  8. @AM: I would choose the top 5 or 10 girls that I am the most interested with and are the most likely DTF. Use your best judgement based on time, logistics, and the best girl out of the pack. The best thing out of couchsurfers is the indirect approach you can take as was mentioned in my guide “Get Laid in Hong Kong book, is you indirect approach that can be utilized under the notion of “cultural exchange and the non stop responses from girls. I know what you mean, sometimes there so much girls to choose from and you want all of them but can’t possibly do it.

    Like my advice? Please share my blog or leave a review on my book

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