“If their weak, then let them be offended.” – Source: My own quote

“I’m not an initiating racist, I’m a a retaliatory racist.” – Source: My own quote

“Pursue what you want, defend what’s yours.” – Source: My own quote

“The only love I have and feel is for my mother. I would be lost without it.” – Source: My own quote

“Betas are all bark, Alphas are all bite.” – Source: My own quote

“Still searching for a place to fit in. Until then, I’m just a lone wolf.” – Source: My own quote

“I might seem like a tough guy, but I’m surprisingly sensitive…..I just channel it differently”  – Source: My own

“It’s not that I don’t fear death, I just fear a life without living.” – Source: My own

“There is no such thing as a rebel without a cause…there is always a reason that causes you to rebel.” Source: My own

“Nothing lasts forever, not even life itself.” Source: My own

“I wanted a great girl on my arm while fucking young sluts on the side.” – Source: Roosh V   LWT: Amen to that

“I’ve always been the outsider, never fitted in…I wouldn’t have it any other way.” – Source: Hector Atreyu Ruiz

“The more I liberate myself of ignorance the more isolated I become.” – Source: Hector Atreyu Ruiz

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