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Chinese Slut from Craigslist….this bitch was a dirty whore

Taken: May 2012


Girl from Turkmenistan. Look at the curves. She had a great body, tits, ass, small waist. One of my best conquest

Taken: Sometime during Dec 2010 or Jan 2011

Jwoo bending over for me

Big tits Chinese Bitch from Cali

I fucked the shit out of her. She easily had a D cup.

Taken: Sept 2010 in Santa Cruz, CA


30 year old virgin- She was a real piece of ass face and bodywise

To this day, I believe she was a virgin since there was so much blood around. She wouldn’t admit that I popped her pussy though. Maybe cause she was a 30yr old virgin

Two notches in one night

Tall Chinese girl. Look closely and you will see white cum in her pussy. (That wasn’t mine)

Taken: 2013

My Hong Kong Girl

One of my Hong Kong Girls that I fucked during my trip to Hong Kong in 2012

16 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. I dont get it though… I have fucked more and better looking girls than this… whats the big deal? I mean its really not that hard to get good pussy…

  2. Hey man, I read some of your stuff and I really like your honest way of writing. Especially the article about the different types of Asian women was funny and somehow true ๐Ÿ˜‰

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