The Finnish Girl that got away Part 2

Previous Post: The Finnish girl that got away Part 1 We walked into the elevator and found a surprise waiting inside for us. The floor had a splatter of what either looked like vomit or spilled leftover food that has been chewed, mashed and stepped on a billion times. The smell was rather unpleasant and it… Continue reading The Finnish Girl that got away Part 2


Loyal Women do Exist

My first post in about a year…. Just when I thought all hope is lost for women and finding one that is actually loyal to the end was an impossible task, there is one out of the millions that shows she is down to the very end. Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez showed her loyalty by sticking with… Continue reading Loyal Women do Exist

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Money is the Modern Day Slavery

This power, this mystique, this mind control, this hypnosis, this dark greed….this thing call money…. Oh money, how you have the power to control the lives of so many…. Oh money, how you have the power to control this powerful thing known as the human mind…. Oh money, how many years of people’s lives were… Continue reading Money is the Modern Day Slavery

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I’m glad that Scarlett Johansson is starring in “Ghost in the Shell” instead of an Asian Woman

Its always typical of Hollywood to cast White actors in Asian roles. This is nothing new. They did that with the remake of South Korean movie: Old Boy; and now they are doing it again with Ghost in the Shell, casting White girl Scarlett Johansson in a role whose character should have been of Japanese descent.… Continue reading I’m glad that Scarlett Johansson is starring in “Ghost in the Shell” instead of an Asian Woman

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Racist Hate Comment

I received a comment from a self proclaimed White Guy a while back to the now infamous post of:https://thelonewolftraveler.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/different-types-of-asian-women/  a while back. It was so ignorant, hypocritical, and amusing, that I chose not to approve the comment but now looking at it again, I decided to share with you, my readers. Now before anyone gets… Continue reading Racist Hate Comment

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Haters want to ban my book

Take away Freedom of Speech! Take away the right to write about what you want about! Anything a straight man writes about his love life is always going to misogynist but when a gay man talks about how proud he is with his gay love life that is embraced as courage and sexual expression. Take… Continue reading Haters want to ban my book


Book Promotion!

The time has come for my number 1 selling book on Amazon for China and Travel; Get Laid in Hong Kong, A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Asian Male to go on sale! I’m currently doing a promotion and will need the efforts of my loyal readers and followers. For every reader that… Continue reading Book Promotion!


Get Laid in Korea. Sneak Preview on my second book!

Here is the cover of my second book. So far the title will be: Get Laid in Korea. Massage Parlor Edition. Let me know what you think of the cover so far. All ideas and title ideas are accepted. I will post more info soon.       Coming soon…    Click here for the Ebook  $9.95… Continue reading Get Laid in Korea. Sneak Preview on my second book!


The Asian Co-Worker

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. She got hired, I made my move, and in two weeks the little whore opened her little legs for me to plow away. She stood me up one night just to have me come over in the morning to fuck away. I was seriously blue balled all night… Continue reading The Asian Co-Worker


TheLoneWolfTraveler is back on wordpress!

The original TheLoneWolfTraveler blog on wordpress is back! After starting this blog during the fall of 2012, the blog is back after close to a one year absence. This blog and TheLoneWolfTraveler blog on blogspot are the only legit true lonewolftraveler blogs. In the case this blog is ever down or gone, follow my adventures… Continue reading TheLoneWolfTraveler is back on wordpress!