The Finnish Girl that got away Part 2

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We walked into the elevator and found a surprise waiting inside for us. The floor had a splatter of what either looked like vomit or spilled leftover food that has been chewed, mashed and stepped on a billion times. The smell was rather unpleasant and it located right by the elevator entrance that we had to do a large step/leap over just to avoid stepping into it. Another woman squeezed into the elevator and she was rather “large” so you can imagine, 3 people (or 3 and a half) crammed into the corner of the elevator trying to avoid this slop that was on the floor. What a wonderful first impression I thought to myself, it had to be the fucking Mexicans who live in the building that barfed out their dinner because of one too many coronas. I decided to make a joke:

Me: “Looks like someone didn’t like their food.”

All of us laughed, so that was a good way of breaking the awkwardness. (Note: Humor always has its way of diffusing an unpleasant situation. That is if the people have a sense of humor of course). We go inside my apartment and I take her straight to my bedroom. I open the light and I noticed the first thing she stares at is my bed.

Gaming Tip: When you are going to go out with a girl you need to prepare for success in advance. Clean your room, stack up your clothes, put condoms in an easy accessible place and most importantly; make your bed nice and neat and change the sheets. Why? Because when a girl agrees to go back to your place, sex or the possibility of sex is on her mind. Why else would a girl agree to go back to a guy’s place? To look at his gold fish or just watch TV? Once a girl agrees to go back to your place means that she is already interested in you and considering sex, otherwise she would just choose to go home instead. Now when she comes to your place with the possibility of sex on her mind the first thing she would look at when she enters your bedroom is your bed. (Bed to a woman relates to the place of sex and intimacy takes place) It’s crucial that your bed is clean and neat looking so its inviting to a female. When she looks at your bed she is considering whether she should get naked on it and stay the night in those sheets. If it is a mess she would get turned off and think “I’m not letting him fuck me or let my naked body get anywhere near that bed.” Having a neat bed is a crucial factor to your game and you getting laid. This is very important and you MUST not look past it.

Not my actual bed, but you get the point. A bed like this, gets you LAID

I tell her to get comfortable while I open a bottle of red wine. (I have a good wine stash tucked away for moments like this. Also have wine glasses to drink out of. Reason being is, physiologically it is a lot more romantic for a girl to be drinking wine in your room while you sit her on your bed out of a sexy clean wine glass. Remember females pay attention to the little details and it wouldn’t be to sexy to have her drink wine out of your coffee mug would it?)

We drank some wine and I went on my computer while she sat on my bed looking at me. Man, she looked sexy as her legs were crossed and pointing at my direction. I looked at her curves that went all the way down to her waist line and imagined her naked with pubic mound. She saw me looking at her and quickly looked away. I decided to play some music to try to loosen her up (literally). I played one of my favorite romantic songs that works on almost all the girls that I play it for so far:

After a few more minutes and a few more sips of wine, I can tell she was beginning to get comfortable. The soft voice and lyrics (although she didn’t understand it, she can tell it was a romantic song) was getting to her and I got up from my computer seat and sat next to her on my bed. While the song was playing a playfully leaned against her side. She didn’t move away. Okay, a good sign……I began slowly tickling her leg softly and playfully and she laughed but didn’t move her leg away. Good….she’s open to me touching her….I turn around and start kissing the side of neck softly and gently. She breathes heavily. I begin to kiss her neck more and put my hands on her waistline bordering her butt. Not once did I kiss her lips.

Next thing I know, she is on her back while I was over her kissing and licking her all the way down to her chest and stomach. I started to feel her up with my hands and eventually slowly pulled her shirt up and began to lick and fondle her chest. When she didn’t offer much resistance I began to undo her jeans. She then quickly turns over and lays on her belly as in to tell me that she doesn’t want her pants off but I wasn’t having it. I began to work on her back licking and kissing it and then slowly began to pull down her jeans and panties slightly. She holds onto her jeans but I manage to get it down enough for me to spread her ass and eat her out from behind. First time trying out the Finnish taste and it didn’t disappoint 😉

She began to get wetter and I could feel that she was just about ready for the real deal I began to prep her for penetration.

I say: “I don’t want to use a condom”

Finnish Girl: “Why not?”

Me: “I want to feel you……and your wetness”

No response…..She didn’t approve or disapprove….I’ll make the decision, I didn’t want the condom. Then a voice in my head goes off: She’s a traveling girl, couch surfing her way through the world. Who the heck knows if she has been cock surfing along the way……I don’t know if it would be wise to go raw on this girl.

I didn’t care, I wanted to do this bitch raw but feeling the need to satisfy by subconscious, I decided to ask the stupidest fucking question and the stupidest fucking time…

Me: “Do you have any STD’s?”

Gaming Tip DO NOT’S: Pure fucking stupidity on my part. Never ever ask a girl that when she is hot and heavy and ready to give it up to you. First you should use a condom on a stranger at all times. Second, never fucking ask a girl if she has STD’s, or anything in that kind of manner.

The smooth way of asking this question would be: “Are you clean?I’ve asked girls that I was going to go raw on plenty of times and that has never turn them off. Think about it for a second; it is a lot more of a tact way of asking that question without being too descriptive. It’s like saying I’m going to use the bathroom compared to saying I’m going to take a dump. Your imagination would not run wild hearing the first statement but has the potential to get turned off by the second statement. This is especially so when it comes to girls. Get my point?

She is instantly turned off by my question and stops me dead in my tracks and shuts me down from any further advances. She pulls up her jeans and tells me that she cannot do anything sexual with me because she already as a boyfriend back in Finland and won’t cheat on him. (she had mentioned to be me earlier in the day that she had a boyfriend but at the time I could care less) Interesting, because prior to my retarded question, she was face down in my pillow moaning as I was eating her out from behind. She then asks me to drop her off at the train station because she didn’t want to get back to her couch surfer host’s apartment too late. I try to stir up the sexual tension once more but it was hopeless. The moment was killed….I drop her off at the nearest subway and she tells me that she might come see me again tomorrow, which she never does.

It was obvious to me that the reason why I was not able to close the deal and penetrate this girl and capture my Finnish flag wasn’t due to the fact that she had a boyfriend but it was because was because of poor delivery of a question that could have been easily avoided. I had cock blocked myself with my own big mouth. Point of this story, don’t say anything stupid that might get yourself cock blocked.

Point of this Story: Don’t say anything STUPID that might end up cock blocking yourself

Operation Finnish Pussy: FAILED

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Loyal Women do Exist

My first post in about a year….

Just when I thought all hope is lost for women and finding one that is actually loyal to the end was an impossible task, there is one out of the millions that shows she is down to the very end.

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez showed her loyalty by sticking with her man, Aaron Hernandez to the end (literally – RIP Aaron Hernandez). In court, she did not say anything that can incriminate Aaron while she was testifying. So she is NOT a snitch and she still stands by her man despite her own reputation being tarnished.

She didn’t have much reason to stick around at that point. Aaron had lost his freedom, all his money he made with the Patriots, and his career as a NFL star was all but ancient history. He didn’t have a dime to provide for her nor could he ever be there for her again. His chances of winning his appeal and getting out were slim. Most women under these circumstances would have not only turned their back on him, but at the same time would have snitched him out if it benefited her or to save her own skin. Still, she refused to do that. She changed her last name legally to Hernandez, despite the consequences it would have by being further associated with the reputation her man has.

Just to be clear, I am not condoning any of what her man, Aaron Hernandez has done this post was strictly written to recognize a the loyalty of a Woman that literally stood by her man at his lowest points and still remained loyal to the end no matter what. True love, true loyalty, something an Asian woman would never understand or be capable of.

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Money is the Modern Day Slavery


This power, this mystique, this mind control, this hypnosis, this dark greed….this thing call money….

Oh money, how you have the power to control the lives of so many….

Oh money, how you have the power to control this powerful thing known as the human mind….

Oh money, how many years of people’s lives were spent just trying to make enough of you to hold in their hand….to feed themselves and their families

Oh money, how you have the power to control the quality of people’s lives…

Oh money, because of you so many people are trapped in their miserable existence of horrible jobs, having to endure abuse and take orders from greedy bosses and owners when there is so much of life to enjoy.

The beauty of the world, from watching the sunset in the vastness of the Mongolian steppe to sailing down the Yangtze river in China to scaling the beautiful mountains of the world, to riding your motorcycle down a open road with the wind in your face, to surfing waves in a beautiful blue ocean. Why do most of the human population succumb to working in a office rat hole for their entire lives?

Why does money make us take shit from people we don’t even like? Most greedy bosses and owners deserve whats coming to them many times over…

Money is the modern day slavery. It is the modern day slave-owner. It enslaves the human soul and the human spirit. It imprisons us at a job we are not happy with nor do we want to be at. It makes us do bad things to our fellow humans….it breaks relationships with lovers and breaks bonds with friends.

Yes…I see…. Money is the modern day slave-owner…..and the powerful race of humans… are the slaves.


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I’m glad that Scarlett Johansson is starring in “Ghost in the Shell” instead of an Asian Woman

Its always typical of Hollywood to cast White actors in Asian roles. This is nothing new. They did that with the remake of South Korean movie: Old Boy; and now they are doing it again with Ghost in the Shell, casting White girl Scarlett Johansson in a role whose character should have been of Japanese descent.

Ghost in the Shell movie, is a live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga about an anti-cyberterror task force set in mid-21st century Japan and led by cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi.

This discriminating move by Hollywood has angered the Asian community. Once again, not only does Hollywood normally casts Asians in fobby non-English speaking roles, or Asians do not get cast at all, now what was originally supposed to be an Asian character, is cast to be play by a White character.

However, I actually prefer a white Scarlett Johansson to play this role and not an Asian woman. Why would I say this? Many people would argue that they are taking a role away that was mean for an Asian woman. You see, that’s the point. It is an Asian woman. To have a first lead Asian woman act in a lead role in a potential Hollywood blockbuster movie, this would further expand the heads and egos of the already inflating self hating Asian woman. The Asian woman would be portrayed as a bad-ass female lead character and you know would represent them more as a sex symbol. Asian Men would not have a place in this movie, chances are the Asian woman lead character would be romantically involved with a Non Asian Male character (such as movies like Pacific Rim, Last Samurai, etc)  and the Asian Man would be left out of everything once again.

For those Non Asian men with a fetish for Japanese/Asian women and Manga, they would now further attempt to make their wild fantasies come true by acting on their Asian fetish and try to hit on, date, and sleep with more Asian woman.

The Asian Woman would be proud of this lead Asian female character and see this as Hollywood and mainstream America’s acceptance of the Asian Woman (NOT ASIAN PEOPLE). Asian Woman would feel as she is a step up in society and would further look down on the Asian Man (more so then she already does) and justify that Hollywood has given them more American status and she will continue to ride the Non Asian Men cock carousel thinking she in the character from Ghost in the Shell.

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Racist Hate Comment

I received a comment from a self proclaimed White Guy a while back to the now infamous post of:https://thelonewolftraveler.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/different-types-of-asian-women/  a while back. It was so ignorant, hypocritical, and amusing, that I chose not to approve the comment but now looking at it again, I decided to share with you, my readers.

Now before anyone gets all excited, this post was NOT meant to stir up any sort of drama, but just merely pointing out the hate I got from that post and the racism and hypocrisy behind it.

Read the “White Guy Fucking Asian Woman comment’s below:

“i will start off by saying I am white …and then add grow up you gay little Asian bitch ! the reason I fucked your women is because I asked that’s the simple truth …if you don’t ask you don’t get simple as… Asian boys so busy trying to be pretty and metro and friends …..you get nothing in this life if you don’t reach out and take it. I love my wife not because she is Korean but because she captivated my soul …she is attractive funny caring giving to a fault educated thoughtful persistent when she needs to be and did I mention funny …I love her because of her not for her skin. you sound like a pathetic disgruntled little fag Asian fanboy mad cuz everyone is fucking your women ..you racist pussy the only reason they are is cuz they asked and the reason you are not is because you didn’t . so sick of little bitches like you whining and then blaming it on a so call type of women hahahahahahaha the blame is on you, be a man stand up and go after your dreams and desires or be a bitches stay in the shadows and get beat and complain forever …

oh and by the way if I was with that Chinese girl in the bread shop I would have beat you to a pulp little bitch not because your yellow but because you are a whiny little bitch then I would have fucked that slut right there and pulled out and wiped my smelly dick across your beat down bitch face and told you to get the fuck out of the store ……..so msg to all you whiny complaining feminine metro fanboy Asian fag boys …grow a fucking pair of balls start looking and dressing like a man and start acting like a man and these Asian women your bashing will flock to you …so losers lose the eyeliner and feminine looks and watch what happens youll be drowning in girls ……a side note …as a world traveler I will share this common thread …regardless of color this simple truth is….. good people are good bad people are bad the rest is all geography ….stop trying to classify and quantify and put life in neat tidy small boxes …we are al humans and want love and respect that’s it. your narrow mind and judgment of all things is your problem ….your a racist and a narrow minded bitter little prick ..open up your mind to any and all possibilities and watch how big and wonderful this life is and can be …..”

So let me understand something for a minute. He calls me a racist pussy, but yet he says your yellow and metro fanboy Asian fag boys and is is fucking my women.

Not only did he insult all Asian people by referring to us as yellow, but he also insulted homosexuals by calling us fag boys. He also is offending the Asian women he so likes including his Korean wife (I’m surprised he knows the difference and not thing we are all Chinese or Vietcong) by saying he is fucking your woman. Hmm…right…

Furthermore, reading his comment was like reading a racist rant of someone with a third grade education. His grammar and spelling was so off it was so frustrated just to read it, not to mention all the negative things he had to say.

So after his rant, I’m sure this White guy must be feeling really proud of himself. Would this be the look on this guy’s Korean’s wife face when she finds out how racist you are of her kinsman, her Asian kind, her fellow Asian men?  Would she be surprised and shocked by your racism towards Asian men and be somewhat offended because she is after all, still Asian? (Whether or not she wants to be).


would she side with him and agree that he is right, Asian men are as he quoted yellow metro fanboy Asian fag boys”


would his comments on Asian men fuck with her little Korean self hating Asian head and bring her back to her troubled childhood (or even adulthood) memories on how she hates being Asian and is surprised that he think she is Asian and not White? After all it could be possible that she hates being Asian so much, she made sure to marry a white guy to try to make her forget shes Asian.

Lastly, I thank you for your comment regardless. All opinions are welcome, regardless how racism, ignorant, uneducated, or how bad the grammar might be. We all have a right to our freedom of speech.

If you like and can relate to this post, support it by sharing it on your social media page. Spread the word to your fellow Asian Males via Facebook, Twitter (buttons below)


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Haters want to ban my book

Take away Freedom of Speech! Take away the right to write about what you want about! Anything a straight man writes about his love life is always going to misogynist but when a gay man talks about how proud he is with his gay love life that is embraced as courage and sexual expression. Take away a heterosexual man’s right to write a book to his fellow men on how to improve his sex life and his ability to attract the opposite sex. Let’s do that!

It seems that haters (women, white knights, homosexuals) are on the front lines fighting for their human rights and for equality in this world in which I agree that everyone has a right to pursue what they want without any sore of oppression. What I can’t understand is  when a straight man wants to write about his experiences in his own love life they want to censor you. Talk about hypocrisy.



Its kind of funny because one of the woman that is leading the petition is a Korean American female from Los Angeles whore married to a Mexican. Do I smell a self hating, Asian man hating, self hating Asian whore? There is plenty of those.

Here are some of my readers and supporters pointing out her hypocrisy and calling her out as a self hating Asian whore.






So what are you?? Are you a hater or a supporter? Choose your side. Sign the petition or buy the book and Get Laid…..You Decide…..


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Get Laid in Korea. Sneak Preview on my second book!

Here is the cover of my second book. So far the title will be: Get Laid in Korea. Massage Parlor Edition. Let me know what you think of the cover so far. All ideas and title ideas are accepted. I will post more info soon.

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The Asian Co-Worker

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. She got hired, I made my move, and in two weeks the little whore opened her little legs for me to plow away. She stood me up one night just to have me come over in the morning to fuck away. I was seriously blue balled all night and and the hard to get game played had the opposite effect on me and I wasn’t excited as I should have been by the time we were getting down and naked.

Sex was quite lousy and since I went in strapped I had trouble trying to finish. It didn’t help that her pussy had a stench of a dead fish (Number 9) that made me lose my erection at times. She refused to let me take it off and I was tired of drilling away like a jackhammer so I jerked myself off to finish. It never fails to amaze me how a girl will refuse to let you go in raw but swallow every last drop of your cum like it was orange juice.


TheLoneWolfTraveler is back on wordpress!

The original TheLoneWolfTraveler blog on wordpress is back! After starting this blog during the fall of 2012, the blog is back after close to a one year absence. This blog and TheLoneWolfTraveler blog on blogspot are the only legit true lonewolftraveler blogs. In the case this blog is ever down or gone, follow my adventures on my back up blog or vice versa.


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