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10 Books that Changed My Life

These books are my all time favorites and it has added tremendous value to my life in one way or another. I personally believe that every man should read these book at some point in his life and the earlier the better for the knowledge in these books are worth every cent. Every one of these books are LWT Approved so make sure you get them and read them at least once. Click on the Images to be taken to the Amazon page if you do decide to purchase them. LWT approved, Nuff said.

Books that changed my Sex and Love Life


1. How to Succeed with Women By Ron Louis and David Copeland: This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE GAME BOOK. First game book that I had ever read in my life way back in 2007. Prior to that, I did not have sex for 4 long years during my prime in my early twenties and was failing with women miserably. I could barely get numbers and when I did, I was not able to build attraction on dates. I couldn’t get them to think of me romantically and definitely was not getting laid. I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon this book but I believe I was browsing the self help and relationships section of Border’s Book Stores looking for some kind of help with my attracting the opposite sex. The book stood out with it’s all black cover and the title How to Succeed with Women written on the spine in bold white letters. I pulled the book out of the shelf, browsed through it, then bought it. One of the best investments in my life. I read from front to back and utilized the knowledge and tips and was able to score with the Chinese Goldigger girl using the advice I gained from this book. From there on out, I improved my dating and sex life and I always credit this book, as the book that started it all for me. I vouch for this book and it was worth every penny I paid for it. LWT approved. Nuff said. Even from time to time, I find myself going back to this book to re-educate myself. The fundamentals in this book will apply to any generation. Click on the image for the link to the book.

Note: The book is more for men who looking to date women, not for quick hookups and one night stands.

2. Bang – By Roosh V: Where as How to Succeed with Women is more of a dating game book; Bang is more geared to night club/life easy hook up, fling, one night stand type of book. Roosh V is infamous in the PUA world and his work is famous worldwide and he is really one of the pioneers of the manosphere. His bang guide teaches on how long to wait to contact a girl after getting her number to giving actual dialougues on what to say on the texts, and what to do when your on the physical date with the girl. He teaches the moves to make, the things to say, even the strawberry game when on the first date to build attraction to lay a girl on the first date. Gaming classic. If your serious about gaming girls for dates and sex, and be successful at it, then this is a MUST READ.

Note: This guide is more for men who are looking for quick ups, one night stands. Men who want to pick up girls in the night life; bars, clubs.

3. Day Bang – By Roosh V: I’m a big follower of Roosh V throughout the years and even though his blog provides plenty of value for FREE, his books that you pay for provide even more value and his secrets in gaming women for sex are all exposed in his Bang Guides. Bang, is a predominately a pick up at bars, clubs, nightlife kind of guide whereas Day Bang is the exact opposite. I don’t really consider myself a night life person nor have I have picked up much girls from nightlife. Must of my hunting comes during the day, where I approach girls in coffee shops, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, on the street, in the subway. I will use a random opener like a pair of shoes they are wearing and make a comment on it or pretending to be lost and ask for directions then proceed to start a conversation with the girl. Almost most of the time, a girl is very receptive to a regular approach whereas during the nightlife, she might have her defensive bitch shield. I approached countless times during the day, gotten phone numbers which eventually turned into dates and then sex. Day Bang covers this to a full extent; on how to approach, where to approach, which girls that are approachable and want to say. Excellent value in this guide.

Note: This guide is for men who like to go out during the day and isn’t much of a night life kind of person. You can still flirt and pick up women during the day and this is my (LWT) preferred way of approaching and picking up girls.

4. TextAppeal – For Guys! The Ultimate Texting Game – By Michael Masters: Gone are the days of calling girls for dates and sex. Everything is about texting, social media, whats-app, etc. I can’t even remember how many times I lost a potential lay due to the fact that I didn’t text properly and refused to believe that even something like texting girls for date and sex, needed game. In comes this guide, Text Appeal FOR GUYS. Quite honstely, I was sick of texting a girl just to wait hours for a response that never fucking comes. I would have to retrace the text chain to see if I had texted something wrong or portrayed neediness and made myself seem uninteresting and unappealing. This guide is literally a step by step dialogue guide on how to text a girl for a date and keep it simple but appealing. In order words, it teaches you how to text girls to get laid. 

Note: Getting the phone number is not the hard part. Sometimes texting the girl and getting her to even respond, let alone be willing to meet you on the date is the hard part. In this day and age, even texting needs to be gamed. Hence comes, the Texting game. Sometimes texting the right way, can be the difference to whether you get laid or not.

Books that changed my Financial Knowledge  and got me questioning the Rat Race Lifestyle


5. Rich Dad Poor Dad – By Robert Kiyosaki: The book opened my eyes to a whole new world. All my life, I’ve been brainwashed thinking that the 9-5 job was the only means to any sort financial life. Think about it, we been lead to believe in going to college, getting good grades, get a job and work till your old and gray. Why were we forced to take crap like calculus when it doesn’t apply to real life scenarios. Wouldn’t it make more sense to take courses like accounting, stock investing, real estate investing, etc. instead. Rich Dad Poor Dad really opens you eyes to change your mentality and realize that financial IQ and education is just as important (if not more important) then any other type of education in life. Don’t think like a poor person or you will become a poor person. This book is all about mentality. You need a winning mentality to win. A fucking MUST READ.

6. Get Real Get Rich. Conquer the 7 Lies blocking you from Success – By Farrah Gray: Another financial IQ/Education book that removes the brainwash and gets your brain thinking out of the box on other LEGAL ways on how to make money other then the soul sucking 9-5 rat race office job. I dissected this book piece by piece, page by page, and proceeded to use my brain and brainstorm countless demands that I can supply and make money legally. Not much long after, I started my first online business and to this day, I give credit to this book for giving me the knowledge and inspiration.

Travel and Sex Adventure Books = Entertaining Reads


7. Naughty Nomad – Not your Typical Backpacker Story – By Mark Zolo:  Read book, real shit. This documents this Irish explorer exploits around the world including sleeping with multiple women and capturing flags to traveling to life threatening experiences in the most dangerous and remote places in the world. A Fun Read

8. Black Passenger in a Yellow Cab – Stephen Bryan: Story of a Black man’s sexual exploits with Japanese women during his stay in Japan. This book is unbelievable and this black guy just plows through the Japanese pussy like it was some kind of porn movie come true. I can’t tell you how envious I am since I love Japanese girls and hope to do that kind of damage on the little island one day.

9. Around the World in 80 Girls – By Neil Skywalker: I think the title pretty much sums it all up. Similar to the naughty nomad book, an adventure and sex memoir. Another fun read

10. How to Date a White Woman. A Practical Guide for Asian Men – By Adam Quan: The racist monkey Steve Harvey recently made a mockery of this book on his show and proceeded to mock and humiliate Asian men on how we were undesirable and no female in the right mind would want to date us.

He made fun of this guide on his show and made a complete mockery of it along with the Asian Male population. Funny thing is that he gave this book so much exposure now that it selling on Amazon for ridiculous prices. Not his intent but I’m sure the author of this guide is smiling all the way to the bank.

My opinion of this book is although I agree with some of the points, I also disagree with others. However, it is based on his own opinions and experiences and as an Asian man I can relate to some of the material in this guide.

Travel Sex Guides for the Asian man

What To Do When A Girl Does Not Text You Back After Your First Date Guide

When a Girl does not text you back after the first date Survival Guide


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This guide was written solely based on my painful and interesting experiences when girls didn’t respond to me after a great first date. I also had a lot of run ins with girls that didn’t respond to my text after they gave me their phone number.

It was tough dealing with it because I HAD NO CLUE WHY these girls didn’t respond to my texts after a perceived fun date where we held hands and kissed. How could a girl like you on a date and show you so much interest and then suddenly disappeared into the thin air when you texted afterwards? I keep wondering WHAT HAPPENED? Was it something I said or did? Does she like me? Why won’t she respond after the great date we had??? I found myself googling non stop on reasons why girls won’t text you after a first date. This guide is here to end all your questions, wondering, obsessing, and sleepless nights.

Finding my way out of these dating and texting dilemmas, I came up with a few rules and guidelines that I would stick to, to make sure I made all the right moves, said and texted all the right things, to increase my chances of hearing from a girl after a great first date. These rules and guidelines taught me discipline and self respect and me understand how to handle these situations that girls put us men through. If this guide worked for me, it would work for you; my fellow brothers in arms.

The Ebook covers:

  • Rules to follow to make sure your first date goes well
  • How to handle the interaction with a girl after the first date
  • How, when, and what to text (with actual dialogue examples on what to say in your text to get her to respond to you) her after the first date to ask her out for a second date
  • How to handle and what to do when a girl does NOT RESPOND to your texts after the first date
  • Text structure guidelines how the CORRECT approach on how to text her after the first date. It shows the strategic texting strategy structure such as the follow up text, the second text, and the warning text. You will warn her to respond and if she doesn’t she will lose you forever
  • When to know to walk away from a pursuit of a girl with NO REGRETS
  • Discipline, class, and be a gentleman even in the face of defeat and come back a stronger man
  • Tips and actual case scenarios from my personal first date experiences
  • And much more!

With this book (75 pages total), it will help guide you through on to deal with girls that flake or don’t respond to your texts after a great first date. You will understand a woman’s mentality and know how to deal with the situation. You can’t go wrong! Increase your chances for a second date, and know what to do and say. It’s all jammed pack in this guide!

The Ebook is currently on sale for only $3.95 for a limited time only. So get it NOW!


Only $3.95


Kindle Version is Available on Amazon!


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Important instructions on how to download the eBook: When you make your payment on PayPal, it will automatically take you to a page with a download pass code and right underneath the pass code will be a link. Click on the link to enter pass code and then download the eBook. Enjoy!

Travel and Sex, Travel Sex Guides for the Asian man

My Book has hit the Hong Kong Mainstream!!

1435178037_28b1Hong Kong is not too happy about my book but men still need to get laid

Sometime during the last week or so my book has someone found its way onto the mass Hong Kong Media and has been featured on many media platforms ranging from the  news, online forums, blogs and mainstream magazines! Check out this video that was from an article that was featured on HK Apple Newspaper.

HK applee

HK appleThe video is in Chinese (Cantonese – the native dialect of Hong Kong) but I can translate for you really quickly in a few sentences. First, it explains that there was a mysterious writer known as apple2TheLoneWolfTraveler (that’s me of course) that traveled to Hong Kong for one week that turned out to be his sexual paradise. Since then he has written a book teaching Western Asians and White Males on how to have game local Hong Kong girls for sex. It briefly mentions a few key points that book covers which ranges from how to message girls online, picking up girls in the club district of Lan Kwai Fong, gaming girls that work the night shifts in 7 -11 mini mart and gaming the domestic helper women during their day off. Apparently, the narrative of the video wasn’t very happy about the book and found it sleazy and disrespectful to Hong Kong women. Nonetheless, the book is literally all over Hong Kong media and even the people who seem disgusted with my book are buying it out of curiosity. There has been a flood of responses (read the comments underneath video) and the audience seem to have mixed opinions. Some are truly offended while others are embracing the concept that the book is helping men to learn how to game girls in order to satisfy their sexual needs.


Here is another article that was featured on Hong Kong’s Next Magazine

At last, an English article published on Hong Kong Free Press website. Props because this site even recognizes that my book is the #1 TOP SELLING BOOK ON AMAZON FOR CHINA TRAVEL.



I seriously feel like Roosh V with all the publicity that comes with writing a book on how to sleep with women in a foreign city but fuck it, it sells books. Check out some of the reviews from my readers:

Shu Hong says:

Buy the ebook without hesitation! Great job man! More photos would be better!


thanks for reply on paypal, I got the code and got the book, can’t wait to start reading it!!!!!


Loved it. Good stuf, keep up the good work

More reviews to come!

Get Your Copy NOW!

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Ebook is only $9.95

Amazon Kindle: #1 best selling Travel China book is only $6.95


IMPORTANT directions on how to download the book: After your payment through pay-pal, a page will appear asking whether to return to TheLoneWolfTraveler blog or pay-pal home page. Make sure to click the first link (return to the Lonewolftraveler blog) which is the link to a page with a secret pass-code. Once you have the pass-code, click on this PAGE and enter the pass-code and then you will be able to download the eBook. As of now, questions regarding the book will be answered through Facebook messages ONLY.

Travel Sex Guides for the Asian man

The Book comes out Next Week! With Bonuses!

Its been close to two years since my blog post about my trip in Hong Kong. Then was when I decided on the idea to write a travel sex guide for the Western Asian Male on how to get laid in Hong Kong. I wanted to show how easy it was for the Western Asian Male to pull plentiful and quality pussy in Hong Kong without much effort especially when compared to the Western world. My post stated the non stop sex and fun I had while I was in Hong Kong but I l left most of the details on how and what I did to get the pussy while I was in Hong Kong until now…..

 Cover - Copy

The completed front cover of the book.

Get Laid in Hong Kong. A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Asian Male is literally a step by step guide on how to get laid in Hong Kong. I’m extremely excited to announce that the book will be coming out sometime next week!!! After almost two years of writing, the book is finally done and copyrighted and it has become a masterpiece. This is one of the things where the longer you wait, the more reward you will get.



Now I know I’ve been pushing back my release date for this book for quite some time. The original (hoped) was supposed to be May of last year but it it was [postponed. As a show of appreciation for my loyal readers who have been waiting for this book, for the first two days upon release, the book will be discounted 20% off of the original $9.95 price. That’s right, the book will be discounted at $7.95 for the first two days ONLY. After that the price will go back up to the original price of $9.95. So make sure to get your copy fast!



That’s not all. If you buy my book at any time, you will automatically receive $2 off any purchase of my next book. All you need to do is forward your receipt and you will receive your $2 discount for your purchase of my next book. I already have the idea of my next book and the title will be released on a blog post at a later time.

Make sure to tune in for the release date next week to get your discount. Next week is just a few days away!


Travel Sex Guides for the Asian man

Sneak Preview on my book: Get Laid In Hong Kong. A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Asian Male

Been doing a lot of writing lately on my book: Get Laid in Hong Kong. A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Asian Male. I’m happy to say that I am more than half way done with the rough draft. So far the rough draft is at 62 pages and over 20,000 words on my tips, secrets, game, strategies and research that I did and used to get laid in Hong Kong and this will help any Western Asian male to get ass in Hong Kong too. I still see at least another 20 pages left to write and I’m getting excited just talking about the it. I’m aiming (hoping) to finish up the final draft, get it edited and copyrighted for release by May of this year. Will you keep you all updated on my book!

Here is the sneak preview of a screen shot cover of my book! (The actual picture of the Hong Kong girl I fucked).


Hong Kong Girl


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**Update: 05/27/14**

The book is finally out! Get Laid in Hong Kong. A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Asian Male, can help any Western Asian male or White male get pussy and sex in Hong Kong. This is a step by step, how to guide on how to get laid with the local Hong Kong Girls. This book is a must have! Currently available in eBook PDF format, 233 pages and over 50,000 words of tips and advice

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