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Coffee Meets Bagel gets me Laid…Again ;)

Found a pretty American born Chinese girl on Coffee Meets Bagel and after a few dates I took her home and fucked her right on my bed. There’s nothing like have a young beautiful Asian girl sprawled out naked on your sheets and with her legs wide open for you. I will go more into detail on this at a later time. Perhaps I will even write a quick guide on how to get laid with Asian Girls using Coffee Meets Bagel. Leave a comment if you think I should.

Coffee meets Bagel is by far the best online dating app. I speak for this as an Asian man and this site is definitely Asian man friendly unlike crap sites like OK Cupid or Tinder. If you’re an Asian man, I recommend you sign up for Coffee meets Bagel if you haven’t already. It’s FREE and gets you laid.


I f’n Coffee Meets Bagel. Thank you Kang sisters (the founders).

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Which is the Best Online Dating App?

I was never a big fan of online dating. I prefer the old fashioned method of cold approach which essentially is approaching a girl on the street at any random time with any random opener to get a conversation going, find a common ground, build attraction, then close by getting a phone number.

However, times has changed and technology is making our lives easier in every aspect of life, including the way we meet girls for dating. The modern way of meeting girls is through dating apps such as Coffee Meets Bagel, Tinder, OK cupid, and Meetup. There is actually some benefit of online dating that we cannot fail to recognize.

First off, it allows you to have exposure to all types of women, from all walks of life, women that you would otherwise never be exposed to if it weren’t for online dating apps. The amount of women you can meet online is infinite comparing to trying to talk to girls on the street. There are only so many approaches you can do. The great thing of online dating is that you also know that these girls on single so you won’t waste your time going after a girl that is already taken or involved with another guy.

Now for the purpose of this post, which online dating app/website is the best?  My answer is obviously my opinion and others may disagree but I will share the reasons why I chose the ones I did. Of all the dating apps, I narrowed it down to 4 apps that I used the most and have the most experience with. I will rank them from the last place (the worst) to the first place (the best).

4. Ok Cupid –

Image result for ok cupid

Okcupid might have been a good dating app at one point in time but with all these new apps coming out they are a thing of the past. They might as well call it Ok Stupid, come waste your time on this app that won’t get you laid at all. That’s exactly the experience that I had using Okcupid. First off, this app always has some kind of technical issue. I can’t even remember how many times I get booted off and my entire account cannot be located and I am unable to log onto it ever again. The site always gives some bogus reason on having technically difficulties but after some research I realize that Okcupid does some kind of cleansing purge from time to time to manage the amount of accounts that they have. So in order words, some random accounts will be deleted for no reason at all.  I can imagine some major cockblocker sitting behind a computer working for Okcupid and just deleting accounts of guys who are close to scoring or doing very well for themselves and he decides to make their account disappear out of jealousy. There were a few times where I was having good messages with attractive females and building up interest and attractive with them. Then just when I’m about to ask them for their number then my account gets deleted.

Image result for computer cockblocker
Okcupid Engineer: “If I can’t get laid, then you can’t too!”

Besides that, the quality of the girls on OkCupid isn’t all that great and for some reason lately it’s been flooded by obese black and Spanish girls. The White and Asian girls here are of lower quality. Many of the girls I met on OKcupid were a waste of time and worst, a waste of my money. The money and time that I invested trying to wine and dine to lay these girls did not pay off or even come close to it. The girls on Okcupid are low quality, unattractive, and flaky. The website and app always encounters some kind of tech issue and the customer service sucks. Ok Cupid has not gotten me laid EVER and I’ve been using it on and off since 2012. Save your time and money, there are better dating apps out there.

Good for: Guys who like Black and Spanish girls. Guys who likes the girls with “more to love.”

3. Tinder –

Image result for tinder

Has a notorious reputation for being a “hook up” site. I would agree as most of the girls here are down to fuck whether it will be a one nights stand or a quick fling. But to be honest, I feel this app will work more in the favor to White, Black, or Spanish males. Asian guys can get laid on this app but I see us having to put in more work as compared to the other races. The majority of women on this site are Non Asians, mostly White and Spanish women. It’s a great site to use for White Males and I know countless white guys that get laid on this site like champs. I myself, an Asian male; met a Dominican girl in NYC who had a thing for Asian guys using the tinder app. This site will get you laid.; some more than others.

Best for: White Males

Worst for: Asian Males

For some tips, tricks, and advice on how to maximize getting dates and getting laid on Tinder check out this book Click Here!













2. Meetup –

Image result for meetup group

Meetup at one point of my life was my favorite dating app. It has gotten me more dates than I can remember and has gotten me laid plenty of times. Meetup differs in ways where besides just a dating app, it can also be an activity app. So instead of just messaging girls and asking for dates as you would with tinder for example, you can join a like minded group such as table tennis, scary movies, or join a groups such Single Asians in NYC that do fun stuff and get to meet girls all while still enjoying fun activities such as skydiving, surfing, snowboarding with the groupImage result for meetup group

Great for all types of people: Asian, White, Black, Hispanic, Indian. There are groups formed for all types of people for all walks of life.

This dating site is especially great for foreign countries. It is a great way to meet girls really quick while your visiting another country. Trust me, I know. When I was in Hong Kong using this site got me plenty of dates and sex.


1. Coffee Meets Bagel –

Image result for coffeemeetsbagel

Coffee meets Bagels is a fairly new dating app but it seems to taken the online dating world by storm. I think CMB is the best online dating app for Asian males and is the one dating app that has the most Asians on it. I think this can be attributed to the founders being Asians themselves. If you’ve seen the Shark-tank episode of the Kang sisters trying to pitch this dating app to the sharks and they get a one time 30 million dollar offer from Mark Cuban which they turned down! That’s how much potential they saw in this app and they felt it was worth much more which it seems as of now they were right.

Image result for coffeemeetsbagel

This app has a non stop ending supply of girls. It’s a clean design, user friendly, and easy to use. The only issues I have with it is the occasionally technical freezes but its not all that bad given the value and the quality of the girls on the app. You can easily personalize your matches to Asian girls, white girls, age range, location, etc. Most girls here are of high quality in terms of looks and education and are a lot less flaky. I even met a few virgins on this site.

I just starting using this app about 2 months ago and I’ve already gotten laid twice, fooled around with a few others and an endless flow of dates on the weekends. I have countless dates and phone numbers from it then I actually kind not keep up with it all that I have to pick and choose and weed out the girls that I think won’t be worth the time. This is the first time in online dating that I had so much girls on rotation that I get to pick and choose (besides using in Hong Kong). I have good luck getting blonde white girls on this site, something I cannot do on tinder for instance. This site is Asian man friendly and if your an Asian or White male, I highly recommend you use it!

Good for: Asian and White Males

Hookups, casual dating, or long term relationships

For more tips on how to hook up with girls on Coffee Meets Bagel check out this book written by a fellow Asian American author

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10 Books that Changed My Life

These books are my all time favorites and it has added tremendous value to my life in one way or another. I personally believe that every man should read these book at some point in his life and the earlier the better for the knowledge in these books are worth every cent. Every one of these books are LWT Approved so make sure you get them and read them at least once. Click on the Images to be taken to the Amazon page if you do decide to purchase them. LWT approved, Nuff said.

Books that changed my Sex and Love Life


1. How to Succeed with Women By Ron Louis and David Copeland: This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE GAME BOOK. First game book that I had ever read in my life way back in 2007. Prior to that, I did not have sex for 4 long years during my prime in my early twenties and was failing with women miserably. I could barely get numbers and when I did, I was not able to build attraction on dates. I couldn’t get them to think of me romantically and definitely was not getting laid. I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon this book but I believe I was browsing the self help and relationships section of Border’s Book Stores looking for some kind of help with my attracting the opposite sex. The book stood out with it’s all black cover and the title How to Succeed with Women written on the spine in bold white letters. I pulled the book out of the shelf, browsed through it, then bought it. One of the best investments in my life. I read from front to back and utilized the knowledge and tips and was able to score with the Chinese Goldigger girl using the advice I gained from this book. From there on out, I improved my dating and sex life and I always credit this book, as the book that started it all for me. I vouch for this book and it was worth every penny I paid for it. LWT approved. Nuff said. Even from time to time, I find myself going back to this book to re-educate myself. The fundamentals in this book will apply to any generation. Click on the image for the link to the book.

Note: The book is more for men who looking to date women, not for quick hookups and one night stands.

2. Bang – By Roosh V: Where as How to Succeed with Women is more of a dating game book; Bang is more geared to night club/life easy hook up, fling, one night stand type of book. Roosh V is infamous in the PUA world and his work is famous worldwide and he is really one of the pioneers of the manosphere. His bang guide teaches on how long to wait to contact a girl after getting her number to giving actual dialougues on what to say on the texts, and what to do when your on the physical date with the girl. He teaches the moves to make, the things to say, even the strawberry game when on the first date to build attraction to lay a girl on the first date. Gaming classic. If your serious about gaming girls for dates and sex, and be successful at it, then this is a MUST READ.

Note: This guide is more for men who are looking for quick ups, one night stands. Men who want to pick up girls in the night life; bars, clubs.

3. Day Bang – By Roosh V: I’m a big follower of Roosh V throughout the years and even though his blog provides plenty of value for FREE, his books that you pay for provide even more value and his secrets in gaming women for sex are all exposed in his Bang Guides. Bang, is a predominately a pick up at bars, clubs, nightlife kind of guide whereas Day Bang is the exact opposite. I don’t really consider myself a night life person nor have I have picked up much girls from nightlife. Must of my hunting comes during the day, where I approach girls in coffee shops, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, on the street, in the subway. I will use a random opener like a pair of shoes they are wearing and make a comment on it or pretending to be lost and ask for directions then proceed to start a conversation with the girl. Almost most of the time, a girl is very receptive to a regular approach whereas during the nightlife, she might have her defensive bitch shield. I approached countless times during the day, gotten phone numbers which eventually turned into dates and then sex. Day Bang covers this to a full extent; on how to approach, where to approach, which girls that are approachable and want to say. Excellent value in this guide.

Note: This guide is for men who like to go out during the day and isn’t much of a night life kind of person. You can still flirt and pick up women during the day and this is my (LWT) preferred way of approaching and picking up girls.

4. TextAppeal – For Guys! The Ultimate Texting Game – By Michael Masters: Gone are the days of calling girls for dates and sex. Everything is about texting, social media, whats-app, etc. I can’t even remember how many times I lost a potential lay due to the fact that I didn’t text properly and refused to believe that even something like texting girls for date and sex, needed game. In comes this guide, Text Appeal FOR GUYS. Quite honstely, I was sick of texting a girl just to wait hours for a response that never fucking comes. I would have to retrace the text chain to see if I had texted something wrong or portrayed neediness and made myself seem uninteresting and unappealing. This guide is literally a step by step dialogue guide on how to text a girl for a date and keep it simple but appealing. In order words, it teaches you how to text girls to get laid. 

Note: Getting the phone number is not the hard part. Sometimes texting the girl and getting her to even respond, let alone be willing to meet you on the date is the hard part. In this day and age, even texting needs to be gamed. Hence comes, the Texting game. Sometimes texting the right way, can be the difference to whether you get laid or not.

Books that changed my Financial Knowledge  and got me questioning the Rat Race Lifestyle


5. Rich Dad Poor Dad – By Robert Kiyosaki: The book opened my eyes to a whole new world. All my life, I’ve been brainwashed thinking that the 9-5 job was the only means to any sort financial life. Think about it, we been lead to believe in going to college, getting good grades, get a job and work till your old and gray. Why were we forced to take crap like calculus when it doesn’t apply to real life scenarios. Wouldn’t it make more sense to take courses like accounting, stock investing, real estate investing, etc. instead. Rich Dad Poor Dad really opens you eyes to change your mentality and realize that financial IQ and education is just as important (if not more important) then any other type of education in life. Don’t think like a poor person or you will become a poor person. This book is all about mentality. You need a winning mentality to win. A fucking MUST READ.

6. Get Real Get Rich. Conquer the 7 Lies blocking you from Success – By Farrah Gray: Another financial IQ/Education book that removes the brainwash and gets your brain thinking out of the box on other LEGAL ways on how to make money other then the soul sucking 9-5 rat race office job. I dissected this book piece by piece, page by page, and proceeded to use my brain and brainstorm countless demands that I can supply and make money legally. Not much long after, I started my first online business and to this day, I give credit to this book for giving me the knowledge and inspiration.

Travel and Sex Adventure Books = Entertaining Reads


7. Naughty Nomad – Not your Typical Backpacker Story – By Mark Zolo:  Read book, real shit. This documents this Irish explorer exploits around the world including sleeping with multiple women and capturing flags to traveling to life threatening experiences in the most dangerous and remote places in the world. A Fun Read

8. Black Passenger in a Yellow Cab – Stephen Bryan: Story of a Black man’s sexual exploits with Japanese women during his stay in Japan. This book is unbelievable and this black guy just plows through the Japanese pussy like it was some kind of porn movie come true. I can’t tell you how envious I am since I love Japanese girls and hope to do that kind of damage on the little island one day.

9. Around the World in 80 Girls – By Neil Skywalker: I think the title pretty much sums it all up. Similar to the naughty nomad book, an adventure and sex memoir. Another fun read

10. How to Date a White Woman. A Practical Guide for Asian Men – By Adam Quan: The racist monkey Steve Harvey recently made a mockery of this book on his show and proceeded to mock and humiliate Asian men on how we were undesirable and no female in the right mind would want to date us.

He made fun of this guide on his show and made a complete mockery of it along with the Asian Male population. Funny thing is that he gave this book so much exposure now that it selling on Amazon for ridiculous prices. Not his intent but I’m sure the author of this guide is smiling all the way to the bank.

My opinion of this book is although I agree with some of the points, I also disagree with others. However, it is based on his own opinions and experiences and as an Asian man I can relate to some of the material in this guide.

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Korean Girls Vs Chinese Girls

This question has been asked by so many of my fellow brethren that share the same interests in chasing the Asian female tail. So often guys ask me which one is better, Korean or Chinese girls?

Before I get to my personal experiences that I had with these types of girls let’s break down the pros and cons of Korean and Chinese girls.

Korean Girls

This is what your Korean model would look like
Your average Korean girls.

Just a side note, when I mention Korean girls, I mean South Korean girls  from the Republic of Korea. I have never gotten a chance to experience a North Korean girl so this post does not represent Korean girls as a whole but only South Korean girls specifically. I would be open to having a North Korean lover but the chances of that might be slim since they are a rarity, unless I meet a defector one day.

The Pros:

Very feminine. Most Korean girls looks and physical build is what a female should be. They have soft skin, smell great (all over), long soft hair, and have nice sweet voices and bodies. Rarely would you find a fat Korean girl and if you do it is a very small minority.

Your average Korean girl has higher cheekbones then their Chinese counterparts. They tend to have lighter milkier skin, and their eyes tend to be more distinctive slant where someone like me who is Asian, can normally figure out if they are a Chinese or Korean girl. Physically they are normally slim, with nice straight long hair, but mostly flat chested and with a small but slim butt. This is more so for the FOB Korean girls, I tend to notice that the American born Korean girls are more thicker with bigger breasts and ass. The best thing I like physically about Korean girls are their tight vaginas and distinct feminine features. If you penetrate a Korean girl, be prepared for night tight snug.

Korean girls have a feisty to them that drives their sex appeal ten folds. They can have attitude and a jealousy to them that makes them all that sexier. If you have go around FOB Korean communities here in NYC, sometimes you might see Korean girls talk loud, or cuss about something in Korean, or even yell and hit their boyfriends. Most of that is just a front because once they you get them in the bedroom you can fuck their brains out. Korean girls with these bitchy exteriors tend to be very submissive in bed. They let the man take control and all they can do is scream while you fuck them back literally for all the bitch attitude they gave you before.

Korean girls have great hygiene. They smell nice “down there” and smell great overall. They tend to be cleaner then their Chinese counterparts.

The Cons:

Plastic surgery in South Korea is not only rampant but it is a thriving multi million dollar business in South Korea. Korean women spend thousands of dollars to get work done on their eyes (double eye lid), their nose, their chins, etc. Many actresses and KPop singers had plastic surgery at one point and it is practically a cultural thing for Korean women. My current Korean girl that I am dating has confessed to me that most Korean girls are fake, and 1 out of every 5 girls probably have done some work of some sort. Be careful with the really pretty ones who also wear a lot of makeup. She might have been the ugly girl you ignored back in high school but became a cheerleader after her plastic surgery.

Goldiggers! Materialistic! Self centered, selfish, and arrogant. It is a cultural thing. In Korea, everything is about money, status, and material wealth. Koreans judge their peer for status, money, and material items such as handbags, cars, designer clothes, etc. These girls tend to be miserable at heart and hide the facade and misery behind all their material wealth. (This type of attitude reflects in South Korea’s high suicide rate) Girls like this can be horrible lovers as they won’t do much for their man in return but have impossible demands in return from men such as money, power, career, status, giving financially and emotionally all while they give none back in return.

They can be racist of other Asians and other races. Personally, I never experienced this myself with any of the Korean girls I’ve been sexual with in the Western world or in Korea but I’ve heard stories from Chinese and other Asians on how they were rejected for not being Korean. This is not such a con given the fact that a lot of other women tend to reject other races as lovers (For ex: White, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Indian tend to stick with their own men). There is nothing wrong with women wanting to be with their own men but they should reject men of other races with respect and class. Not such a con in my experiences but I thought this was still worth mentioning in case someone does run into a racist Korean girl.


My Experiences with Korean girls: (My Top 3 Favorites)

  1. If you have read my old school post My Time in the City of Seoul, I met a Korean girl and actually flew all the way across the world to a country and culture that I really wasn’t familiar with just to pursue a relationship with her. This was my first time traveling aboard and was inspiration to become the TheLoneWolftraveler. This was one of the best trips of all time for me (so far) and to this day I still have very fond memories of her. She made me fall in love with her city, Korean food, beer, movies, bars, coffee shops, and Korean culture as a whole. She almost, almost…..made me fall in love with her too.
  2. The Korean American Girl was a very attractive and petite Korean girl from San Francisco. She fits all of the physical descriptions I had mentioned above. It took me four hours after meeting her to get her into bed and I went 4 rounds in one night and still couldn’t get enough. Her sex appeal drove me wild and she was an awesome fuck in bed. I spent only $20 bucks to get her into bed and she even payed for my lunch which cost twice as much. I love Korean girls
  3. My current steady girl is Korean and she tops all the other girls I’ve been with in terms of loyalty, giving, respect, generosity, and kindness. She also pays for 40% of our dates which is a hard to find with Korean/Asian girls in general.


Chinese Girls

Chinese girl from Hong Kong
Chinese girl from Beijing
Your average Chinese girls

Unlike Korea, which all the girls can be traced back to small little South Korea, China girls come from a vast country. Chinese girls can come from all over China from cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guandong, Fuzhou, etc. Chinese girls are so plentiful and note that just because they are Chinese it doesn’t mean that they all speak the same language, culture, customs, etc. There are more than 200 different Chinese dialects so a girl from Northern China can be from a completely different world when compared to a Chinese girl from the Southern China despite it being the same country.  Let’s think of the USA for instance. A liberal from the North can be a complete opposite of a republican from the South, despite both of them being fellow countrymen. Mandarin is the main language of the country and is the English of the country. It might be spoken differently with distinct accents that originate from the provinces they come from, similar to a Boston accent, a Brooklyn accent, southern accent, etc.

The Pros:

More to choose from! There is definitely more Chinese girls to choose from then Korean. Chinese girls are literally all over the world and can be found obviously in China but other parts of Asia like Singapore, Malaysia. They are plentiful in Western countries like the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. Most of the time when you try to hook up with an Asian girl, chances are the girl will be Chinese. It is just the probability. There are just that much more Chinese girls then Korean girls and they are that much more available. I noticed that Chinese girls are much more open to dating someone that is not Chinese compared to a Korean girl dating a Non Korean. They tend to be less racist in general especially when it comes to a sexual partner.  (This has it’s pros and cons as I will mention later).

Nice body, nice tight vaginas, long straight hair, delicate soft skin, nice small hands, and overall feminine attributes. Physically Chinese girls are the ideal females. They are petite, non masculine, tight bodies, and smell nice. They don’t tend to be much fat Chinese girls when compared to their White and especially Black and Hispanic counterparts.

They put out quite easy. My average conversion rate for getting sex from Chinese girls ranges anywhere from 1 to 2 dates only. Then there are those that give it up on the first date or at least fool around and there are those they might take a few more dates to work it, but that is the small minority.

The Cons:

Just like their Korean counterparts, Chinese girls are fucking gold-diggers. A large majority are still in the old fashion mind sight where the guys have to be the ones to pay for all the dates, gifts, dinner, etc. Guys have to pay for everything and very rarely would you find a Chinese girl that would actually pay.

Note that girls from Shanghai are the worst of the worst. I’ve dated a few Shanghai girls and not only they did not pay a single cent on any of the dates, they openly try to hustle me to pay for their cell phone bill and other things! They will judge what kind of man you are solely by what kind of career you have and what is your job title. Anything less of a high paying white collar salary is see as “low class.” Hong Kong girls are fair no better with their attitudes and materialism. They are a cross breed of western feminism mixed with a “I’m a Hong Kong princess and it needs to be my way or no way” mentality. This combination makes them a toxic girls for long term dating.

They expect you to know the answer to everything including how to fix her computer, troubleshoot her broken light, even the answer to what she fucking wore last week. You have to be a genius, a handyman, a provider, a responsible gentleman, generous…..the list just continues…

Now as previously mentioned, they are more open to dating a Non Chinese then a Korean girl is to dating a Non Korean. Although most Asian women will sleep with anything with a pole regardless of color, Chinese girls take it to the next level. Too many Chinese girls that I met, I would never had figure out what whores they really based on their appearance. I’ve met Chinese girls that have slept with all kinds of colors, sizes, species, etc. In they eyes of others, they are just flat out easy and Chinese girls will open their legs to a dirty grease-ball  janitor if he had a working penis. Chinese girls have no standards when it comes to dating preferences and I need my girls to have some sort of cultural pride, self respect, and standards.

Chinese girls lack with their hygiene vs their Korean counterparts. I meant a few girls with a stench “down there” but thankfully that is few. Korean girls just seem cleaner and smell better. I mean its a common fact though, Koreantowns are always cleaner than Chinatowns lol

My experiences with Chinese Girls:

I had plenty of sexual experiences with Chinese girls, a lot more then Korean girls and I would say out of all those, I have to 2 memorable ones that I would never forget. I had a fulfilling relationship with a tall Chinese girl and a great sexual relationship with another.



The edge goes to Korean girls. I dated fewer Korean girls but had more fulfilling experiences with them sexually and emotionally. I dated more Chinese girls but only a handful came out decent. Korean girls are more exotic, well kept, and have better hygiene. If you only had the option of choosing one kind of Asian girl, Chinese or Korean, I say go Korean and see if you like it. The beauty of is, if you don’t like Korean you can always just pick up a Chinese girl to go after!


If you like this post and felt the information I provided here was accurate and useful to you why not check out my get laid guides? My first book and masterpiece is Get Laid in Hong Kong, A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Male is a step by step Ebook guide on how to meet, game, date, and have sex with Chinese girls (Hong Kong). It was number one on Amazon’s best sellers list back in 2015 and has provided players with useful tips on how to have sex with Chinese girls. The Ebook is only $9.95. With the purchase of this Ebook you will receive $2 credit for any future purchases for any of my books. Also be on the look out for my upcoming book, Get laid in South Korea.

get laid cover0

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Haters want to ban my book

Take away Freedom of Speech! Take away the right to write about what you want about! Anything a straight man writes about his love life is always going to misogynist but when a gay man talks about how proud he is with his gay love life that is embraced as courage and sexual expression. Take away a heterosexual man’s right to write a book to his fellow men on how to improve his sex life and his ability to attract the opposite sex. Let’s do that!

It seems that haters (women, white knights, homosexuals) are on the front lines fighting for their human rights and for equality in this world in which I agree that everyone has a right to pursue what they want without any sore of oppression. What I can’t understand is  when a straight man wants to write about his experiences in his own love life they want to censor you. Talk about hypocrisy.



Its kind of funny because one of the woman that is leading the petition is a Korean American female from Los Angeles whore married to a Mexican. Do I smell a self hating, Asian man hating, self hating Asian whore? There is plenty of those.

Here are some of my readers and supporters pointing out her hypocrisy and calling her out as a self hating Asian whore.




So what are you?? Are you a hater or a supporter? Choose your side. Sign the petition or buy the book and Get Laid…..You Decide…..

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My Book has hit the Hong Kong Mainstream!!

1435178037_28b1Hong Kong is not too happy about my book but men still need to get laid

Sometime during the last week or so my book has someone found its way onto the mass Hong Kong Media and has been featured on many media platforms ranging from the  news, online forums, blogs and mainstream magazines! Check out this video that was from an article that was featured on HK Apple Newspaper.

HK applee

HK appleThe video is in Chinese (Cantonese – the native dialect of Hong Kong) but I can translate for you really quickly in a few sentences. First, it explains that there was a mysterious writer known as apple2TheLoneWolfTraveler (that’s me of course) that traveled to Hong Kong for one week that turned out to be his sexual paradise. Since then he has written a book teaching Western Asians and White Males on how to have game local Hong Kong girls for sex. It briefly mentions a few key points that book covers which ranges from how to message girls online, picking up girls in the club district of Lan Kwai Fong, gaming girls that work the night shifts in 7 -11 mini mart and gaming the domestic helper women during their day off. Apparently, the narrative of the video wasn’t very happy about the book and found it sleazy and disrespectful to Hong Kong women. Nonetheless, the book is literally all over Hong Kong media and even the people who seem disgusted with my book are buying it out of curiosity. There has been a flood of responses (read the comments underneath video) and the audience seem to have mixed opinions. Some are truly offended while others are embracing the concept that the book is helping men to learn how to game girls in order to satisfy their sexual needs.


Here is another article that was featured on Hong Kong’s Next Magazine

At last, an English article published on Hong Kong Free Press website. Props because this site even recognizes that my book is the #1 TOP SELLING BOOK ON AMAZON FOR CHINA TRAVEL.



I seriously feel like Roosh V with all the publicity that comes with writing a book on how to sleep with women in a foreign city but fuck it, it sells books. Check out some of the reviews from my readers:

Shu Hong says:

Buy the ebook without hesitation! Great job man! More photos would be better!


thanks for reply on paypal, I got the code and got the book, can’t wait to start reading it!!!!!


Loved it. Good stuf, keep up the good work

More reviews to come!

Get Your Copy NOW!

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Amazon Kindle: #1 best selling Travel China book is only $6.95


IMPORTANT directions on how to download the book: After your payment through pay-pal, a page will appear asking whether to return to TheLoneWolfTraveler blog or pay-pal home page. Make sure to click the first link (return to the Lonewolftraveler blog) which is the link to a page with a secret pass-code. Once you have the pass-code, click on this PAGE and enter the pass-code and then you will be able to download the eBook. As of now, questions regarding the book will be answered through Facebook messages ONLY.

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The Korean American girl

Two words. Amazing fucking sex. Okay, so it’s three words but point made. She is only my second Asian American woman that I’ve fucked. The first was was my doctor girl.

The day started off as nothing special as I didn’t have much planned except for getting some work done on my laptop. It was one of those spontaneous approaches that clicked from the very start. Still frustrated with having to walk everyone because my bike is damaged due to some scum  that knocked it over, I had to get everywhere on foot. However, this time it worked to my advantage because it gave me the opportunity to do a cold approach. I noticed her almost immediately with her long straight black hair that went all the way down to her back. She was one of those girls that you could tell she was Korean right away and she was slim, petite and very sexy. I had the most random opener but it worked, she responded then I slowly starting building the sexual tension with her.


Gaming Tip: Sometimes when you see a girl on the street, train, or any public area and you want to talk to her but don’t know the first thing to say, just make a comment on the surrounding environment. For instance, if your on a bus and the bus driving keeps making abrupt stops or breaks heavily, just make a comment like: “does this guy knows how to drive?” How did he pass his bus operator license, he can’t even brake normally.” And go from there. You will be surprised on how well a girl will respond to a comment about the environment then when compared to randomly hitting on her with cheesy lines or personal questions.


She wasn’t hesitant in responding to me but she acted a bit like she was not interested but yet at the same time left hints that she perhaps might have been. I don’t think she was playing hard to get, but it was more to the fact that I was a complete stranger who was talking to her so it took a few minutes for her to warm up to me. The interesting thing was she was one of those Asian girls who put up a deceiving facade. Initially upon talking to her, you would think she was one of those white loving Asian American whores, stuck up, bitchy, and spoiled. Although she was spoiled to a certain extent, she was down to earth when it came to conversation, quite humble once she warmed up to me, and I can tell she was very sensitive but put up a barrier of toughness on the outside. She was sex appeal to it’s finest. She sealed her fate when she told me that she had only been with Asian men and preferred Asian men. I decided her pussy had to be mine.

I worked my game and her broke her down bit by bit and I knew that she had completely fallen for me. All her sarcastic comments, hard to get attitude, and being in charge personality didn’t stand a chance against me and she knew it. I literally invited myself back to her place and although she put up some resistance, it was a half ass resistance. I knew she wanted me to come back to her place, she just couldn’t make it that easy for me.

Long story short, after less than 5 hours of meeting her, I was deep in her. She was a freak in bed, and I nicknamed her the sex goddess. She rode me like a champ, took it from behind like a real lady, and held her legs wide open (one of my favorites) while I was top. She had the most tightest pussy I ever fucked (even more than the Japanese girl) and I literally had to push my way into her bit by bit while she took deep breaths. I fucked her four times and in multiple positions, in less than four hours time and still had no shortage of cum for her.

The crazy thing was, we didn’t even know each other names. She had to ask me for my name after the fourth round. Since she asked for my name, I figured I’ll ask for her’s too.


Total price spent on her to get her into bed: Less than $20

Total time spent to get her into bed: Less than 5 hours

Total rounds completed: 4 rounds in about 4 hours.


I love Korean girls.


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Travel and Sex

How I made my girl “squirt”


I used to think girls squirting during an orgasm was something that only happened in the porno movie category. Last night, I am proud to say I found out the wet truth about girls squirting personally. By the end of it, a large patch of my blanket (which was under her pussy) was completely soaked. I pulled the blanket off and let it dry by the heater and continued to work on my girl’s pussy. She was beginning to soak my sheets. I had to take a old t shirt and rag to put under her pussy to stop my sheets and mattress from getting soaked. She squirted 3 times at least I was quite surprised when I saw it squirt the first time. Juice and white cream was all over and her pussy and pubes were soaked. It was a job well done.

How I did it:

1. First, I didn’t give my girl any dick or sex of any sort for 2 weeks. (reason being, I had a FWB on the side satisfying my needs) but I left my girl sex deprived and on the verge of explosion

2. Took her out for a nice meal. Had a good time

3. Came back home, not too late. Still early evening. Since it was so early, there was pletny of energy left in us both.

4. Turned on some music, and then surprised her by tossing her on the bed.

5. Had a nice make out session with a lot of tongue action. Got her turned on to the point she was breathing heavy with her eyes closed in la la land.

6. Played some Japanese porn on my computer and turned the screen over to the bed.

7. Started off by teasing, tonguing and sucking her nipples. Left all her clothes on. Just gave foreplay to her upper body, breasts, and neck. Rubbed her pussy with my hand with her pants still on.

8. Really focused on foreplay to get her turned on to the point where she was hot and heavy. Only then did I proceed to take the panties proceed off

9. Continue to suck on her nipples while slowly and gently taking my index and middle finger to locate her clit. She was soaking wet at this point. Used her own wetness to lubricate the tip of her clit. Starting to web gently and stimulate

10. Talked dirty. My girl loves dirty talk. I started to talk dirty telling how I loved her hard nipples and her wet wet pussy. Continued to talk dirty while stimulating her nipples and clit.

11. After 5 minutes or less, magic happens. First squirt

12. Let the juices flow. After the first squirt, I gave her some hard dick. I pounded her hard and fast and talked dirty. Her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head and the rest you can leave to your imagination 😉

How can you tell if it’s cum or pee? 

1. First and foremost, when a girl squirts, it comes out of her urethra (the same hole where she pees). It does not squirt from the vaginal hole like many has come to believe

2. How far does she squirt? In porno movies, it tends to exaggerate when a girl can squirt and hit a cockroach from across the room. Honestly, I don’t think this is possible. A genuine orgasmic female squirt should only shoot a few inches at most.

3. Does it smell like urine? Is it warm? If it is really cum it won’t have the typical piss smell that is so distinctive. Also if she is squirting, check to see if the fluid is warm. As we all know, urine should be warm. If it is cool, it is cum

4. Check your girl’s reaction. If she is shaking, her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she is moaning, than she is more than likely cumming than pissing. What was the last time someone took a piss with those reactions?

5. Check her vaginal hole. She should be extremely wet down there too. If you see white fluids coming out and streaming from her vaginal hole, it means she is extremely turned on and the fluid squirting from her urethra is cum, not pee.

6. Remember, when a woman has an orgasm, the bladder shuts off the gland that allows her to urine. It is the same with men, when we cum do we shoot piss?

7. After she squirts and sex is over, she should feel the need to pee in a few minutes. Many women have experienced that they need to urinate after having an orgasm. Ask your girl if she had a lot of pee and was it yellow? If she says yes, I doubt she was squirting previously.

If you see all these signs, then give yourself a pat on the back. You are the man. You can say you made your girl squirt. If this doesn’t give you bragging rights, I don’t know what will. When you cuddle afterwards, she should be extra loving of you. You just gave her the ride of her life. She should look at you with wide open loving eyes, as in “I love you, and I’m fucking never going to let you go.”


Tools of the Trade: To assist in helping you make your girl squirt faster or if the finger is not enough – Both are LWT Approved. Get them both on Amazon


Lube to help with the wetness. A lubricated clit is easier to get off with your fingers


Finger vibrator. Slip it onto your finger and lube it up then put it over her clit. The vibration should get her off and it’s a shortcut to making her squirt.

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Anal Sex

Had my third anal sex experience recently which ended with a nice creamy anal creampie. It feels great to unload a heavy set of balls inside of a stretched out (by me) virgin ass of your girl.

Go out and get yourself a Astroglide X premium lubricant from your local Walgreens or Duane Reade for about $11 (worth the price) or on Amazon and make sure to lube up your tool good before you slide in her ass for both your sake and enjoy the ride 😉

Note: Just make sure she’s taken a shower and is nice and fresh before you proceed. Tell her note to be alarmed if she ends up taking a shit 6 times after anal sex.

LWT approved. Nuff said

Definition of LWT approved: It means that TheLoneWolfTraveler had used this product and approves of it. LWT doesn’t just approve of anything so when he does, its fucking good shit. 

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Two Notches in One Night Part Two

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The Tall Asian Girl

It was a Saturday night in early June around 9pm and my place is cleaned, bed made, and condoms put to the side for easy access. I was ready to go. I purposely haven’t masturbated for a few days so I had a decent amount of cum built up inside my balls. I am ready to release it for take off tonight, I thought. I’m the captain, my penis is my spaceship, and her vagina is the big black hole in space. (hopefully not too big of course, I like my pussies with a snug). My destination was to pilot my spaceship to and in the big black hole in space, and the mission must be accomplished tonight.

We met up, she was late again. The fuck, I will take that into consideration when I’m beating up her pussy later I thought to myself. This was our second date. The first date was a week ago and was a success. Although I didn’t get the notch the first time, I had her back at my place, sprawled out with her top off as I made out with her, kissed her neck, chest, stomach, and giving her upper body foreplay she would never forget. I must have spent an hour on the foreplay, no kidding but I enjoyed it every bit as much as she did. I had her moaning my name, and this was just the first date! It was great.

After our original plan for the date didn’t work out I decided to take her to a nice Japanese bar in my neighborhood. The bar is dimly lit, with decent amount of privacy adding to a nice seductive atmosphere. We order a large pitcher of slushy drinks with alcohol and chicken wings. We joked that the slush tasted like a smoothie but little did we know that every refill we were taking were adding to our tipsiness that we weren’t even aware of. They had couch seats, which was a perfect opportunity to sit next to her. The whole time I was rubbing her back and shoulders with my hand occasionally sliding down to massage her legs and squeeze her ass. I went as far as sliding my hand down her pants from behind and rubbed her bare ass. She stopped me but weakly as I continued having my way. She giggled….other people may or may not have been watching us. I didn’t care.

We stumbled out of the bar surprised that we were tipsy. We walked the night streets back to my place and before you know it, she is sprawled on my bed with her panties off. She whispers to me that I’m moving to fast but her pleas didn’t penetrate my pussy mission oriented brain. I took off her panties and the rest of her clothes and inserted my cock slowly into her wet warm pussy. I savored the first sacred moment when you first feel the insides of the pussy of a girl you’ve been wanted to fuck but was only a thought until you made it happen. Notch captured….and I was only getting started for the night….

Two notches in one nightI managed to take this picture of her before she noticed but my flash was off. By the time I tried to turn the flash back on she noticed the phone and flipped out. Notice the white cum coming out of her pussy? That wasn’t mine 😉

Little did I know what an awesome fuck this girl was and that this was the beginning of  great fucking to come..

The Japanese Girl

After the tall Chinese girl leaves, I text my Japanese girl. (After our first mini date of grabbing a drink things were moving extremely quick thanks to my persistence. I already invited myself to her place for our second official meeting and had her on her own couch with nothing but her panties on, while I explored her body).  This was going to be our third meeting along with a combined 4 hours from our previous two meetings. (We did see each other a few more times in between those times but they were quick half hour coffee dates or a hi and bye before work kind of interaction. However, simple interactions like that moved our connection along faster and we felt like we knew each other longer because of that). I asked if I can come over to spend the night with her. She says yes with a heart shape. I smiled after reading the text, I knew she wanted it as much as I did.

Gaming Tip: Sometimes when I know things are going well with a girl sometimes I get bold and invite myself over to her place. This is a bold mood to forward the seduction for sex to come quicker. If you do get inside her place with this move, sex may or may not happen. If it doesn’t, keep it short and leave. I am sure that the next time your at her place, you will get laid because she will feel closer to you because to her you already been to her place before and psychologically it will feel like she knew you longer than it really is. Never be direct, just say something like, “Can I come over to your place now?” Sometimes she will just say yes, sometimes there will be a pause (which means she is thinking or deciding) and she may respond with a yes or sometimes they might even ask why. Just say, ” I want to see you for a little bit, to cuddle, bring you coffee, breakfast, or just some food, wine, six pack beer for a drink, etc.” Sometimes even use the weather as an excuse as I did with the Japanese girl when I invited myself over to her place for the first time. I said: “can I come over to see you? The weather is bad out and I don’t want to go outside.” Just be simple and non direct. If she is not ready, she will have some excuse, then just be cool with it and go out with her again on another date before trying again.

I quickly got dressed, threw out the condom and wrapper that was on my floor,

(This was the Condom I used – LWT Approved. Get it on Amazon)

waited a few minutes to make sure that the tall Chinese girl had walked far enough away from apartment so that she won’t see me get on my bike. I ran downstairs excited to get another piece of pussy for the night. The Japanese girl lived all the way in the city so it was going to be a long ride. This was early June so I was wearing just a t shirt, got on my bike and rode down the night streets. It was about 2am and most of the freeway and streets were clear so I rode fast on my bike. Finally got there about 2:45am and rung her doorbell. She answered the door in a skimpy little top and a short pair of shorts. (No panties). The door closed behind us and I captured my second notch for the night, and my first Japanese Conquest ever. Years and years of fantasizing about Japanese girls was a fantasy no more and let me tell you, the Japanese girl had the tightest pussy ever…

Little did I know that this would be the beginning of 3 months of sex, with plenty of cream-pies, and even sex in an open park….

To be continued?