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Support your Asian brother

I received my Second Donation

Thanks to another generous reader, TheLonewolfTraveler blog has received its second donation since the blog’s origin.

Thank you for my support my Asian brother. Readers like yourself are my motivation to write and represent for Asian American men

Support your Asian brother

TheLoneWolfTraveler Blog’s One Year Anniversary!

One year ago, I had a goal. My goal was to create something that Western Asian or Asian men from around the world can find a place where they can share like minded thoughts and ideas, problems that we face, racial issues, dating, sex, etc. A place where they can have a voice and express their opinions and feelings they had boiled up deep inside them. More importantly, I wanted Asian men to know that they are NOT ALONE with their feelings, and they are not weird or bitter and there are other Asian men in the world that share the same thoughts.

That goal became TheLonewolfTraveler Blog; a Kickass Blog for the Asian man. The blog where the Asian man can relate instead of being outcast-ed, disrespected, made fun and treated like a second class citizen in the Western world, even by his own people and women.  This is not an kiss ass blog, write mainstream friendly material to fit in blog, or parental friendly blog, or lie about the truth blog, this is a down right raw, real, and gritty blog. I tell and write the truth about things in my own life and the things I see around me. Some may disagree with my point of views while others can relate.

To all my loyal readers and supporters, let’s all celebrate the one year anniversary of TheLoneWolfTraveler Blog! Cheers!


An update on my book: Get Laid in Hong Kong. A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Asian Male. I’m proud to say that I’m 80% done with it. It’s really shaping up and I’m excited and look forward to its release on this blog.

Last, support the TheLoneWolfTraveler! Make a donation of any amount. It can be 50 cents, 1 dollar, 5 dollars or more. It’s up to you and you’re generosity. Donations will be used to upgrade the blog, copyright my material, and heck, maybe buy me a beer!

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Support your Asian brother

I received my first Donation

Thanks to an appreciative and generous reader, TheLoneWolfTraveler blog has received its first donation since the blog’s origin. Thank you to my fellow Asian brethen for your support. Your donation will be used to help upgrade this to even a more kickass blog for the Asian American Man. Also for a beer here and there. The first drink is to you. Cheers!

If you would like to make a donation to support this blog, click the donate icon. Donate any amount. $0.50, $1, $5 or more. Your the boss!

Support your Asian brother

Donate any amount to Thelonewolftraveler. This will be used to upgrade this blog. Support an Asian American Man doing his thing!

It can be a $0.50 or $1.00 donation or more. You decide how much you want to donate. Help support an Asian American Man doing his thing. Donations will be used to upgrade this blog.