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The Ugly Face of Weakness


A few weeks back, an Asian woman made headlines when she was shown crying like an stuck donkey when a Trump supporter allegedly cancelled her AirBnB reservation when she was already en route to the place.

This Asian woman, decides to film a video of herself crying with her tears smudging her makeup across an already unflattering face, goes on to cry for a few minutes on how she was on route, then the host cancelled stating that she did it because:

“Your  Asian. It’s why we have Trump.”

See the whole article here

Okay so that’s pretty racist, but hello wake up! This is America! As an Asian man born and raised here in America, I can attest that this kind of racism happens quite often not  only to Asians but to all types of races. All those negative stereotypes portrayed on us, comments like telling us to go back to China, that we eat dogs and cats, and other ethnic racial slurs that I would not mention on this blog, this stuff is nothing new so man the fuck up!

A lot of people in this country has faced far more brutal racism than this but you don’t see them making a video and crying and sobbing about how she was in this country since she was a child (originally from Korea), she considers herself American, blah blah, wah, wah! All types of minorities and even majorities face racism in America and around the world on a daily basis . Racism is an American thing and its certainly a human characteristic that you can find all over the world and happens to people of ALL types of ethnicity so crying about online is not going to change it a thing or help your cause. If shes trying to gather sympathy from anybody because she was called Asian (not even a racial slur) by this Trump supporter then she gets no sympathy from me. If she wants any sympathy maybe she should cry and sob to her White fiancee.


That’s right. Another Asian woman crying about how she is subjected to racism for being “Asian” but she has a non Asian boyfriend. How typical…Did this Trump supporter burst your little bubble when she reminded you that your NOT white, but Asian?

You think she would cry if an Asian man was told he was “Asian?”  I doubt it….she would probably do her best to distant herself from this Asian man. But yet she seems so quick to stick up for other minorities but not anyone do I see her standing up for any hate crimes or racism against Asians.


As far as I’m concerned, crying on a video online is not going to get you any sympathy. It just shows weakness. Compose yourself, make your point and be strong about. Crying like a stuck donkey with your makeup smudged all over just shows weakness and I’m sure the lady that allegedly cancelled your reservation took great pleasure and got a kick watching you sob like a 5 year old child.

Racism is everywhere. It’s a human thing. Learn to be strong and face it with some dignity. Don’t cry like a baby for the world to see.

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Money is the Modern Day Slavery


This power, this mystique, this mind control, this hypnosis, this dark greed….this thing call money….

Oh money, how you have the power to control the lives of so many….

Oh money, how you have the power to control this powerful thing known as the human mind….

Oh money, how many years of people’s lives were spent just trying to make enough of you to hold in their hand….to feed themselves and their families

Oh money, how you have the power to control the quality of people’s lives…

Oh money, because of you so many people are trapped in their miserable existence of horrible jobs, having to endure abuse and take orders from greedy bosses and owners when there is so much of life to enjoy.

The beauty of the world, from watching the sunset in the vastness of the Mongolian steppe to sailing down the Yangtze river in China to scaling the beautiful mountains of the world, to riding your motorcycle down a open road with the wind in your face, to surfing waves in a beautiful blue ocean. Why do most of the human population succumb to working in a office rat hole for their entire lives?

Why does money make us take shit from people we don’t even like? Most greedy bosses and owners deserve whats coming to them many times over…

Money is the modern day slavery. It is the modern day slave-owner. It enslaves the human soul and the human spirit. It imprisons us at a job we are not happy with nor do we want to be at. It makes us do bad things to our fellow humans….it breaks relationships with lovers and breaks bonds with friends.

Yes…I see…. Money is the modern day slave-owner…..and the powerful race of humans… are the slaves.


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I’m glad that Scarlett Johansson is starring in “Ghost in the Shell” instead of an Asian Woman

Its always typical of Hollywood to cast White actors in Asian roles. This is nothing new. They did that with the remake of South Korean movie: Old Boy; and now they are doing it again with Ghost in the Shell, casting White girl Scarlett Johansson in a role whose character should have been of Japanese descent.

Ghost in the Shell movie, is a live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga about an anti-cyberterror task force set in mid-21st century Japan and led by cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi.

This discriminating move by Hollywood has angered the Asian community. Once again, not only does Hollywood normally casts Asians in fobby non-English speaking roles, or Asians do not get cast at all, now what was originally supposed to be an Asian character, is cast to be play by a White character.

However, I actually prefer a white Scarlett Johansson to play this role and not an Asian woman. Why would I say this? Many people would argue that they are taking a role away that was mean for an Asian woman. You see, that’s the point. It is an Asian woman. To have a first lead Asian woman act in a lead role in a potential Hollywood blockbuster movie, this would further expand the heads and egos of the already inflating self hating Asian woman. The Asian woman would be portrayed as a bad-ass female lead character and you know would represent them more as a sex symbol. Asian Men would not have a place in this movie, chances are the Asian woman lead character would be romantically involved with a Non Asian Male character (such as movies like Pacific Rim, Last Samurai, etc)  and the Asian Man would be left out of everything once again.

For those Non Asian men with a fetish for Japanese/Asian women and Manga, they would now further attempt to make their wild fantasies come true by acting on their Asian fetish and try to hit on, date, and sleep with more Asian woman.

The Asian Woman would be proud of this lead Asian female character and see this as Hollywood and mainstream America’s acceptance of the Asian Woman (NOT ASIAN PEOPLE). Asian Woman would feel as she is a step up in society and would further look down on the Asian Man (more so then she already does) and justify that Hollywood has given them more American status and she will continue to ride the Non Asian Men cock carousel thinking she in the character from Ghost in the Shell.

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Racist Hate Comment

I received a comment from a self proclaimed White Guy a while back to the now infamous post of:https://thelonewolftraveler.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/different-types-of-asian-women/  a while back. It was so ignorant, hypocritical, and amusing, that I chose not to approve the comment but now looking at it again, I decided to share with you, my readers.

Now before anyone gets all excited, this post was NOT meant to stir up any sort of drama, but just merely pointing out the hate I got from that post and the racism and hypocrisy behind it.

Read the “White Guy Fucking Asian Woman comment’s below:

“i will start off by saying I am white …and then add grow up you gay little Asian bitch ! the reason I fucked your women is because I asked that’s the simple truth …if you don’t ask you don’t get simple as… Asian boys so busy trying to be pretty and metro and friends …..you get nothing in this life if you don’t reach out and take it. I love my wife not because she is Korean but because she captivated my soul …she is attractive funny caring giving to a fault educated thoughtful persistent when she needs to be and did I mention funny …I love her because of her not for her skin. you sound like a pathetic disgruntled little fag Asian fanboy mad cuz everyone is fucking your women ..you racist pussy the only reason they are is cuz they asked and the reason you are not is because you didn’t . so sick of little bitches like you whining and then blaming it on a so call type of women hahahahahahaha the blame is on you, be a man stand up and go after your dreams and desires or be a bitches stay in the shadows and get beat and complain forever …

oh and by the way if I was with that Chinese girl in the bread shop I would have beat you to a pulp little bitch not because your yellow but because you are a whiny little bitch then I would have fucked that slut right there and pulled out and wiped my smelly dick across your beat down bitch face and told you to get the fuck out of the store ……..so msg to all you whiny complaining feminine metro fanboy Asian fag boys …grow a fucking pair of balls start looking and dressing like a man and start acting like a man and these Asian women your bashing will flock to you …so losers lose the eyeliner and feminine looks and watch what happens youll be drowning in girls ……a side note …as a world traveler I will share this common thread …regardless of color this simple truth is….. good people are good bad people are bad the rest is all geography ….stop trying to classify and quantify and put life in neat tidy small boxes …we are al humans and want love and respect that’s it. your narrow mind and judgment of all things is your problem ….your a racist and a narrow minded bitter little prick ..open up your mind to any and all possibilities and watch how big and wonderful this life is and can be …..”

So let me understand something for a minute. He calls me a racist pussy, but yet he says your yellow and metro fanboy Asian fag boys and is is fucking my women.

Not only did he insult all Asian people by referring to us as yellow, but he also insulted homosexuals by calling us fag boys. He also is offending the Asian women he so likes including his Korean wife (I’m surprised he knows the difference and not thing we are all Chinese or Vietcong) by saying he is fucking your woman. Hmm…right…

Furthermore, reading his comment was like reading a racist rant of someone with a third grade education. His grammar and spelling was so off it was so frustrated just to read it, not to mention all the negative things he had to say.

So after his rant, I’m sure this White guy must be feeling really proud of himself. Would this be the look on this guy’s Korean’s wife face when she finds out how racist you are of her kinsman, her Asian kind, her fellow Asian men?  Would she be surprised and shocked by your racism towards Asian men and be somewhat offended because she is after all, still Asian? (Whether or not she wants to be).


would she side with him and agree that he is right, Asian men are as he quoted yellow metro fanboy Asian fag boys”


would his comments on Asian men fuck with her little Korean self hating Asian head and bring her back to her troubled childhood (or even adulthood) memories on how she hates being Asian and is surprised that he think she is Asian and not White? After all it could be possible that she hates being Asian so much, she made sure to marry a white guy to try to make her forget shes Asian.

Lastly, I thank you for your comment regardless. All opinions are welcome, regardless how racism, ignorant, uneducated, or how bad the grammar might be. We all have a right to our freedom of speech.

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Every Asian woman needs to fill out a dating resume

Nurse-resume-template-RN - Copy


Found a Asian girl that your interested in and thinking about perhaps sleeping with her, dating her, entering a relationship with her, or even tying the knot with marriage? Well before you do ANYTHING, you need to stop and take the time out of your day to read this post.

First, Asian women are the easiest type of women in the world today. No, it’s no longer White women. If you walk around any major metropolis or even a small city around the world, you will find Asian women with White, Black, Indian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Mexican, half man half dog, etc. Point I’m trying to make is that Asian women are the biggest Cock Carousels riders in the world.

Definition of a Cock Carousel rider:

An idea perpetuated on manosphere blogs that women casually sleep around in their 20’s with hot, non-commital player types.

Then, supposedly, when they hit their 30’s and lose their looks, they realize they wasted their prime man-snagging years and become desperate to settle down, often with a boring, dependable flavor of guy they previously had no interest in.

Karen spent her late-twenties riding the cock carousel with a bunch of guys in bands that just wanted sex. Now she’s 33, past her prime, and dating an accountant who’s she’s pressuring to have kids with.

Credit to the source: Urban Dictionary

For a lack of better words, the majority of Asian women are Whores who ride the cock carousel with all types of men (or we hope it is men and not anything in between or animals) and jump from a White guy to a Black guy, that on to try the Indian flavor of the week then bone a Mexican just to add it to her list. Now before you get your panties in a bunch, I said the majority of Asian women, NOT all. This is not only limited to Asian American women, but Western women, FOB, and women that are in Asia. Before anyone attempts to argue this point, go for a walk in the streets of Boston. 8 out of 10 Asian women are with partners, are with Non Asian men. Known fact. Now go for a walk in the streets of NYC. You will see Asian women with White, Black, Hispanic, Indian, (did I miss any?) and a occasional few with Asian men. No other race, not even White women (take date out of their race on the level that Asian women do. It can be that Asian women don’t prefer their own Asian men, but it is also that they have gotten the reputation of being so EASY that men of all types want to try an Asian. Modern day, men know that Asian women will open up their legs for anything and they feel as they are entitled to an Asian women. Chances are they will succeed with Asian woman as you can see all these mixed Non Asian men and Asian women couples all over the country and world.

Now the point I’m trying to make is that Asian women tend to ride the cock carousel until their time runs out and their biological is ticking and they are tired of getting pumped and dumped and used up by Non Asian men so they decide to settle down with an responsible beta Asian man. I’ve seen a few Asian men fall into this trap of foolishly settling down with a complete after market trash Asian woman unknowingly. However, if they did some research on her dating and sexual past and ask some questions here and there, he would have discovered that this Asian women’s dating resume is probably at least 3 pages long. Her dating resume/history will consist of being pumped and cum on by the hood black guy that never paid for anything besides just pumping her for dirty hole between her legs, or the Indian guy with the disgusting body hair, or the Hispanic guy who secretly calls her a Chino to his friends or the White Jewish guy broke her heart and cheated on her constantly with another Asian whore. Do you see the point I’m making here? This is the case with 9 out of 10 Asian American women and it seems like FOB Asian women are falling into this trend these days. If your currently seeing an Asian woman and don’t know anything about her past, make sure you start prying into now!

dating resume

What do you do when you find out an Asian women’s Dating History?

  1. Did she date any Non Asian men? If she did, check to see what kind. If she dated Indian, Black, Brown, White, Martians, animals, etc then this is a pump and dump whore. Make sure you do not get into anything serious with her. Date her a few times and once you pump it, dump it. NO EXCEPTIONS. This Asian woman is not worth anything.
  2. If she didn’t ride the cock carousel but was involved in a LTR with a Non Asian guy and still speaks of him like shes fond of him, pump and dump her too. There is no way you are going to kiss the lips of a girl who has been sucking on some dirty non Asian cock for the past 5 years.
  3. If most of her past lovers are Asian guys with one or 2 White guys then she might be worth a little more. Size her up a bit and make a decision to see if shes worthy of a potential lover or girlfriend material.
  4. If she has only dating Asian guys then she is good to go. However make sure to check her personality and see if shes a kind and generous girl to her men. Just cause shes an Asian women that like Asian men, doesn’t mean shes girlfriend worthy, but its a lot more of a start then the other three above.

Here in NYC, there is countless Asian women with Non Asian men. They parade around Chinatown and Asian communities like their the shit and their self hypocrisy and self hate within their own people is quite sad. They even will roll their eyes or avoid looking at any Asian guys when they are walking with their Non Asian men. Then why would you take him to an Asian community? Their partners are some of the ugliest guys I’ve ever seen, that no other kind would ever settle for. A FOB Asian women was messing around with a wannabe be White Eminem looking guy in the back of a Chinese restaurant. Funny thing was she couldn’t barely speak English and decide to fuck around with him. How did they communicate? Wonder if the whore ever washed her hand. Except, Asian women. I’ve come to the conclusion that Asian women would open up their legs for anything except Asian men.



For all you Asian men out there, make sure you find out about Asian girl’s history before you do ANYTHING. Trust me, you will be surprised on what you may find.

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I Don’t Like… Part One

1. I don’t like how Asian women have to explain why they prefer Asian men on dating ads. Do Hispanic women have to explain why they like their own kind?

Real life example: “Sorry, but I am attracted to Asian men… and I’m sure I’ll get a good amount of small-package jokes, but I can’t help what I like.”

2. I don’t like how Asian women go out of their way to embarrass Asian men on why they don’t like their own kind as sexual partners. To add insult to hurt ego, they parade their White, Black, Brown, Indian, etc boyfriends around all Asian communities. Here in NYC you see them in all kinds of Asian restaurants, Asian coffee shops, on the street, Asian bars, Asian clubs, and even Asian massage places. Talk about rubbing it in our faces.

3. I don’t like ignorant people that just goes off stereotypes before taking the time out to find out on their own. Be a leader, go find out on your own. Make your own choices. Don’t just believe and follow what society or others tell you.

4. How many men are actually racist of Asian people but yet still fantasize and want an Asian women as a sexual mate or for dating and relationships. “So wait, you hate Asian people but you like Asian women?” The answer is yes. I’ve come across to many types of this kind of men, more so that I can even keep count of.

The Jeremy Lin incident:

‘I didn’t mean it, my wife is Asian’: ESPN anchor suspended for ‘Chink in the armor’ gaffe defends himself on Twitter


Real life example: White guy living in Hong Kong and says he loves Asian culture thats why he is there. However, on a expat men’s blog he writes: “Guys plz tell me how to get laid with those mystical oriental bitches, I find treating them like a human too hard. Is there some magical ching chong I can speak that unlocks their inner nymphomaniac?”

5. I don’t like diversity. I used to be a firm believer diversity but after personal experiences with certain types of racial groups, I don’t feel the hippy love I once felt. As long as humans exist, there will always be racism. Mix them all together, and you will have the racial boiling pot that is known as America.

6. I don’t like how Non Asian women always have to defend themselves on why they like Asian men. Countless times, I’ve had Non Asian women tell me comments they hear from racist, jealous, hating Non Asian men such as, they have small dicks! Why would you like Jackie Chan! Why do you like Chinos! I don’t think White, Black, Hispanic guys have to put up with this.

7. I don’t like women that waste men’s time and money. If your not interested in him romantically then why lead him on? Why accept his date when you know his intentions are romantic and act surprised and pretended that you thought he wanted to be friends? Why waste his time, his money, and possibly crush him when you reject him? If you not interested, tell him up front. Don’t be a troll, don’t be a whore and waste his money, time, and effort. I don’t like women who set up online dating profiles just to feed off the attention they get.

Real Life example: I personally know a fat troll cunt that admitted to me recently that she does not or ever intend to meet any of the guys that contacts and talks to her on her tinder account. She said she just likes the attention….(keep in mind she is a fat, short, and old troll,not even attractive).

8. I don’t like her certain types of people like to play the “Race Card” all the time. They purposely use it to their advantages causing drama and acting like the world owes them something.

To be Continued….

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A typical Asian Woman’s Love Life


“I’m an Asian woman and I will date, fuck, and suck anything ranging from humans, monkeys, gorillas, walruses, pigs, and even a pole sticking out from a sewer.  My only exception is I won’t fuck Asian men.

Why? I’m not really sure…never thought about it. Is it because of the negative stereotypes that are put upon Asian men by the western media and entertainment? Is it the constant degrading, teasing, and oppression that Asian men face in the West?  I’m not sure, but what I know is that I don’t want to be see around Asian men because it would just make me seem Asian. I’m American, okay so you better recognize.

Shut up! Don’t ask me when I look in a mirror do I see an Asian person with Asian features because my features are desired by men that are White, Black, Hispanic, Indian, Middle Eastern, the list just continues.  They compliment me on how they like my slanted Asian eyes.  Some guys even make jokes by slanting their eyes back with their fingers and speak with an accent and say I love you long time, mee sooo horny. It is so funny, I love how they can make funny jokes to break the racial barrier. I see these kind of couples all over the place. All my Asian girlfriends are dating Non Asian men. I am so proud of them. We have broken out from the negative stereotypes with being associated as Asians because if we date Non Asian men, we are obviously not a typical Asian. I am more American and therefore above Asian men and other Asian women dating Asian men.

No, my White boyfriend doesn’t have Asian fetish or yellow fever even though his past 20 girlfriends were all Asian. He does have a lot of Asian porn on his computer though and all his friends on Facebook are Asian girls. But that doesn’t mean he likes Asian women, he just appreciates Asian culture. I’m so proud on how open minded he is. I don’t get mad or offended when he makes fun of Asian people in front of me or say Asian men have small penises because it’s true. Sure, he calls me a chink or a gook bitch when we get into a fight but then he apologizes to me later. That’s what counts. He is not a racist, or why else would he date me?

Asian men need to stop complaining about how we like to date White or Non Asian men. They are so racist and bitter and gosh I can’t stand it where they stare at me and my boyfriend when we go eat in a Chinese restaurant. They are like my little brother who whines and cries that he can’t get a girlfriend and sits home jerking off to porn and playing video games and complain about the racial issues and the unfair treatment they face. They always complain that the movies portray Asian men in a negative light. No, its not that. Asian men need to man up. Black men face way more racism, like can’t you believe that a black guy is always portrayed in movies as a thug? That is so racist. Did you hear about the Black guy that was not allowed in an Asian club with his Asian GF because he was black? That’s so racist. Yes I did hear about all the negative comment’s about Lorde’s Asian boyfriend. It is true, he is so ugly. I can’t believe Lorde would like an Asian guy, I don’t listen to her music anymore after I found out. He looks like my little brother.

I’m so happy that I have a White boyfriend. I take him all over Asian places to introduce him to my culture. One day I want to have mixed babies with him. They look so much better than regular ugly Asian babies with small eyes and ugly features. They will have my beauty and their dad’s western features with an American last name. The other day we ran into a Asian guy with a White girl. We couldn’t help but stare at them. They look so weird together. It’s not normal and just weird. They were just ugly together. I kept whispering about them in my boyfriend’s ear and continued to stare at them. They were annoying me. No I am not jealous! I don’t like Asian guys so eeeww why would I be jealous? I’m just saying they are a odd couple, Asian guys and White girls. It’s not normal and honestly I think its kind of gross. So I just stare. That’s all. I’m not racist.

My boyfriend dumped me. I’m heartbroken and I can’t stop crying. I stalked his Facebook and I found out he dumped me for another girl who is also Asian.

She looks so proud like she thinks shes all that with a White guy. Stupid ass hoe, always jumping on the White boy’s cock. Come to think about it, he does have yellow fever. I will never date another man with Asian fetish.  I think I’m going to just casually date around for now, don’t want anything serious for the time being. Next week, I’m going out with a Black guy that I met on an all Asian dating group. No he doesn’t have Asian fetish! Just because he’s the only black guy in an all Asian women dating group doesn’t mean he wants an Asian woman.

Anyways since I’m single now, send me your pictures and tell me about yourself. I’m open to all races except for Asian guys.  Thanks.”


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Hey, let’s hate on some Asians!

Jimmy Kimmel recently had a skit on his ABC show that said “kill everyone in China.” I found out about it a few weeks back when my girl sent me the link but I couldn’t bear to stomach it let alone write about it. It’s funny they have a little Asian girl in the video participating in the kill everyone in China rant. I wonder if this little girl has forgotten that she is of Asian descent and that in the eyes of Non Asians, you look Chinese anyways? So go ahead and participate in something that hates on your own people. What a girl she will grow up to be. Fuck her parents for allowing her to take part in this since she is still young and doesn’t know any better.

Think of it this way; if this script was changed to kill everyone in Africa, wonder how much different the outcry would have been. It would be another  nationwide broadcasted hate issue and blown out of proportion.. Hate crime, racism, southern poverty law, anti racism organizing, all kinds of reverends, etc. If Don Imus got fired by NBC for calling black women “nappy headed hoes”, then Jimmy Kimmel should be fired by ABC for saying to”kill everyone in China.”

More on the video: http://js.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2499555/Jimmy-Kimmel-skit-features-young-boy-saying-We-kill-China.html

Props to the Asian people who stood on line in protest. Of course the protesters were small in number because people don’t care about racism towards Asians but these people made an effort to show that we don’t think it was funny, and yes, it was racist. Skits like this and movies like Red Dawn are encouraging and sending a message to the disenchanted  and already racist population in America that it’s okay to hate and want to kill Asians.

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10 Different types of Asian women



1. The Insecure Asian woman – This one wishes that she had been born a different race. She is so insecure of being Asian, seen, labeled or referred to as one that she does everything in her power to distant herself from being Asian. She purposely distant herself from being associated with Asians by dating anyone that is NOT ASIAN just so she thinks that she won’t be seen or classified as another Asian person or couple. She is so insecure of her own ethnicity that she is desperately trying to be accepted amongst other non Asians especially in the eyes of White and even Black people. This type has disqualified Asian men as sexual partners not because we are unworthy or non sexual, but because of her own insecurity and bitterness of being Asian that she takes it out on Asian men by not only refusing to date us but also put us down through comparison with the White man or talking about how useless, or small our dicks our etc in the presence of non Asian men as to justify in her mind why she doesn’t date Asian men. This type has the infamous line “I don’t date Asian guys.” (which really means, although I’m Asian, so in other words I hate being Asian so much that when I see an Asian guy it reminds me of myself and I hate myself for being Asian).

How to spot this type of Asian woman:

  • Ones that dyes their hair blond and tries to change their appearance to look more White or those that dress and act Black. They try to change their Asian appearances by pretending to act and look like something they are not.
  • Other obvious signs are for example, two Asian men are sitting on one end of the train. They don’t know each other. An Asian women comes in at the next stop and sits down across from them. She sees that its all Asians on one side and she quickly gets up and moves to the other side of the train (even though its a lot more crowded) and squeezes in next to an elderly Black man. Trust me, I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes and you can see it in her eyes of her own insecurity and shame of who and what she is, Asian.
  • When you look at one and they meet your stare they instantly roll their eyes and look away as in “I’m too good for you and I don’t like Asian men”
  • Even women of other races recognize and address this type of Asian woman self hate in this article
  • A perfect real life example. An Asian woman admits that she doesn’t date Asian men because she is a racist of her own!

asian woman


An Article that discusses Asian women purposely seeking Non Asian men http://goldsea.com/Air/Issues/Divide/divide_21108.html

2. The Asian woman with Daddy issues – I don’t know if their dads stuck his finger in  her butt as an adolescent but this type of Asian woman hates their Dad and in turn thinks all Asian men in the world are like her Dad and becomes bitter, spiteful, and hateful of Asian men. Perhaps, her Dad was truly a loser, possibly abusing her Mom and the kids, the alcoholic or gambling type, or the type that abandons the family. Whatever the reason, this kind of Asian woman failed to understand that just because your Dad was that kind of Asian man doesn’t mean that ALL Asian men including the American born Generation with Western thinking are like that. It’s like saying that all Black men are criminals, drug dealers or jobless bums. This kind of Asian woman not only disqualifies Asian men as lovers but goes on a personal jihad to discriminate, attack us verbally through press, media, writings or bad mouth and degrade Asian men further contributing to the negative stereotypes that have been put on Asian men in the western world.

Perfect examples of this type: Amy Tan, author of the Joy Luck Club. That whole book is defamation, discriminating, and promoting negative untruthful stereotype of Asian men. I don’t know how this book never made it on the Southern Poverty Law’s List for its racist material.  Oh yeah right, when racism is direct at Asian men, no one cares.

3. The Aftermarket Trash Asian Woman – This type of Asian woman gets pumped and dumped by White men or Non Asian men with yellow fever for most of her youth until the biological clock is ticking and she still finds herself single and no longer desired by Men of other races. When she is old, ugly, and undesired by Non Asian men she resorts to settling for Asian men who are desperate and dumb enough to wed her and essentially become her provider after she becomes after market trash and been pumped and dumped countless number of times by Non Asian men. This type of Asian women will always have excuses on why she never dated Asian men with “Asian men never hit on me before for some reason” as being their most famous line. Bitch, did you ever wonder it was perhaps you never gave them the time of day until your face got wrinkles and pussy got stretched out?


This Asian woman said she was sick of white guys using for her sex and not calling her after so she decided to date Asian men. If an Asian man decides to use her for anything other than a pump and dump then he essentially taking a aftermarket trash Asian woman. He deserves better, and he should know it

Other types of this Asian woman:

4. The Hypocrite Asian Woman – She argues that Asian men are bitter and whiners when Asian women date White or other Non Asian men. She thinks its a free country and they have a right to choose their own destiny and date/fuck whoever they want. You know what? Sadly I will have to agree with them. No one can tell another who they should or could date. It’s up to that individual to make their own choice. However, when Asian women see Asian men dating Non Asian women they instantly get bitter and jealous. They absolutely show no class and tend to stare impolitely, whisper comments in their Asian female friends or White boyfriends ear and downright glare, stare or try to compete with the Asian man’s non Asian girlfriend. They are hypocrites, they think its alright for them to have interracial dating but when Asian men get with White or Non Asian women they can’t stop staring or glaring.

My personal experiences:

  • When I was dating the girl from Turkmenistan, I took her to a Shanghai Dumpling restaurant in NYC. This is a very popular spot so you can imagine it gets extremely crowded. We ended up sharing a table with 2 to 3 unknown groups. One of the group and a nasty, bitter Asian woman that can’t looking at us like we were a side attraction of a circus freak show. My girlfriend at the time was eating and she just stared and her profusely making my girl so uncomfortable that she looked at the table to eat. The bitter, jealous, and racist look in this Asian girl’s eyes said everything, she didn’t even have to open her mouth to say it. I remember noticing this so I looked right at her and she saw me looking at her so she quickly looked away. I was 3 years younger at the time and not quite as confident or assertive as I am now but if that were to happen today, I will take my Non Asian girl and kiss her right in front of that bitter and jealous Asian girl. Why not? Asian women with non Asian men are always doing that to us, on the subway, in our restaurants, in our communities. Have to fight fire with fire and not sit around feeling sorry and bitter for ourselves no longer.
  • Second experience was when I took the American girl from Seattle to a late night snack in Chinatown. The Chinese waitress was so nasty with us that she caused my Seattle girl to say “You think she is giving us this poor treatment because we are a AM/WF couple? Quite possibly so. I’m willing to bet on it.
  • I was on a date with a Italian girl and I took her to a noodle shop. The Chinese girl working there was immediately nasty with us, giving us a dirty look while taking our order that caused my girl to say, “what’s her problem?” The answer to that was obvious, which we both already knew
  • If any other Asian men have these similar experiences with bitter Asian women when you were with a Non Asian girl please leave a comment and share your experience. It doesn’t only have to be bitter Asian women but bitter Non Asian men that don’t like to see an Asian man with their women as well.

5. The FOB Asian woman – Comes to America and gets corrupted by Western thinking. She has to explain to White and Black men as in why she is attracted to Asian men (her own men) because these color folks can’t seem to believe that Asian men can still be desired by their own women. This type of Asian woman will either get corrupted with Western thinking such as white is right or believe the negative stereotypes about her own Asian men. She will have more options and now she will fuck all types of men not limiting to Black and even middle eastern men and justifying it by saying “she is experimenting.” I can’t think of a race of women besides White women that need to experiment but even so, the majority of White women prefer to be with their own kind. Eventually after she has fucked anything with a penis she is ready to settle down with an Asian man (who will willingly accept to be her provider and working himself to death while she doesn’t do anything for him in return except get the leftover pussy that has been ravaged by all types of savages). Sometimes the FOB Asian woman will marry a White man to become more Americanized and eventually look down on her own people even though she wasn’t even born here to start with. Her half breed kids won’t know about being Asian, wont’ feel proud being Asian, and even become embarrass to admit that they are Asian.

My experience: I was in a bakery somewhere in an Asian community in NYC and a FOB Chinese woman was with a White man and she proceeded to curse, yell, degrade and demand things like she was some sort of royalty. It was obvious that she was talking down on the bakery employees and trying to elevate herself because in her head she thought she was better and more “American” because she was with a White man. I was sitting there with a friend and couldn’t take anymore of it so I got up and told her if she wasn’t happy then “get the fuck out.” She proceeded to curse me out in her broken English and I was seconds away from slapping her right in the face and fucking him up if he got in the way. He was smart and dragged her out of there. The Bakery employees just shook their hands and said “crazy.”

cunt I recently hit on this Fob Asian woman you see in the picture above. She told me that she is from Seoul, S. Korea and moved here in the states for just over a year. Since then she has been dating Black, white, Black and white mix and anything but Asian. She explains, “it’s the more American thing to do.”

6. The Asian woman who thinks she has Asian Pride – She claims she is full of Asian pride and is proud to be Asian but yet she only dates Non Asian men. This type of  Asian woman will be so proud of being Asian that when there are Asian holidays like Chinese New Year, or a Japanese manga convention she feels the need to parade around her White, black, Hispanic or even Indian boyfriend around the events and make us Asian guys look pathetic and shamed because we can’t keep our own women. There are so much of these types that they even outnumber Asian couples. Here in NYC, the only Asian couples you see are the immigrant ones, and when you do see an American born Asian couple its like a rare occurrence.

  • This type of Asian woman feels the need to take her Non Asian boyfriend to try out her culture’s food. For instance a Korean woman takes her White boyfriend to Korea town to try Korean food. She parades and hold his hand like she is above everyone else because she is with a White man. This type of Asian women always pays for the food and drinks at these restaurants because it was “her offer.”  Quite sad, because Asian women will never pay for an Asian man EVER, and that is if she is willing to date one.
  • These Asian women tend to parade their NON ASIAN man around Asian culture events, festivals, neighborhoods, restaurants thinking they are above everyone else. The ironic part is, all this culture that she thinks she so proud of that she feels the need to introduce or show her Non Asian man were indeed created by Asian men, NOT Asian women. Asian women are so proud of the culture Asian men created and she feels the need to share it with other races but yet hates on her own men. Essentially this is no different then a White man saying he hates Asian people but he wants an Asian girlfriend. (Trust me, there are a lot of those out there).

Asian woman

7. The Asian woman that prefers Asian men – I’m sorry to say, but I have seen, met and knew very few of these types of Asian women. This refers to the Asian American women (not counting for the FOB population).  Here in NYC I see about one Asian American couple to every 7 or 8, WM/AF or NAM/AF. How sad is that? The Asian woman that prefers Asian men fall into 3 different categories.

  • The first and the LEAST in numbers is the attractive Asian female that is successful and independent and is very western and American minded but prefers Asian men of her caliber.
  • Second is the dorky, chubby, or ugly Asian female that prefers Asian men of higher/same quality
  • Third are the Asian women in the little Asian clicks where everyone is a carbon copy of themselves. (ex: Wearing the same North face jackets, Abercombie and Fitch, American Eagle, etc. Talk the same way, using the same slang, everyone knows everyone). They can either be college clicks, nerdy clicks, or the gangsta wannabe bad boy/bad girl clicks. These types of Asian women barely open up or even get to know anyone out of their own clicks or social circles.

8. Sleeping with the enemy Asian woman – This one is literally. I’m not talking about going out with different races or neglecting Asian men, I literally mean sleeping with the enemy. When Japan went to war with the USA back in WWII, many Japanese brides open more than just their arms to the American GI’s but their legs as well. Many hooked up with GI’s and even went back home to the USA with the American soldiers as their brides. While their Japanese men are in the service fighting and dying to defend their country and its people, this type of Asian woman is servicing the enemy’s cock. Same goes for the Vietnam war, while countless Vietnamese are laying dead, their women are fucking, wedding and breeding with the enemy. While I am not taking any sides in the war itself, I think its extremely low that these Asian women can sleep with the very same men that kill their countrymen, husbands, brothers, sons, cousins, friends, etc. Where is the loyalty for the men, their country and their people?


9. Asian women with smelly vaginas – Very disgusting. I’ve been with a few who can’t seem to notice that their vaginas STINK. My biker friend has also confirmed this with me telling me that a few of his Asian conquests stunk below the belt. It smells like cabbage, rotten eggs, 3 day old garbage or a bag of sweaty gym sucks marinating in the corner. Bitch, learn to take a bar of soap and scrub down there.

Ways to spot an Asian woman that has a smelly vagina.

Start first with the way they dress. Do they take care of their appearance and look like they took the time to look attractive and presentable? If they do chances are they took the time to smell nice too. Take a look at their personal hygiene. Does their hair appeared washed? Clothes look clean? Leg’s and armpits shaved? Toenails and fingernails trimmed and cleaned? If no, be warned and STAY AWARE. If they don’t take the time to practice good hygiene chances are they don’t clean down there. They will have a smelly Asian vagina.

What happens if you find out that an Asian woman has a smelly vagina only after when you are already having sex?

If there is a point where you looked for all the red flags that I mentioned above and still find out that an Asian woman has a smelly vagina only after you are already fucking, I suggest you stick your cock in, soak up the smelly cunt juice, pull it back out and force her to suck on it. That’s what I did

10. The Gold-digger/Freeloader Asian woman

Every race of women has their share of gold diggers. There is no doubt that Asian women are close to the top of that list if not on top already. Asian women are extremely materialistic, they tend to look at things like finances, career and the type of car a man drives to consider him as a sexual partner. When it comes to selecting Asian men as mates, their standards are even higher. A poor white or black man will have it easier since supposedly an Asian women would view them as quote on quote “American” and it will be an upgrade for her in terms of social status but with Asian men we need to have the finances, the looks, the social circle, the car, the ability to fix her broken laptop, how to plump a toilet or fix the light (even if we never had any electrical knowledge or hands on in our lives) the ability to pay for all shopping, slit our wrists to give her blood if she needs it, etc etc.

My experiences:

I went out with plenty of Asian women had never once had one attempted to genuinely pay for anything. I never even met an Asian woman that was willing to do pay at least 20% while dating me.

In this return of kings post, it shows that not only Asian American women are becoming more and more about the dollars but now in Asian countries like China, Korea, and Japan they look only for men with money. If you Asian men thought you had it bad here, our Asian brethren in Asia have it bad too.


Solution: Branch out. STOP DATING ONLY ASIAN WOMEN. Date Non Asian women, start talking, pursuing, and actively desire a Non Asian woman. Make it on your list of things to do and fuck

All Asian woman will fall into one of these categories. Some might be 100% spot on in one category while some others might be a bit of each combined. I’ve been around too many Asian women to be told otherwise and I know, heard and even have Asian women in my own family along with other people families that are real life examples and the reasons why I created some of these categories. So if there is any Asian women reading this I have a Question. What Asian woman are you?

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Race and Politics

It’s OK to Murder/KILL Asians


Let’s play the race card on this one. If the tables would have turned and it was the Korean man that pushed the Black guy into the tracks and was killed then we would have a racial riots on our hands. Black people would take to the media and to the streets and claim it was racially motivated and would retaliate on all Asians (since we all look alike to them) for killing one of their own. We would have another Watts riot on hands (real life scenario between Blacks and Koreans in LA back in 1992 when a black girl was shot dead by a Korean store owner). However, when heinous or racially motivated crimes are committed against Asians there are no repercussions.  Why? Because Asians are afraid of trouble and won’t stand together publicly to defend their own. Our culture teaches us to mind our own business and not flirt with trouble. This may work in Asia but here in America its a jungle; and in the jungle only the strong or the united survive. To add insult to injury, this same jungle bunny wanted for murder would probably get arrested at his Asian girlfriend’s house.

Point of this Post? Support your fellow Asian brother and stand up for your community. Do not tolerate disrespect to your heritage, your community, or to your kin. The more united we, the more the outcry will be from the Asian American community when our own is racially targeted. Send a message to the others that we won’t stay quiet if they choose come to make noise in our hood.

Update: 12/6/12

Trevor Martin gets shot and we have plenty of outcry from the community and accusations of racially motivated attentions to shoot the young man. However when its an Asian man, where the fuck is the public outcry? Instead New York Post posts a picture of the actual moments of Ki Suk Han before he got ran over. (I’m not going to put the pic here. It bothers me. Here is the link http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowlny/new-york-post-cover-sparks-outrage_b72375) Where is the public outcry? Where is the Trevor Martin Coverage? This Arab motherfucker has enough time to take pictures of the man instead of dropping the camera to try to pull him up? On top of that he claims he was trying to get the attention of the train’s operator by using the flash on his camera and we buy into that? If anyone has any sort of moral or Asian pride in them, I say we boycott the New York Post and fuck that Arab jihad sand monkey motherfucker. May he die a painful horrifying death as well and have someone take his pic seconds before it happens.

This is the Arab photographer aka R. Umar Abbasi who took the pic moments before a man was crushed by a train. He claims he was trying to get the attention of the train’s conductor by using the flash of his camera instead of using his hands to pull a man out of harms way.

This article actually http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowlny/grim-new-york-post-cover-photographer-i-could-not-reach-that-man_b72422 defends him and buys into his excuse. When Trevor Martin gets shot then Zimmerman is automatically a racist and the media blows it out of proportion. Maybe he was a racist but you see the point I’m trying to make here? An Asian is murdered in an even more gruesome way that could have been racially motivated as well but instead he ends up as the front page entertainment to sell more papers. Flip the coin around, a black man is shot and we have a nationwide outcry.