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The Cost of being a Playboy

Just like Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail, the price of being a playboy can be quite high on your emotional well-being if you lose one too many good girls. The only difference is in the movie Cocktail, Tom Cruise was able to make things right and have an happy ending but in real life it not always so easy. Sometimes all it takes is just losing on good keeper girl and it will be enough to haunt you, and I already lost a few.

I speak from personal experience as I lost one keeper girl (my most recent) which to my surprise still haunts me even months later. This girl matched everything in terms of character, loyalty, kindness, sweetness, understanding, and didn’t rely or expect me to bear the financial burden of dating all by myself.

Eventually all the womanizing, the dates, the sex, the multiple girls can really catch up to you. The inability for me to commit to one girl or foresee a future with commitment, marriage, and kids has cost me on the long run and will probably continue to do so if I lose any more girls that are meant to be kept along the way.

Marriage, commitment, and kids is something that is still alien to me and something that terrifies me at the same time. I do not foresee doing any of this in the near future nor am I even close to being ready to settle down. I still desire and fantasize myself spending warm summer nights on a beach somewhere where a drink in my hand, woman by my side, and taking the beautiful view of the oceans. What I truly seek is a steady girl, girls on the side to satisfy my sexual appetite and no commitment to any of them. I want to continue with this lifestyle of jumping from girl to girl but doing so may ultimately cause me to be alone. Every keeper girl I lose, takes a toll on my emotional well-being. There are days where I have an empty feeling of loneliness and left with only fond memories of a girl that was once so close to me but now so far away……

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Dedicated to my once keeper girl


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My real life stories and Scenarios

The Asian Whore

Asian women never fail to stoop to a even more all time low. Their arrogance, their self perceived belief that they are of higher value than others, especially when compared to  Asian men. They believe they are above Asian men, Asian women that date Asian men, and other minorities in terms of social value and status. They see themselves as second to Whites (white men to be more specific and at the same level as white women). Ever see an Asian woman walking around strutting her stuff (like she has any to start with) hanging on the arm of some Non Asian man, laughing and talking like she is the shit? That’s what I’m talking about.

I was hanging out in front of my friend’s apartment yesterday. She lives in an apartment building and I go there quite often and we have drinks and chill in the hallway of her floor since she shares the apartment with her sister, sister’s husband and kid and we didn’t want to hang inside talking since it was late (She is non Asian). The elevator door opens and out comes an Asian woman with a overweight bald white guy with a beer belly. They both look tipsy, stumbling down the hallway towards her apartment door. This Asian woman lives on the same floor and my friend explains to me that she doesn’t like her, she is a slut, etc. I already had my judgement of what kind of Asian woman she was  at first glance and my friend just re-confirmed it. (Note that my friend is the laid back type of girl that doesn’t really gossip, hate, get jealous or cause drama) so when she says it, she is saying because it is true, not because she just wants to bad mouth someone.

The two turn the corner and walk down the hallway out of our sight. The sound of her exaggerated high heels echo through the hallway causing us to stop talking until it stops. It stops and we resume talking, after shaking her heads in a silent disgust. About 5 minutes, the beer belly white guy walks back around the corner and into the elevator. He didn’t look happy, I guess he got rejected. Too bad… He gets inside the elevator, the door shuts and goes back down.

We continue to drink and talk in the hallway. About 40 minutes later, we get startled by the sudden opening of the elevator door again. It’s around 4am at night….and out comes the beer belly white guy. (Note:the building doesn’t have a doorman and you can get in quite easy since people are always hanging out front or walking in and out)  He looks even more drunk than before, like he went back out to a bar and had a few more drinks and walking down the hall with an aggressive body language and frowned expression. He didn’t look happy…..and quite honestly the look he had on his face looked unsettling to me…

I didn’t care though. I continued to have my drink. My friend and the worried look on her face.

She said: “maybe we should go check it out.” He doesn’t look like he was invited.”

Me: “Personally, I don’t care. It’s not my business.”

She gets up and says: “I’m going to check it out. She does live in my building after all.”

She gets up and walks toward the corner to turn the other side of the hallway and I’m still hesitant. I think to myself, “seriously? I’m going to put my ass on the line for somebody else, especially an Asian whore of all people?

My friend is a small little girl who has a lot of heart but not much in size. I finally decide to get up. I noticed she was walking ever so slowly as in hoping that I would get up and come with her, but yet never asked me to. I can tell she was scared. We turn the corner…

The now creepy beer belly white guy is standing right in front of the door, staring at it but didn’t say anything or knock on the door. I didn’t even hear the buzzing sound of a doorbell. He didn’t acknowledge or even look over to see who was walking over. I walk up and stop just a few paces from him. My friend lingered in the back, her body language conveying that she was obviously scared. It was now that I realized how big this guy actually was as I sized him up. He was about 6’1, and although he had a beer belly, he was quite stocky with broad shoulders and a large upper body frame. He had long arms and big hands (which would ball into a powerful fist). I estimate that he was no less than at least 250lbs. He would have been a formidable foe, and take on the both of us. He wore a hoodie with jeans and had this blue collar tough guy look to him.

I ask him: “Is everything okay?”

He turns his head over. “His eyes were bloodshot red”.

Creepy white guy: “I’m just waiting for someone.”

He just stood there, staring creepily at the door.

Me: “Do you want me to call her for you. I know her.” (I lied. I didn’t know her)

CWG: No that’s okay.

He just stood there with his hands in his hoodie. This guy was extremely suspicious and creepy. It was obvious that he wasn’t invited, and I don’t even think he had a number, or even rung her doorbell. He was just standing there looking at the door.

Me: It’s late man. I don’t think shes going to come out.

He got the point. He knew that we all knew that he was stalking her.

CWG: Okay I’m just going to go.

I was surprised. Even though he was big and tough looking, he was quite soft spoken. Although I didn’t feel threatened or any tension, I was definitely creep out and suspicious about his intentions. He walks past us and back towards the elevator. My friend leans back into the wall just to avoid him. We both walk slowly back towards my friends apartment. As we turn the corner we notice the elevator door was still open. We look inside. He is just standing there….his hands her still in his pocket and he stares at us with his bloodshot eyes.

Me: I thought you were going downstairs?

CWG: “I’m trying to but the elevator won’t move.”

I lean my upper body in to look at the elevator buttons. (For some reason at that moment with my body leaned in, I felt vulnerable and think to myself. He better not attack me). There was nothing pressed. He was just standing inside the elevator waiting. I press the button for him and step out. The door closes. Goodbye creepy white guy. Or goodbye for now…

We sit back down in front of her apartment. We share a laugh. She tells me that she seen this Asian woman bring back quite a few guys to her apartment. (All Non Asian men). She is sure she is not a prostitute but just a whore. Those guys are most likely one night stands because my friend has never seen her with one steady guy and never saw those guys she did bring up ever again. She has never seen that guy before though. We came to the conclusion that perhaps she met him this creepy white guy in a bar and was flashing her whore ass around for attention. He must have offered to buy her a drink and she strung him along acting like she was interested in him, spending his money for free drinks. She probably flirted and teased him got him all excited and pumped up thinking he was going to get lucky for the night. She played him all the way to her apartment building, stringing him along all the way upstairs to her front door (letting him know where she lives) really giving him the illusion that he was going back to her apartment, just to reject him at her door and send him away. She must had completely played this guy. That explains why he walked back to the elevator door five minutes later looking unhappy and rejected. He must have went back out to drink his rejection away just to come back uninvited looking more drunk, unhappy and aggressive. What was this guy’s intentions coming back??? We could have been wrong, but I’m quite sure we weren’t given the circumstances. He didn’t seem like he knew her name when I spoke to him, like they just met drinking at a bar.

Point is, if your not interested in a guy, don’t string him along. Using a guy for drinks is low practice that women do but stringing him along all night, building up his belief that you like him, then letting walk you all the way back home just to stop at your front door before giving him the hand is something that only an Asian woman would do. I’m sure this creepy white guy has his Asian fetish *yellow fever that most Non Asian men have to start with but this Asian whore was pushing her luck. What was he doing coming back after a half hour uninvited? What was he doing standing in front of her door and just looking at it? He never did ring a doorbell, knock on the door, or even call her? And if he did, she never did answer the door. But I’m almost positive that he didn’t. Why else would he just volunteer to leave like that unless he knew he was uninvited and trespassing? If my friend and I were never chilling in the hallway drinking, would he have just stood there all night? Or would he have broken in or even waited to for her come out and push his way in to rape her whore ass? The situation didn’t look right from the beginning and we might have stopped something before it started. If it weren’t for my friend, I wouldn’t have done shit, especially not for some Asian whore.

Think about it this way. This woman makes a poor decision to let this guy know where she lives. Now he is stalking her. Not only did she put herself in potential danger by making poor decisions drinking and letting some stranger know where she lives. but now she puts other people’s lives in danger as well. If he had attacked me? My friend? Or if he would have pushed his way into her apartment and raped her? She would putting the responding officers to the scene in potential danger to. Anyone that ends up helping a bitch Asian whore like herself would be put in potential danger. This was a big guy. Correction; a big drunk angry looking guy. These Asian women only think about themselves with they things they do. They are so selfish and self absorbed that it makes me sick.

I went back inside my friend’s apartment and got my knife out of my coat pocket…just in case. He never did come back…..or at least not until I left an hour later….


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My real life stories and Scenarios

I got my first hate mail

Hater’s email to me:

“Fuck off gook.”

Okay, in the eyes of this racist, I’m an Asian man so to him I am a gook. How much are you willing to bet that this gook hater who feels the need to call Asian men gooks actually like Asian women? I’m willing to bet a whole lot. If he ever does get caught calling an Asian man a gook, and will have to justify his racism, this is what he will say:

“I want to apologize for my remark and to the Asian community. I am a grown man and I should be responsible for my actions and words. I just want you all to know that I am not a racist because my wife is Asian.”

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My real life stories and Scenarios

The Finnish girl that got away

Lately I’ve been only dating White American and European women. This would be something to brag about but I’m sorry to say I haven’t been able to finish off (in other words, stick my cock into their vaginas)  any of them thus far. I have a few girls and a few stories to tell but let’s me start with the Finish girl.

I returned to couchsurfers under the notion of wanting to host and share cultures but my true intentions was wanting to actually share sex fluids instead with random traveling girls. I do what I normally do which is message a bunch of random girls by copy and pasting the same message and only changing the name of each of the girls I message in the subject line. The only thing was this time I was specifically targeting only white girls and avoiding all other ethnicity including Asian. Racist? Perhaps, but a man should know what he wants and I knew I wanted white tail.

Gaming tip: How to find white girls that like or might be interested in Asian men on couchsurfers? The answer is quite simple.

*Note: the Finnish girl had a bit from each category. On her profile, she traveled and stayed in China for a month, had a picture of her posing by a bunch of Chinese scholar statues and an Asian guy who was her former host left a review.

I messaged the Finnish girl offering to show her around the city. (I don’t offer a bed at my place as one reason being just in case I don’t get along with her, I don’t have to put up with her in my home. I normally meet them beforehand either for lunch or to show them around before I make a decision and offer a couch after). She accepted my offer and we meet on a Saturday afternoon in the city. I was rocking my leather biker jacket, hellfire jeans and black boots and the moment she looked at me I could somewhat tell she liked my look. She was excited that I bought my motorbike with me with an extra helmet and she was ready to hop on with no fear. From the start, I immediately was touchy with her to let her know I was interested in her physically. The fact that the extra helmet I had couldn’t fit her small head gave me the opportunity to help her tighten the strap. While helping her with the helmet I rubbed her cheeks, accidentally somehow brushed my thumb against her lips, etc, all the while looking into her eyes. She looked away though but that didn’t faze me. We rode around the city and I took her to a good spot for viewing the city. She was making comments like “ooh this is nice'” most of the time especially when we were riding the outer lane on a bridge with the barrier being the only separation from plunging down into Manhattan’s east river and the NYC skyline. After the motorcycle tour we grabbed something to eat and I decided to suggest for us to have a drink in my neighborhood. She agreed and we proceeded to take the long ride back to my hood. (At this point I’ve already been steadily closing the physical gap by touching her gently in the back when guiding her to walk in a certain direction or grab and hold her leg while on my motorbike during a red light when I turn around to explain a certain area of town or pointing out a landmark).

We get to close to my neighborhood and I decided that having a drink at a bar was a waste of time. The whole point was to lure her to my place where I can get her tipsy and then initiate sex, so I cooked up an excuse that worked perfectly.

Me: “You know that wine bar i mentioned is kind of on the expensive side.”

Finnish girl: “Oh, that’s not good.”

(Knowing she was a broke couch surfer who didn’t want to spend too much money, I gave her an alternative)

Me: “I have wine at my place. Let’s go to my place instead.”

FG: (hesitant) “I think the bar is better.”

Me: “The bar is expensive for just one drink. We are going to my place, my wine is free.”

(Notice how I didn’t give her a choice. The most she can do at this point is just say no or follow orders)

FG: “Okay.”

One thing I learned is never give a girl to make a direct choice at a time like that. It was likely she already wanted to come over and sex was probably already on her mind, she can’t agree to it directly because then she will feel like she is allowing this to happen on her own. But with me being assertive and confident in my decision she can now just tell herself she is following me or going with the flow.

We ride over to my place and I park the bike as she waits in front of my building. I walk on over and she follows me inside my building. The Mexicans that live in the building are hanging outside and look at me bringing this white girl home….


To be Continued….

My real life stories and Scenarios

Stuck on 19 notches

I won’t count this as a cold spell since I am getting steady sex from my doctor girl for the past 3 months. However, what steady sex really is: ” the same old pussy.” While its awesome having a girl coming over once or twice a week to please and satisfy you it can get really boring drilling the same hole over and over again. My last new notch with the Taiwanese girl and although she was very attractive it has already been 2 months and the thrill of that new conquest has since worn thin. Although I’ve been actively pursuing new notches I haven’t had much luck as of late. I went back to online dating again going out with two 9’s (scale 1 – 10) Asian American women but the dates did not go well at all leaving me feeling even more in a slump. The dates with these girls reminded me on why I never pursued Asian American women to start with anyways. The looks were there but the chemistry was far off and I am beginning to feel my game is lacking something, or needs to be updated or retrained from scratch.

There is also a Korean girl who was a devout Christian and although I got her number getting her to go out with me on a date was harder then trying to get a boner swimming in freezing beach water. Word of advice, when you find out a girl is a serious Christian, don’t bother going for her pussy unless you are planning to work years to drill that hole. Talked to a few other girls just to realize later they were involved with someone and cheating was not an option. I got pretty close to 20 notches with a girl from the west coast but when I got out there she flaked on me after 2 weeks of big sex talk, promise of anal, swallowing my cum and non stop fucking. I felt even more like a jackass spending 2 weeks talking to this troll with nothing to show for. (Will write about this more in another blog entry about my trip to the west coast).

Getting my 20th notch is proving to be a challenge but it is the first of things to do on my conquest list. Now to sharpen my rod and go out hunting

My real life stories and Scenarios

The Asian Tramp Troll – Hahaha

I had a date with a troll I met online back a few months ago that I didn’t bother mentioning since I didn’t seal the deal. I was browsing through yelp and discovered the review that (tramp troll) left of the bar I took her too. Wait….there’s more….she also left a review about me: (I obviously made some changes to her name, lol. and didn’t post her pic)

Asian Tramp Troll.’s Review of the XXXX Bar

4.0 star rating

2/3/2013  1 Check-in Here

Blind date for a Friday night continues here at XXXX Bar for Happy Hour!

Wine by the glass $4.00 each, Red Sangria at $4.00!! Whoa, I’ll return for sure with better company.  Liquid revelry was average libation for very bitter citrus Sangria albeit wine was good.

Lower level contains more space to spread out as the tables are all lopsided which this time, without a flicker of my hand or arm, stepping on the table leg both mine and my date’s wine glasses were on my lap and personal belongings.  Background music is blasting loud.  The lower level has an open-air atrium where the staff has a sharp eye to peak below whom they quickly remedy the uncomfortable situation with plenty of napkins for cleanup.  I was strong enough to stay for as long as I could to make it through two glasses of red wine, one Red Sangria and one aggressive blind date who needs an attitude check:  attitude commission.

Oh, when the XXX go marching in XXXX for Happy Hour!

Now let me translate this to plain English from her troll dialect. What she meant by her date’s (me) aggressiveness was that I was making out with her, with my hand squeezing her titties and rubbing her ass. Eventually I had her shirt pulled up (right in the bar with the bartenders upstairs watching from the stairs and the Irish guys a few tables away) and I was squeezing and sucking her bare flesh and nipples. I had my hand down the backside of her jeans and eventually stuck both fingers into her cunt and was fingering her from behind while making out with her and her bare tits right in the bar. Her hand was rubbing my erect cock through my jeans while I fingered her and she made out with me profusely. I don’t know why she is complaining in the review since she enjoyed it as much as I did. Not only did she respond well by touching, laughing and kissing me but she was soaking wet.

What she means by her date (me) attitude’s problem was that I was trying to get her to give me a blowjob at the bar. When she refused I tried to get her to give me a hand job but the bartenders didn’t do much to help by being nosy. She refused to that so I tried to change venues but she wouldn’t have it. In my eyes, I don’t see that as attitude but just a straight male trying to escalate the moment. I didn’t force or get angry. I was joking and keeping the mood lively and happy the whole time.

As for the spilled wine, that had nothing to with me. That dumb bitch put too much weight on one end of the table so there is no surprise on how the wine spilled. She shouldn’t be complaining since I still had to pay for the spilled drinks (it was filled to the top too) but had to buy her another one. She should shut the fuck up

Why did I choose to call her the Asian Tramp Troll?

She is a troll for bad mouthing me when I was a good sport the whole time even when she didn’t put out. She was pissed because I didn’t call her the next day as she asked me to when I dropped her off and she kissed me at the subway station. She is the soreloser and needs to accept that fact that I am not interested in her anymore than the holes she has to offer.

She is a tramp because she had never fucked a single Asian guy before. She is the typical self hating Asian that says “sorry, I don’t date Asian guys,” although she claims she is not and blames Asian men for never hitting on her. Although, I broke that barrier I won’t take pride in fucking her even if I did seal the deal. She was pumped and dumped by a disgusting NYC Italian police officer with a serious case of yellow fever that was dumped by another Asian women twice his age and used this tramp as a recovery. Her description of him reminds me of the Italians from the movie the “Bronx Tale.” She went on to complain on how she dated a black teacher who eventually had erectile dysfunction. It was quite sickening actually. Last she mentioned that she was briefly married to a half Japanese, half Brazilian mutt who when in an argument with her will use racial slurs for Chinese people and direct it at her. (It sounds like the white guy who gets caught being saying a racial slur at Asians, and apologizes by saying  “sorry, I am not racist. My wife is Asian.” But in truth, they are indeed racists. Racists with an Asian fetish that is.

She is a walking cum sponge who has been pumped and dumped by countless numbers of people who didn’t show her a single ounce of respect and if I would have fucked her, I will just pump her and cum all over her face before walking out without passing her a tissue 🙂

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My real life stories and Scenarios

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