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Talented Asian Rappers

Been listening to a lot of underground Asian rap for a while now, mainly artists from the West Coast. There’s one rap group from the dirty south that just make some quality f’n music. If you listen to these guys, they are the real deal. Their music is the type that should have a million of records sold. Unfortunately their Asians doing a “black thing” or whatever bullshit so they get so much hate from other races so they call their music hater muzik. Everyone wants to hate on Asian men when they are doing their thing. No one wants to see us rise. Fuck all those that hate on Asian men.

They are currently locked up right and lets so show them support. Buy their music, buy their merchandise, follow their music.

This is their debut album. Almost every track on this album is bumping.

My personal favorites are tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, and the message he was getting across on 16. He quotes: “all the other races hating on us cause we Asian.”

Check out their videos


2Sicc and the Gookstaz

Viet and Cambodian rappers from East Oakland, CA.

Album: Gook and Cambo Soup  – This is seriously some dope shit. I bump to practically every track on this album. Has the west coast feel to it.


Menace C

Cambodian rapper representing the East Coast

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An Asian man and White Woman Romantic Comedy to watch

I never heard of Director James Huang (credit this find to a fellow Asian male member on an online interracial dating group) but this comedy surely looks interesting. The trailer had me laughing a few times but what is more interesting to me is that this is the first romantic and comedy film that I’ve seen that involves an Asian male protagonist and a White female. Hollywood does so much to portray relationships with Asian women and White men but do everything they can to make Asian men look undesirable and asexual. Kudos to this film and Dir. Huang! Support a fellow Asian American man doing his thing!

“Starting from Scratch” (2013) is an independent feature film. (Dramatic comedy)
Official Website:
Facebook page:

‘Love is taxing. Audit yourself.’
A young couple are on the brink of divorce when they are audited by the IRS. As they cope with their roller-coaster of emotions and attempt to move on, they must sort through the last year of receipts. Through the audit process, the couple begins understand what went wrong.

Thursday, March 28th at 9:55pm L.A. Festival Premiere of ‘Starting from Scratch’ at the historic Beverly Hills Laemmle Music Hall 3 theater! Cast & Crew will be in attendance and please help spread the word!

This is a special screening by the Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival. 2013 festival wins include: ‘Best Comedy’, ‘Best Editing’, ‘Vanguard Award for Ensemble Cast’, ‘Best Film – Honorable Mention’ and 2 opening night film honors.

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The Best Asian Man – White Women Porn

Tired of seeing White and Black men fucking Asian women but not vise versus? Well, the tables are turning. Go get your White women my Asian brethren!

Jennifer White Blonde in Tokyo YMDD026 Part 1

These are the websites

***1/25/13  More Porn for the Asian Man***

Note: This is not to condone Asian men to just watch porn and jerk off at home without ever going out to find women to mate with. This is to encourage interracial relationships, unions and sex for the Asian man and women of other ethnicity. Once you are physically attracted to a certain type then you will unconsciously start pursuing what you want. That is intent of all this porn. That being said, enjoy and make this happen in real life!

Click to watch an Asian man fuck a Black girl

Asian man fucks a middle eastern girl*

*(She reminds me of the girl from Turkmenistan I fucked)

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Jeremy Lin’s Game – Is he the real deal?

I have a confession to make….when Linsanity first hit the scene back in February 2012 I didn’t pay much attention to it. Matter fact I didn’t care much for it, thinking that anybody that breaks out with 25pts (vs the Nets) in a game when he never scored anything significant prior to that was just having a lucky run. I sort of disqualified Jeremy Lin as hype, and just a star for the moment that will fall as quickly as he rose. When he scored 38pts against the best player in the league, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers something grabbed my attention. I was wondering who is this Jeremy Lin Kid? An he is Asian? Asian American??

I started watching his games after that and I was very much impressed and entertained with his style of play. However in the back of my mind I was still doubting his ability to last on the long run. Maybe I had images of Jin da MC who rose to the top of the rap world after he tore everyone apart on freestyle friday on 106 and Park but then was forgotten a year later. (There is no denying Jin’s skill on the mic) but he just couldn’t make it in a black dominated industry without the correct support. When Jeremy Lin I didn’t feel the same way. I just doubted his true ability in his skills and ability to play well consistently. He’s new to the NBA I thought and no one is taking him serious because he’s Asian so that’s why he is not guarded to the max by the defense.

Fast forward to Jan 2013 and I’m watching JLin’s highlights for the last 5 games with the rockets. This time, I’m no longer judging him for him but studying and analyzing his moves. Jeremy Lin has the quickest first step I have seen in not only a long time but in any point guard currently in the NBA. As soon as he puts the ball on the floor and drives, he has his opponent beat by at least a half step. Jeremy Lin loves to drive to the right most of the time and I’m sure the defense is aware of this but the incredible thing is, they can’t stop him! Why? Three reasons. First, Jeremy Lin has the most quickest first step to the right than anyone in the league. (Just watch his highlights if you don’t believe me). Second, he is tough even though he may be one of the smallest on the court. He can take the shot from the defense and still stand his ground even against opponents much larger and stronger than him. He also has no fear and is not afraid to get hit, fall to the floor or even bleed. (How many games already have we seen Jeremy Lin bleed or get cut? The man has no fear. (he reminds me of Duane Wade back in 2006). Last, is ability to finish no matter what he is up against. He can finish like any top scorer, shooting guard or big man running the floor. No matter how off balance he is, crooked or awkward looking the shot or angle he takes the shot may be, he has the ability to put the ball in the basket and finish his drives to the basket. (Don’t believe me then take a look at his highlights on youtube).

When Jeremy Lin catches fire, he can shoot the ball from anywhere. He can drill it from behind the 3 point line, he can drill the spot up 15 or 20 foot jumper, perimeter shot, off the dribble shot and the pull up jumper. Study his highlights if you don’t believe me. He also has the eye of a hawk and can spot his open teammates while attacking the basket, running the fast break or from all the way down the court. There is no secret in why he leads the Rockets in assists with over 6 per game. Last, Jeremy Lin is a great leader with his style of play. He has the ability to make all his teammates around him better. During his linsanity run in New York he made all his teammates involved and better. They played as a team and you can see the life and motivation in his teammates when he was on the floor with them. Look at the highlights, Tyson Chandler, Novak, Jared Jeffries. Same for Houston. He has a certain charisma on the court and in the sport of basketball that just makes those around him follow him and better. The only doubt I have for JLin is ability to play with a fellow star. He doesn’t seem to do to well when he has to share the ball with his fellow star player on the team. (Carmelo Anthony, James Harden).

Another thing to not look pass is his ability to steal the ball. Many of this steals come from anticipating when the opponent is about to pass the ball and jumping into the passing lane at the right time to make the interception/steal and then running the fast break and finishing it himself or any big man running the floor with him.

Jeremy Lin has skills and can play ball. I don’t care what anyone says. His play on the basketball court proves that. He needs to stay more consistent. But Jeremy Lin’s biggest obstacle is not himself but his race and others that do not believe in him. His coaches need to stop doubting him and believe and trust him by putting the ball in his hand. Statically whenever the ball is in Jeremy Lin’s hand, they win games. I don’t blame those who doubt him since I once did, but now I can’t understand how you don’t see his skills and potential. And if you don’t, then you have to ask yourself: Is it because he’s Asian?

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Too bad for the Knicks–jeremy-lin-got-help-from-rockets–stars-to-tame–linsanity–beast-and-beat-the-knicks-065336972.html

I would like to see Jeremy Lin play a little better though….I hope he doesn’t become another Jin da MC….Major hype and fame and then Gone and Forgotten as quickly as it came….

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Book Reviews – Books for MEN

Happier Abroad by Winston Wu

2 stars out of 5  **

The PDF version cost me $14.99 and I regret spending the money on it. Initially I was real interested and eager to read a fellow Asian American’s experiences with his romantic sex life in foreign countries. Instead of sharing his stories about his encounters with women, he goes off ranting for 600 pages about how he hates America. Major disappointment. Buy it only if you want to support a fellow Asian American man in the game. That’s how I look at it.

Naughty Nomad. Not your typical backpacker story  by Mark Zolo

4 stars out of 5  ****

The PDF version costs $9.99 and to me, was worth every penny. This Irish prick is an adventuring seeking male whore with a lot of stories to tell. He not only sleeps with women from wherever he travels too but he talks about drug smuggling, motorcycles, and his dangerous times he had in Africa and Cambodia. It’s very entertaining and a lot of ways inspiring too.

Bang by Roosh V

3 and a half stars out of 5 ***

I ordered the paperback version from amazon for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. It starts of slow but it picks up midway into the book when Roosh really starts going in detail on how to play the text and email game, the openers he uses in clubs, the conversational topics, what to do and say all the way  up to sex and he even gives advice how what to do during sex. Some of his tips and experiences is quite useful, but each player has there different game and ways of going at it. Still a solid book to use to try to get ass.


My all time favorites:

How to Succeed with Women by Ron Louis and David Copeland

5 out of 5 stars *****

This book may be a bit outdated since gaming women is like any other form of art that may gradually change over time. However, it has very useful tips and fundamentals that is important to use to attract women and get them in bed. These tips will never get old since women will always be women. This was the first book I read when I started hunting for ass back in 2008 and personally it helped me get laid twice. Immediately after reading this book I applied what I had read on women and it was a success. From there on, I used the tips from the book and my own style and charm to get ass.

Get Real, Get rich by Farrah Gray

5 out of 5 stars *****

I knew that I had the entrepreneur in me….I just didn’t what it was and how to release it. Upon reading this, I understood everything that I was confused with prior and all the questions and I had started to make sense. Eventually I started my first online side thing not long after reading this book.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

4 out of 5 stars ****

Every man should read this at least once


Books I want to read or currently reading

Day Bang by Roosh V

Currently reading….

Russia Story 2002 by Winston Wu

Currently reading….

The Modern Asian Man by JT Tran

I want to read this but it’s just to damn expensive. $77 for a freaking book? Come dude, seriously

If anyone else has any suggestions on which books to read then let it be known. Leave a comment or review on the book here. If you want to barter, then let me know too. I currently have the eBooks of the Naughty Nomad and Happier Abroad on PDF. If you want to trade downloads then shoot me an email at: The book I want is the Modern Asian man. If you want the PDF’s mentioned but don’t have anything to trade, then make a donation and I will send you the link.

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Sons of Corny

Since when did outlaw biker gangs give a shit about women? When did they drive around in some high speed chase trying to protect a bitch snitch from a bunch of mexican bangers who want to kill her? Then they talk it off in less than five minutes with guns drawn to have these bangers agree to not kill her. They have better diplomatic relations than the United Nations. What the fuck? Hookers and hoes fighting for equal rights, corny tramp moms fighting for custody of children. This week’s episode was really weak. Bitches running loose, Opie’s death unavenged. Sons of Anarchy hoes on the show is making the script so corny and would be the downfall of the show if it continues on with it.