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When a girl doesn’t respond to your text after a first date

I’m sure all of us has experienced this at least ONCE. (Guys that have played the dating game of course). You ask a girl out, have a pleasant and fun date, you text her a few days after the first date and ask her for a second date and then out of nowhere she poofs and disappears and is never to be heard from again. You are left wondering, WTF happened?

First let me define what a pleasant, great, fun, wonderful, successful first date is:

A pleasant first date is when you and the girl have obvious chemistry, conversations are going well,with teasing, flirting, etc. You both are having fund and you

can almost always tell when the other person is having fun. The pleasant first date also includes making out, holding hands, or a simple kiss on the lips that last a few seconds.

How does this define pleasant? Because you know that she has physical attraction for you or why else would she let you kiss her, let you touch her, and hold hands with you? If this all happens are the first date you most likely think “wow that was a great date. I kissed or made out with her, held her hand, even touched her. She likes me.” Your so sure you will see her again for a second date. But when the time comes and you text her, NO RESPONSE. You let a few hours pass and still no response. A few hours turns into a day, a day becomes a few days, a few days turn into a whole week. Still NO RESPONSE. You wonder WTF happened?

You start googling things like: why doesn’t a girl respond to your texts after a good date OR when a girl ignores you after a great first date, etc. You start mind fucking yourself for days wondering what ever happened. Did you say something stupid, wait too long to contact her, did you have bad breath, or you a bad kisser, etc. I know, because I’ve been there more times then I would have liked but unfortunately when you play the dating game, rejections comes in all forms. Even when your almost sure you had her interested and wanting you. Nothing is ever certain, especially when it comes to dating and women.

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Recently I was on a date with a beautiful Asian girl (at least a 9 – drop dead beautiful face and body and very feminine). The date went well, almost immediately I steered the conversation into romantic topics, got closer to her, put my arm around her waist, letting my physical interest be known. Chemistry was good, she was more than happy for a venue change during the date and we held hands and I leaned in and gave her a kiss (few seconds, no tongue). She responded to it well and I was the first one to pull away. Towards the end of the night I got a little more aggressive with my kissing and touching but I never once pushed too far (At least I didn’t think so). The surprising truth was I didn’t want to have sex with this girl on the same night and I actually was interested in her and perhaps would like to have date her more. I restraint from going to far with my kissing and touching and dropped her off and then went home. By all standards this was a pleasant date. Waited 3 days before contacting her (note: i thought about her all weekend but couldn’t bring myself to contact her too early. Did not want to appear needy). I sent her a text and NO RESPONSE. Waited a few more days and sent her another text. NO RESPONSE. I couldn’t believe it. Everything went well on the first date and she would have had me fooled if she said she wasn’t interested. But nothing…she never responded, not even to tell me she wasn’t interested.

What happened? I couldn’t believe it. I actually felt like a beta for a few days wondering and obsessing over what might have happened to cause her not to respond to my text especially after such a pleasant first date.

Then I realized one thing. NOTHING when it comes to Women is ever certain. There are many reasons she may have not responded. Perhaps she had a boyfriend and was dating me just to see what else was out there. Perhaps she was bored and wanted a free drink that night. Perhaps her friends cock-blocked me by saying negative things, perhaps she met another guy the next day that she liked even more. My point is, it can be a million reasons why she never responded. Also a rule of thumb is, the more beautiful the girl is, the more chance she would never respond to you after a first date because of all her high standards and the constant rotation of guys trying to get a chance with her. Instead of going through the torturous thought cycle on why a girl did not respond to you after a pleasant first date, I made a few rules for myself.

Decide if this is a girl you would like to date and possibly get into a mini or serious relationship with. If your answer is yes then:

  • Do not push too hard physically on the first date. You must hold her hand and make sure to kiss her (for a few seconds ONLY and no tongue) during the middle of the date and one more time at the end of the night when you are dropping her off. (Never go past a few seconds and you must be the first to pull away from the kiss. You want to appear respectful and leave her wanting more…..which she will grant herself, when she grants you a second date
  • Never get carried away with your touching. You must hold her hand, or put your arm around her waist while sitting next to each other or walking. You can rest your hand right above her ass (borderline the small of her back and the beginning of her ass) while hugging or kissing her, but make sure you never start rubbing or grabbing. Just rest your hand there for a few seconds. Never start grabbing privates or molest her too aggressively or you run the risk of scaring her off or give her the impression that all you want is sex which you don’t want to do since you want to date this girl and get a second date.
  • Tell her at the end of night (when dropping her off) that you had fun and would like to see her again. (and then gauge what her response is and whether she appears interested in seeing you again). You do not need to give her a date and time, that would be given when you text her. Point is, you want her to know your interested in seeing her again so she won’t think that your not interested in her.
  • This one can be a little tricky. Don’t wait 2 or 3 days before contacting her. (if she seems like the type of girl who doesn’t play games) I say you can text her within 24 hours from the first date with something simple like bringing up a funny or exciting moment during the first date so you can get her to think about the fun date she had with you and keep yourself fresh in her memory. It also shows that you are thinking about her without appearing too needy but more importantly it shows that you are not following the 2 or 3 day contact rule. I lost some girls because I waited the 2 or 3 days before texting them. They came to the conclusion that I was either playing games or was never really interested and then cut me off. Like I said, this rule is a tricky one. Use your best judgement on what kind of girl you think she is but if you are genuinely interested in this girl I say text her within 24 hours or 1 full day at most. Its better to let her know your interested then losing her by not texting her in a timely fashion. If she is genuinely interested in you, she will be more than happy to hear from you.
  • Come up with a fun idea for a second date and keep it simple by inviting her to join you. Now all you gotta do is just wait for her response.

If she doesn’t respond to your text for a second date after you played the cards right (like the steps I mentioned above) then the fault does not lie in you, BUT THE FAULT IS IN HER. You did everything a guy that is interested in dating a girl would do and now you don’t have to worry and start obsessing if you messed up or not. Just move onto the next girl with NO REGRETS. There is nothing worse then feeling regret when you felt like you messed up your chances with a girl by doing something stupid. In this case, you can go to sleep at night knowing you were a complete gentlemen and this girl was the one who was playing games and not appreciating you so you can easily forget about her. It’s her loss, not yours.

NOTE that these rules does not apply for girls your NOT INTERESTED in dating more than just for sex. If you only want a girl for the wet hole she has between her legs then you can push more aggressively on the first date. If she responds for a second date that’s great if not, who cares? You didn’t want anything else besides sex from her anyways. Just move onto to the next wet hole.

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Description of book: This book was written solely based on my painful and interesting experiences when girls didn’t respond to me after a great first date. I also had a lot of run ins with girls that didn’t respond to my text after they gave me their phone number.

It was tough dealing with it because I HAD NO CLUE WHY these girls didn’t respond to my texts after a perceived fun date where we held hands and kissed. How could a girl like you on a date and show you so much interest and then suddenly disappeared into the thin air when you texted afterwards? I keep wondering WHAT HAPPENED? Was it something I said or did? Does she like me? Why won’t she respond after the great date we had??? I found myself googling non stop on reasons why girls won’t text you after a first date. This guide is here to end all your questions, wondering, obsessing, and sleepless nights.

Finding my way out of these dating and texting dilemmas, I came up with a few rules and guidelines that I would stick to, to make sure I made all the right moves, said and texted all the right things, to increase my chances of hearing from a girl after a great first date. These rules and guidelines taught me discipline and self respect and me understand how to handle these situations that girls put us men through. Following these rules has gotten me laid with girls that I thought had no interest in me because they didn’t respond to my text but that was not the case. I just had to play the texting game right. If this guide worked for me, it would work for you; my fellow brothers in arms.

The Ebook covers:

  • Rules to follow to make sure your first date goes well
  • How to handle the interaction with a girl after the first date
  • How, when, and what to text (with actual dialogue examples on what to say in your text to get her to respond to you) her after the first date to ask her out for a second date
  • How to handle and what to do when a girl does NOT RESPOND to your texts after the first date
  • Text structure guidelines how the CORRECT approach on how to text her after the first date. It shows the strategic texting strategy structure such as the follow up text, the second text, and the warning text. You will warn her to respond and if she doesn’t she will lose you forever
  • When to know to walk away from a pursuit of a girl with NO REGRETS
  • Discipline, class, and be a gentleman even in the face of defeat and come back a stronger man
  • Tips and actual case scenarios from my personal first date experiences
  • And much more!

With this book (75 pages total), it will help guide you through on to deal with girls that flake or don’t respond to your texts after a great first date. You will understand a woman’s mentality and know how to deal with the situation. You can’t go wrong! Increase your chances for a second date, and know what to do and say. It’s all jammed pack in this guide!

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When you make your payment on PayPal, it will automatically take you to a page with a download pass code and right underneath the pass code will be a link. Click on the link to enter pass code and then download the eBook. Enjoy!

If you have any questions in regards to not being able to download the ebook, please post a comment here on this blog post and I will get back to you.

Awesome Advice for Asian men

Few more things to know

1. Sometimes when you ask to much questions you may not like what you hear. Make a decision, either you ask the questions and learn to deal with what you hear or don’t ask at all. Reason being, if you have a goal in mind, asking questions can directly affect your ability to accomplish your goal if you hear answers you don’t like.

2. Don’t ever have expectations for/in people. If you put your faith or expectations in someone you essentially are setting yourself up for disappointment. This applies for anything from work, friendships and especially relationships. While some may argue that this is not always true, its true MOST of the time. For example, you put your faith in your best friend to always be there for you but when the time comes and they are not there. Or perhaps you put expectations in a woman and the relationship hoping to have something special but one day for no reason she dumps or changes her feelings towards you without reason. You will save yourself a lot of disappointment if you had low or NO expectations to begin with.

3. Getting older is not always a bad thing. While I wish I can still say I am in my early or mid twenties (because it sounds so nice and young) getting older definitely has its perks. For one, I am more at peace with myself no longer trying to prove something all the time. Emotionally, I am happier more confident and learn how to manage my feelings better. I appreciate and love myself and with that I am a naturally a happier person. Getting older means more wisdom and experience and you finally reach an age where you know yourself and develop yourself as a the “real you.”

4. Every man should work out. No exceptions. Working out does magic for your body, looks, health, confidence, your overall happiness and how you feel and value yourself.  Working out is a form of stress management. Whether it was a bad day or you’re feeling a burning tension inside, working out releases that tension physically through the form of lifting weights, cardio, situps, etc. You will walk out feeling great after. Trust me on this one.

5. Read one hour on day or at least a few hours a week. Reading improves your knowledge, intelligence and can helps with self improvement. I currently read as much as I can, anything from a travel adventure/sex blog, how to sex book, men’s fitness and health mags, to business articles. It expands your horizons, educates you, offers tips on life, business, dating and sex, and gives you upbeat topics to talk about in conversations.

6. Ever had that feeling where you feel like your efforts and kind deeds go unnoticed or unappreciated and your being taken for granted? Its not a good feeling. With that being said, appreciate people when they do things for you. Sometimes a warm smile and a kind show of appreciation can make a whole lot of difference.

7. Date inter-racially. I am fed up with Asian men only desiring and pursuing Asian women further putting these slant eye cunts on a pedestal. Asian American or Asian women for the most part believe they are cut from a better slice of the pie, looking down on Asian men while harboring self prejudice in themselves and their race. There are plenty of non Asian women out there that are open minded and sweet with a lot to offer. Stop believing the stereotype that no White women want Asian men. That’s just something that is embedded in our culture to oppress Asian men. Get your shit together and be a man with something to offer. Starting today, hit on at least one Non Asian woman a week, then as you get more comfortable, raise the number to 2 or 3 or more a week. Eventually one Non Asian woman would bite if you use decent game and take care of your appearance.

8. It’s a fact that if you have sex with a woman and want to continue seeing her consistently, you must call/text her the next day so she would know your into her for more than just sex. However, one thing I learned from gaming is even if you don’t penetrate her but have success in the form of anything physical, you still should call or text her the next day. For instance, if you have a heavy make out session, or squeeze her tits and grab her ass multiple times, or go as far as finger her or get her naked and fool around, oral, anything short of penetration then you should call her. If you don’t, you run a risk of not getting a second date or seeing her again, or even worse she doesn’t even respond to your texts/calls and just ignore you. I had this happen to me a few times already with one girl telling me that it was because I didn’t call her the next day so she came to the conclusion that I was only into her for the sex. That was kind of true with that girl but not for a Korean American girl I recently dated and had some physical success with grabbing ass and tits and heavy make outs on our first date. Shame, because it had potential to be a nice notch.

Note: This doesn’t apply for the standard kiss on the lips or the gentleman few kisses at her front door after you drop her off from your date. Those you can wait the standard 2 or 3 days before contacting her. That’s if you only want to see her again of course 🙂

9. Don’t be to over apologetic. Ever have someone say excuse me to you because you may happen to be standing or blocking the way unintentionally and the first word that comes out of your mouth is “sorry” before you move? We all have, including me. When you come to think about it, why are you apologizing for in the first place? Your not placed purposely in his way so why do you need apologize for your existence in a public area. He doesn’t own the public area and neither do you so don’t apologize and just move out of the way. Apologizing for no reason makes you look weak, passive and beta. The worst part is subconsciously it will affect your behavior and the way you view yourself. You will start apologizing for asking questions, like “sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask you, etc. This one might be a tough one to understand, but just think of it this way; are strong men constantly apologizing to people when they haven’t done anything wrong? Do black guys apologize to you when you say excuse me? Asian men are viewed as weak already, don’t make it worse by apologizing for everything.

10. Pacific Rim is a racist and discriminating movie. As in typical Hollywood fashion, the movie discriminates against Asian men. For those of you who’ve seen the movie, did you notice that although the movie takes place in Hong Kong (an Asian country and city) NOT one single Asian male actor even has a line or a part in saving his own people in a city being ransacked by Godzilla like creatures. The only scenes where there were Asian men were the scene where Charlie Hunnam was kicking three Asian guys asses in a stick fight and the scene where the first the robot being controlled by the Asian men pilots were the first ones killed without putting up a fight. Actually they did have a line but it wasn’t even in fucking English. So the movie really involves around White and Black men saving yellow asses in Hong Kong with the slant civilians helpless and running for their lives. The only Asian actor is an Asian woman who has an obvious attraction to the white protagonist (Charlie Hunnam) secretly watching him change while getting excited and has a silent but obvious attraction for him. The movie goes on to show a successful White man/Asian woman team up and corny somewhat romance to save the Hong Kong while there is not a single Asian man to be found anywhere. This must have been an ego trip movie for all those Asian woman, White men couples that went to watch the movie thinking they can relate to the movie portraying that WM/AW are some kind superior union that also applies in real life. More smacks in the face for Asian men were roles with Chinese characters and Chinese names were being played by Ron Perlman (white) and another Hispanic actor. Even the Black leader in the movie had more lines in Japanese then Asian men even had in English. (which were none). For those of you who hadn’t watched it; Do so only if you can handle the discrimination against Asian men in that movie. Personally, I think Asian men should boycott the movie and be vocal about the discrimination towards Asian men.

Instead of constantly pointing out discrimination by Hollywood towards Asian men lets also recognize the ones that show love for our brethren.

Glen and Maggie from the Walking Dead. They had the first AM/WW sex scene that I have ever seen on the American screen.

Sung Kang in his role as Han with his on screen Fast and Furious girlfriend. As per wikipedia Sung Kang stated as an American actor, one of his biggest dislikes about Hollywood are the stereotypes that East Asian actors face when being cast in a role. Kudos to Sung Kang who takes roles that portray Asian men in a positive light.

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Awesome Advice for Asian men, My real life stories and Scenarios

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Awesome Advice for Asian men

How to find White girls that like Asian men on

How to find white girls that like or might be interested in Asian men on couchsurfers? The answer is quite simple. I look for 3 things in a white girl’s profile to determine if she might be down for Asian meat.

The first and the most neutral is, has she traveled to any Asian countries before? Check her profile, see if she has been to countries like China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc. If she has, there is a slight possibly that she might be already attracted to or open (what I mean by open is that she hasn’t been with an Asian man before but will succumb to one if you run good game and seduce her) to Asian men. The more Asian countries she’s been to the higher chance she will like Asian men.

Second, once again has she been to any Asian countries in the past and also LOOK to see if she listed any Asian countries she would like to visit in the future. Check her photos and if she proudly posted pictures of herself posing in Asian countries or having to be involved with Asian culture (for ex: posing on the Great wall of China or sitting in a pretty Japanese flower garden or eating Korean food or wearing a Japanese Kimono) then there is a very likely chance that she is interested in Asian men already.

Third and last is a sure guarantee that she likes Asian men.  Check her profile to see what she lists as languages she is able to speak. If she lists something like; (German – expert, English – intermediate and Japanese – beginner) that is a very sure sign she is open and interested to Asian culture or why else take the time to learn a completely new language? Also check to see if she written anything like, “I’m into Korean culture and currently learning to speak Korean.” Check her references in the past and see if any Asian guys as former hosts had left reviews/comments about her. If you can match any one of these from the third section to any white girl’s profile on couchsurfers, you have a very solid prospect on hand.

Here is a perfect example of an actual White girl’s profile on that leaves hints that she is into Asian men. All the key words are in bold


Personal Description

I always try to do what inspires me! I’m singing and writing songs – it inspires me! I love reading books, especially the psychology, and all about self-development – it fascinates me! I love to try new things! and every day I try to learn something new! though it may be weird but I love to watch football! My favorite team is Manchester United! I even have their uniforms! I have to do only one thing it’s learn to play myself) haha I respect people with a sense of humor! this is a good quality! I’m easy-going girl! and the same time I’m a very determined person. I often set goals for myself. Some are big, some small. I started learn Japanese about a year ago because I want to relate my life to this beautiful country. I also dream of traveling around the world! if I win in the lottery it will be the first thing I will do! haha))))

Locations Traveled

TRAVELED: Turkey LIVED: Germany WANTS TO GO: England, Japan

I guarantee you she likes or will like Asian men. All that is left is for you to do the initiating and seduction under the guise of a culture exchange, host or tour guide 🙂

Awesome Advice for Asian men

Interracial dating for Asian men

Surfing the web as of late and I found a few good sites that I would like to share with my Asian men and non Asian women readers.  Here are some western women that moved overseas to work and live and ended up getting married with local Chinese men in China. These blogs are excellent, informational, inspirational and its wonderful that these women are proud and share their romantic experiences with everyone else. It’s considered taboo when White/Western women go to Asia to marry Asian men but its normal when Western men go to wed Asian women in Asia. Let’s do our best to support these blogs and sites by following it, donating, leaving comments, participating and encourage more to follow!

African American woman weds a Chinese man

White Jewish American woman weds a Chinese man

Open minded Black woman exploring China

Black woman dating an Asian man

There are many more links on their blogs that leads to other Western women/Asian men romance blogs. I haven’t checked them all out yet but I recommend the ones above.

Awesome Advice for Asian men

Few Things to Know

1. When there is a White girl with an Asian girl you should always check out the white girl. The Asian girl would in turn get jealous and would find ways to get your attention. In her mind she can’t understand why you chose a white girl over her. I tried this with an Asian girl with a married Jewish last name….I figured, ew…heres another one of those (10 Things to know about Asian Women)….so I starting checking out the white girl. Instantly on the way back I catch the Asian with a Jewish last name looking at me. (Gross but point made). White girls hanging out with Asians also means the possibility that she is open to dating Asian men

2. This is for the White girls that like Asian men: Want to know what kind of Asian guys that might like Non Asian girls? Try the ones with ponytails….An Asian guy with a ponytail are outside the norm of Asians and might be making a statement with it. They tend to be more open with their choices in life and with women. Personally I’ve seen many ponytail Asians dating white girls and I for one was dating the girl from Spain when I had my ponytail. So go figure…

If you don’t like ponytails than try Asians that ride motorcycles. Asian guys that hang out with friends of different races. Asian guys that major in film, theater or acting.

3. Black girls like Asian Men. I know….I’ve been hit on plenty of times by Black girls. It was either co workers or random girls telling me I’m hot and asking me out. If your open to dating Black girls I would say you have a great chance since there quite a few ads on craigslist with titles: “Ebony girl for Asian guy.” Just ask for that pic. A clear pic with a good angle and a body shot. Many of them can be a little on the plus side so take that pic as your insurance policy. I noticed that Black girls tend to be more bold and if they like you they would ask you out or tell you. They were the only type of girls that I dealt with that takes the initiative. Unfortunately for myself, I’ve yet to find one that I am physically attracted to. Personally, I would prefer a open minded, kind, petite slim Black girl with a European accent. If you fit the description, then drop a message here 🙂

4. Never take dating advice from a Woman. A woman would give you advice on her own personal preferences. She would tell you to get and do the things that she likes, doesn’t mean necessarily the girl your going after would like it. Plus, you shouldn’t be listening to a woman anyways. You are a man….Women like alpha males that are dominant and make their own decisions with confidence and stands by it. Listening to a woman makes you a Beta male. Did old tribal village Alpha males listen to any of their wives? No….they dominated and probably got plenty of sex because of it. A woman would fight and compete to keep a strong man. They will walk all over a weak one. The only time a woman should be involved is when she supports your decision, encourages it and stands by you.

5. Every man should always have multi sex options. What I mean is that if you have a girlfriend, you should still have a side thing with another one unless your the faithful type (I sure hope she is worth it and treats you right in turn). If your dating around and nothing serious then it’s essential that you have a few options available. Reason being is if one girl doesn’t give you sex that week, you won’t come off as needy or bitter because of it since you have the next option fulfilling your sexual needs. You will come off as cool and whatever type of attitude which drives women crazy! Women can sense if a man has many options and has sex with a lot of women. They find this more attractive and in turn compete to get your attention and try to win you over. If you have one sex option then that means putting all your eggs in one basket and putting all your attention in one woman. Women can sense that too and its a major turnoff for them. They will lose interest in you as quickly as the cum that shoots out of your dick.

6. You will be surprised that most women have the same or more sexual partners than men.  that When a woman says she slept with 10 guys, times that amount by 2 and you will have the real number.

7. Long distance relationships never work so don’t even try it……If a man likes a woman enough, he can endure…..Women on the other hand, can’t wait. They need the physical intimacy and if they don’t have it, they will seek it elsewhere. Trust me on this one, because I’ve been through it quite a few times. If you want to be an international player, make sure you don’t get to attached to any one girl….because if you do, that high you had while out there will come crashing down once your back in your home country.

8. Most women sexual experimenting years would be during the start of their college years; 18 to about about 24 or 25. Once they get past that point, they are looking to settle down. They understand that nature is calling, and they are moving out of their prime and need to find a steady mate before she gets old and no one wants her and she cant’ have her babies. White and Asian women are the most likely to have multiple partners of different races. More so then your Black or Hispanic woman. Most Asian women I’ve come across have already slept with White, Black, Hispanic and even Indian men. Now that’s something I need to think about before I kiss either one of her lips (top or bottom).

9. Never answer to dating ads by Asian women when they list Asian men as a second choice. For instance, a CL or dating ad that goes like this: “Single Asian woman seeking White or Asian male.” Why the fuck are we second place? Are we leftovers in case she can’t find her first choice of a white male….Don’t settle on being second place. Fuck that…..I can understand if a white woman puts; “SWF seeking SWM or SAM,” but an Asian women putting her own men in second place over another race is like saying your not good enough but I’ll still consider you all the vanilla ice cream is sold out. Have some self respect and don’t even consider these cunts.

10. Don’t listen to your Asian parents. Love them but don’t listen to them. Their teachings and traditional Asian culture is not cut out for this cut throat world of the Survival of the Fittest that we have here in the states. In a country where race matters, Asian culture breeds their men to be shy, quiet, reserved, gentle, and bookworms which in turn makes us lose out on many fronts. Asians are also the most targeted group for bullies, black and Hispanic kids love to target Asian kids because they are easy prey.  My point is to embrace your heritage and carry on the culture but also adjust and adapt. Accept your culture and simultaneously adjust it to be able to survive and thrive in your current environment.

That’s it for now…..if I think of anything else, I will update