All Things Asian

I saw Chica on youtube from the biker build off series on the Discovery Channel. This Jap can build a mean chopper!

Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC. Keino is the former right hand man of the legend Indian Larry. His choppers are built especially to handle the Streets of New York.

Happier Abroad

Taiwanese American Winston Wu wasn’t getting any action here in the states. So instead of accepting his fate here he took action and looked for it abroad. Now he has found his pussy heaven and shares his experiences to all.

The Asian Playboy

JT Tran is the only Asian PUA that I’ve heard of that has gone public with his art. He breaks all stereotypes and social barriers in his quest to get the women he wants.

Asian pickup artist

He looks quite young and he partners up with his two buddies to share their experiences in the dating/pickup world.

Asian guy tells his sex travels and stories that he had in Europe

Ma Sir Jones

A fellow Asian American Man in the game. His blog covers everything in the Asian-sphere from game, advice, tips, politics, racism, to music and TV shows.

The First Asian American Porn star with his own website

He fucks white, black, latino girls. He fucks em good. So much for Asians with small dicks  Nuff said…

Update 4/5/13 – It appears that the website no longer exist. It bothers me that an Asian man in the game (porno game that is) didn’t receive proper support to make it. Good thing is I salvaged some videos of his.

Here is a little about his bio but the links no longer work.


Alexander the great, Julius Ceasar and Napolean had big empires. But no one had one as vast as Genghis Khan. He conquered the largest empire that is still unmatched to this day


Vietnamese Rappers from East Oakland. (I personally lived there for 2 years. Right on International Blvd). East Oakland has a small Asian community that consists of Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodians. These Asians don’t play……they are straight hood and you hear it in their music….big fan of 2-Sicc and Gookstaz back in my Cali days

Album: Gook and Cambo Soup

Jeremy Lin

Although the things on my site are more underground, still have to recognize a mainstream icon. The only Asian American in the NBA, J-Lin is pioneering his way through a black dominated sport to make a name for himself. Play well and make us Asian American “Men” Proud.

The Korean Zombie

Currently fighting fighting for the UFC, this Korean kid earned his name zombie by his ability to take punishment and keep lunging forward to knockout, punch, kick and submit his opponents. He is currently ranked #9 by Sherdog for featherweights.

Keni Styles

Asian Porn star of Thai descent. He is regarded as the first heterosexual Asian male porn star in American pornography as well as the only active European heterosexual male porn star of Asian origin

Cung Le

My favorite MMA fighter of all time. This guy is the former K-1 kickboxing champion and he dominated all those he faced with unorthodox kicks, striking and throws. He has long since competed in the UFC and I personally watched him knockout Rich Franklin in a live UFC show that I watched in Macao. He is Vietnamese American and well respected world wide as a awesome fighter.

3rd World Hero

This is an awesome new blog that I recently discovered because of a comment left on my blog. This guy is an Asian American in the game but not only that, his style of blogging and agenda is very similar to mine. He lives and gets laid abroad offering advice on how Asian men (not white guys like most blog advice) can get laid in foreign countries. This is a must read.

Asian Man Cure

A new website for the Asian male population. Interesting site and a good source of info. Seems like the Asian American male in the game movement is coming along

The Asian Manosphere

This site is a manosphere for the Asian male population. Asian players, blog writers, expats from all over contribute their posts and blogs in a forum. This site is awesome, and is literally a All Things Asian page

Red Pill Korea

Asian American guy living abroad and doing his thing in South Korea. Upon reading more and more on this blog this guy’s material is awesome. He is out in Asia doing his thing and his stories are not only entertaining but I’m sure its all true too. His style is similar to mine and it reminds of myself when reading his blog. Check it out.

The first sex travel book written for Asian Men

The first book of it’s kind. There has never been a sex guide written for the Western Asian male population. That is, until now. This is history in the making. This book offers extremely useful; tips on how to get laid with the girls in Hong Kong.


Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Northside Family

Asian rappers from the south. They have a really sick flow and their beats just makes you bump with their music. Currently locked up, here is some of their music from their record label Hater muzik and Sky High Lab.

2 thoughts on “All Things Asian”

  1. Thanks for supporting my site! I do believe that Asian men got the short end of the stick in the USA. I tell guys to just move out of the USA instead of delving into PUA (like how I did). In my case, it had made all the difference. I am truly happier in outside the USA. To any Asian guys out there who needs a wing in Manila, Philippines… I got you!!!

    Check out the youtube channel as well as most of my work is in video format.

    I also have another site which talks about race and dating (instrumental theme to why I left) and it is funded by me and my black friend. Still at infancy so please support. I think American doesn’t like to talk about the effects of race and dating; however, to DENY it’s existence is a mockery.

    I know I need to put my face up. Its just that im insecure and my 3.4 inch dick still needs more jelqing. lol. I’ll put it up soon.

    1. The website is very interesting. Most PUA forums do not touch on race and dating because the majority of them are white and not minorities so they do not have to deal with the issues we face. Would love to see more posts because as Asian men, we can all relate to the truth in the posts.

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