The different pussies I’ve been in…..

7 from Mainland China
4 HK girls
2 White Americans, 3 Chinese Americans, 2 Korean Americans, 1 Taiwanese American
1 Spaniard
2 South Koreans
Chinese girl born and raised in Italy
1 girl from Turkmenistan. Many won’t get one girl from that part of the world in their lifetime1
1 Taiwanese Girl
1 Japanese Girl

The places I’ve been too…..



Orlando, FL

Ah…..Who the hell cares…..American isn’t fun anyways

Seoul, South Korea (twice)

Hong Kong, China (twice)



First Motorcycle

bike in sunset

All Black Japanese Brand Cruiser

8 thoughts on “Conquests”

  1. Hey man, I just wanted to say that as an Asian-American teenager who is constantly subjected to American media and racist whites at my school, I just want to thank you for all you’re doing. Too many Asian boys think that the white male/asian female is the ideal couple, especially in Cali, where all Asian girls see “Joseph Levitt Gordon” and “Ryan Goseling” everywhere… The funny thing is, I’m not even trying to get a lot of sexual encounters or anything like that. All I want is mutual respect, but it seems even that is too much…

    1. Which part of Cali? Asian boys accepting wm/af as ideal because of white washing, media, self hate in the Asian community and lack of self confidence. They need to change that mentality. U think white guys will see an am/wf as an ideal couple? Never, they will get bitter. We all have a tough time as an Asian male esp teens, here in the states. Respect is earned. Lift weights, improve your appearance, dress well, read more, get a hobby, talk more to girls, be more outspoken and you will slowly build and better yourself. You will carry yourself with more confidence

    2. hey buddy,

      it’s a tough world out there in the westernized nations for Asian males. But seriously, read this blog more and do you. Dont be afraid to put white people or any nonasians in their place if they act up and insult you and your dignity.

  2. hey what about just straight up leaving the USA and chasing tail elsewhere? Ive taken game to colombia and switzerland. Im heading down to Asia (where white guys think they kill it), but I’m 100% sure Asian Americans will do much better. I have a post about it in my blog.

    1. I heard about Asians doing damage in Europe. I plan an Asian continent conquest first then moving my horde (penis) to Europe after lol. I also heard about Asians in south america too….very interesting indeed. Dude, props for your blog, You got some interesting posts, I feel like we have similar agendas. Thanks for commenting, now I know there is other Asian American men tearing it up! I’ve been wanting to find a similar blog with an Asian man travel sex stories from abroad and see what I can pick up from them.

  3. No Southeast Asian domestic helpers? I’m surprised that you didn’t get any in Hong Kong, since Hong Kong is completely packed with them. Many are quite young, cute, attractive, and single, not like stereotypical old maids.

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