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Korean Girls Vs Chinese Girls

This question has been asked by so many of my fellow brethren that share the same interests in chasing the Asian female tail. So often guys ask me which one is better, Korean or Chinese girls?

Before I get to my personal experiences that I had with these types of girls let’s break down the pros and cons of Korean and Chinese girls.

Korean Girls

This is what your Korean model would look like
Your average Korean girls.

Just a side note, when I mention Korean girls, I mean South Korean girls  from the Republic of Korea. I have never gotten a chance to experience a North Korean girl so this post does not represent Korean girls as a whole but only South Korean girls specifically. I would be open to having a North Korean lover but the chances of that might be slim since they are a rarity, unless I meet a defector one day.

The Pros:

Very feminine. Most Korean girls looks and physical build is what a female should be. They have soft skin, smell great (all over), long soft hair, and have nice sweet voices and bodies. Rarely would you find a fat Korean girl and if you do it is a very small minority.

Your average Korean girl has higher cheekbones then their Chinese counterparts. They tend to have lighter milkier skin, and their eyes tend to be more distinctive slant where someone like me who is Asian, can normally figure out if they are a Chinese or Korean girl. Physically they are normally slim, with nice straight long hair, but mostly flat chested and with a small but slim butt. This is more so for the FOB Korean girls, I tend to notice that the American born Korean girls are more thicker with bigger breasts and ass. The best thing I like physically about Korean girls are their tight vaginas and distinct feminine features. If you penetrate a Korean girl, be prepared for night tight snug.

Korean girls have a feisty to them that drives their sex appeal ten folds. They can have attitude and a jealousy to them that makes them all that sexier. If you have go around FOB Korean communities here in NYC, sometimes you might see Korean girls talk loud, or cuss about something in Korean, or even yell and hit their boyfriends. Most of that is just a front because once they you get them in the bedroom you can fuck their brains out. Korean girls with these bitchy exteriors tend to be very submissive in bed. They let the man take control and all they can do is scream while you fuck them back literally for all the bitch attitude they gave you before.

Korean girls have great hygiene. They smell nice “down there” and smell great overall. They tend to be cleaner then their Chinese counterparts.

The Cons:

Plastic surgery in South Korea is not only rampant but it is a thriving multi million dollar business in South Korea. Korean women spend thousands of dollars to get work done on their eyes (double eye lid), their nose, their chins, etc. Many actresses and KPop singers had plastic surgery at one point and it is practically a cultural thing for Korean women. My current Korean girl that I am dating has confessed to me that most Korean girls are fake, and 1 out of every 5 girls probably have done some work of some sort. Be careful with the really pretty ones who also wear a lot of makeup. She might have been the ugly girl you ignored back in high school but became a cheerleader after her plastic surgery.

Goldiggers! Materialistic! Self centered, selfish, and arrogant. It is a cultural thing. In Korea, everything is about money, status, and material wealth. Koreans judge their peer for status, money, and material items such as handbags, cars, designer clothes, etc. These girls tend to be miserable at heart and hide the facade and misery behind all their material wealth. (This type of attitude reflects in South Korea’s high suicide rate) Girls like this can be horrible lovers as they won’t do much for their man in return but have impossible demands in return from men such as money, power, career, status, giving financially and emotionally all while they give none back in return.

They can be racist of other Asians and other races. Personally, I never experienced this myself with any of the Korean girls I’ve been sexual with in the Western world or in Korea but I’ve heard stories from Chinese and other Asians on how they were rejected for not being Korean. This is not such a con given the fact that a lot of other women tend to reject other races as lovers (For ex: White, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Indian tend to stick with their own men). There is nothing wrong with women wanting to be with their own men but they should reject men of other races with respect and class. Not such a con in my experiences but I thought this was still worth mentioning in case someone does run into a racist Korean girl.


My Experiences with Korean girls: (My Top 3 Favorites)

  1. If you have read my old school post My Time in the City of Seoul, I met a Korean girl and actually flew all the way across the world to a country and culture that I really wasn’t familiar with just to pursue a relationship with her. This was my first time traveling aboard and was inspiration to become the TheLoneWolftraveler. This was one of the best trips of all time for me (so far) and to this day I still have very fond memories of her. She made me fall in love with her city, Korean food, beer, movies, bars, coffee shops, and Korean culture as a whole. She almost, almost…..made me fall in love with her too.
  2. The Korean American Girl was a very attractive and petite Korean girl from San Francisco. She fits all of the physical descriptions I had mentioned above. It took me four hours after meeting her to get her into bed and I went 4 rounds in one night and still couldn’t get enough. Her sex appeal drove me wild and she was an awesome fuck in bed. I spent only $20 bucks to get her into bed and she even payed for my lunch which cost twice as much. I love Korean girls
  3. My current steady girl is Korean and she tops all the other girls I’ve been with in terms of loyalty, giving, respect, generosity, and kindness. She also pays for 40% of our dates which is a hard to find with Korean/Asian girls in general.


Chinese Girls

Chinese girl from Hong Kong
Chinese girl from Beijing
Your average Chinese girls

Unlike Korea, which all the girls can be traced back to small little South Korea, China girls come from a vast country. Chinese girls can come from all over China from cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guandong, Fuzhou, etc. Chinese girls are so plentiful and note that just because they are Chinese it doesn’t mean that they all speak the same language, culture, customs, etc. There are more than 200 different Chinese dialects so a girl from Northern China can be from a completely different world when compared to a Chinese girl from the Southern China despite it being the same country.  Let’s think of the USA for instance. A liberal from the North can be a complete opposite of a republican from the South, despite both of them being fellow countrymen. Mandarin is the main language of the country and is the English of the country. It might be spoken differently with distinct accents that originate from the provinces they come from, similar to a Boston accent, a Brooklyn accent, southern accent, etc.

The Pros:

More to choose from! There is definitely more Chinese girls to choose from then Korean. Chinese girls are literally all over the world and can be found obviously in China but other parts of Asia like Singapore, Malaysia. They are plentiful in Western countries like the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. Most of the time when you try to hook up with an Asian girl, chances are the girl will be Chinese. It is just the probability. There are just that much more Chinese girls then Korean girls and they are that much more available. I noticed that Chinese girls are much more open to dating someone that is not Chinese compared to a Korean girl dating a Non Korean. They tend to be less racist in general especially when it comes to a sexual partner.  (This has it’s pros and cons as I will mention later).

Nice body, nice tight vaginas, long straight hair, delicate soft skin, nice small hands, and overall feminine attributes. Physically Chinese girls are the ideal females. They are petite, non masculine, tight bodies, and smell nice. They don’t tend to be much fat Chinese girls when compared to their White and especially Black and Hispanic counterparts.

They put out quite easy. My average conversion rate for getting sex from Chinese girls ranges anywhere from 1 to 2 dates only. Then there are those that give it up on the first date or at least fool around and there are those they might take a few more dates to work it, but that is the small minority.

The Cons:

Just like their Korean counterparts, Chinese girls are fucking gold-diggers. A large majority are still in the old fashion mind sight where the guys have to be the ones to pay for all the dates, gifts, dinner, etc. Guys have to pay for everything and very rarely would you find a Chinese girl that would actually pay.

Note that girls from Shanghai are the worst of the worst. I’ve dated a few Shanghai girls and not only they did not pay a single cent on any of the dates, they openly try to hustle me to pay for their cell phone bill and other things! They will judge what kind of man you are solely by what kind of career you have and what is your job title. Anything less of a high paying white collar salary is see as “low class.” Hong Kong girls are fair no better with their attitudes and materialism. They are a cross breed of western feminism mixed with a “I’m a Hong Kong princess and it needs to be my way or no way” mentality. This combination makes them a toxic girls for long term dating.

They expect you to know the answer to everything including how to fix her computer, troubleshoot her broken light, even the answer to what she fucking wore last week. You have to be a genius, a handyman, a provider, a responsible gentleman, generous…..the list just continues…

Now as previously mentioned, they are more open to dating a Non Chinese then a Korean girl is to dating a Non Korean. Although most Asian women will sleep with anything with a pole regardless of color, Chinese girls take it to the next level. Too many Chinese girls that I met, I would never had figure out what whores they really based on their appearance. I’ve met Chinese girls that have slept with all kinds of colors, sizes, species, etc. In they eyes of others, they are just flat out easy and Chinese girls will open their legs to a dirty grease-ball  janitor if he had a working penis. Chinese girls have no standards when it comes to dating preferences and I need my girls to have some sort of cultural pride, self respect, and standards.

Chinese girls lack with their hygiene vs their Korean counterparts. I meant a few girls with a stench “down there” but thankfully that is few. Korean girls just seem cleaner and smell better. I mean its a common fact though, Koreantowns are always cleaner than Chinatowns lol

My experiences with Chinese Girls:

I had plenty of sexual experiences with Chinese girls, a lot more then Korean girls and I would say out of all those, I have to 2 memorable ones that I would never forget. I had a fulfilling relationship with a tall Chinese girl and a great sexual relationship with another.



The edge goes to Korean girls. I dated fewer Korean girls but had more fulfilling experiences with them sexually and emotionally. I dated more Chinese girls but only a handful came out decent. Korean girls are more exotic, well kept, and have better hygiene. If you only had the option of choosing one kind of Asian girl, Chinese or Korean, I say go Korean and see if you like it. The beauty of is, if you don’t like Korean you can always just pick up a Chinese girl to go after!


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10 thoughts on “Korean Girls Vs Chinese Girls”

  1. I killed two birds with one stone when I had a 3/4 Korean 1/4 Chinese guy, my only Asian. He was super attractive facially and I felt dowdy next to him.

    Considering I’m not a lesbian, I find your insights great. I don’t think Chinese are materialistic though, I make my own money and am supporting the child my husband had with another woman.

  2. . . . Welp, this was offensive. I could leave a super long comment about how racist and slightly misogynistic you seem, but honestly you’re not worth my time.
    Have a good day.

  3. I’m Korean-American, and this was quite an amusing read lol.
    Kinda late on the reply~

    I do often wonder why so many of Chinese females I encounter give me a hard time, even handing out insulting remarks about Korean females, when they end up copying me lol. I find the ABC’s to be offensive haters, but Koreans are just haters out of defense. Anyway, there must be something right about us if we’re even getting haters, right? 🙂

  4. Wtf?… did you just say that Chinese girls smell nice… I’m not even Asian but they smell like burnt rubber or moth balls.. most don’t shower till late at night and repeat the circle the next day.. plus they have a really bad odour from their mouths… I have to shift a distance or cover my nose when talking to them( the guys included)… have you seen adult Chinese pooping on the streets?… you haven’t , that’s why you know nothing about them… smell nice?…. they wish

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