Race and Politics

The Ugly Face of Weakness


A few weeks back, an Asian woman made headlines when she was shown crying like an stuck donkey when a Trump supporter allegedly cancelled her AirBnB reservation when she was already en route to the place.

This Asian woman, decides to film a video of herself crying with her tears smudging her makeup across an already unflattering face, goes on to cry for a few minutes on how she was on route, then the host cancelled stating that she did it because:

“Your  Asian. It’s why we have Trump.”

See the whole article here

Okay so that’s pretty racist, but hello wake up! This is America! As an Asian man born and raised here in America, I can attest that this kind of racism happens quite often not  only to Asians but to all types of races. All those negative stereotypes portrayed on us, comments like telling us to go back to China, that we eat dogs and cats, and other ethnic racial slurs that I would not mention on this blog, this stuff is nothing new so man the fuck up!

A lot of people in this country has faced far more brutal racism than this but you don’t see them making a video and crying and sobbing about how she was in this country since she was a child (originally from Korea), she considers herself American, blah blah, wah, wah! All types of minorities and even majorities face racism in America and around the world on a daily basis . Racism is an American thing and its certainly a human characteristic that you can find all over the world and happens to people of ALL types of ethnicity so crying about online is not going to change it a thing or help your cause. If shes trying to gather sympathy from anybody because she was called Asian (not even a racial slur) by this Trump supporter then she gets no sympathy from me. If she wants any sympathy maybe she should cry and sob to her White fiancee.


That’s right. Another Asian woman crying about how she is subjected to racism for being “Asian” but she has a non Asian boyfriend. How typical…Did this Trump supporter burst your little bubble when she reminded you that your NOT white, but Asian?

You think she would cry if an Asian man was told he was “Asian?”  I doubt it….she would probably do her best to distant herself from this Asian man. But yet she seems so quick to stick up for other minorities but not anyone do I see her standing up for any hate crimes or racism against Asians.


As far as I’m concerned, crying on a video online is not going to get you any sympathy. It just shows weakness. Compose yourself, make your point and be strong about. Crying like a stuck donkey with your makeup smudged all over just shows weakness and I’m sure the lady that allegedly cancelled your reservation took great pleasure and got a kick watching you sob like a 5 year old child.

Racism is everywhere. It’s a human thing. Learn to be strong and face it with some dignity. Don’t cry like a baby for the world to see.

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5 thoughts on “The Ugly Face of Weakness”

  1. ‘You are’ = ‘you’re’, with an apostrophe and an e. Being Asian or a Trump supporter is no excuse.
    I’m fine with racism, ethnics and miscegenation but stray punctuation is where I draw the line.

    1. Edit: I’m now pretty sure this story is another hoax. Quotes are unrealistic.
      “I’m a big bad racist and I voted Trump, booo no Asians allowed, yay Hitler and KKK!” This is how leftie activists think right wingers speak, having never actually spoken to a live one.

  2. Yeah she was super annoying. As an Asian female I feel zero racism. In fact, I’ve never been turned down as a roommate probably because I’m an Asian female- we have a reputation for being responsible and physically non-threatening. I imagine I’d have a harder time as a black man. For the record, I used to be a terrible roommate, for years. I ate my roommates’ food, used their makeup, broke their dishes, and my long black hair wreaked havoc. These days I am much better.

    1. I agree with u. Many ppl exp way more brutal racism and don’t cry like abitch. The fact that she is with a white guy just shows she’s prob one of those self hating Asian women who wants to be accepted so bad even though she’s with a white guy but forgets that she still yellow in appearance

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