Loyal Women do Exist

My first post in about a year….

Just when I thought all hope is lost for women and finding one that is actually loyal to the end was an impossible task, there is one out of the millions that shows she is down to the very end.

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez showed her loyalty by sticking with her man, Aaron Hernandez to the end (literally – RIP Aaron Hernandez). In court, she did not say anything that can incriminate Aaron while she was testifying. So she is NOT a snitch and she still stands by her man despite her own reputation being tarnished.

She didn’t have much reason to stick around at that point. Aaron had lost his freedom, all his money he made with the Patriots, and his career as a NFL star was all but ancient history. He didn’t have a dime to provide for her nor could he ever be there for her again. His chances of winning his appeal and getting out were slim. Most women under these circumstances would have not only turned their back on him, but at the same time would have snitched him out if it benefited her or to save her own skin. Still, she refused to do that. She changed her last name legally to Hernandez, despite the consequences it would have by being further associated with the reputation her man has.

Just to be clear, I am not condoning any of what her man, Aaron Hernandez has done this post was strictly written to recognize a the loyalty of a Woman that literally stood by her man at his lowest points and still remained loyal to the end no matter what. True love, true loyalty, something an Asian woman would never understand or be capable of.

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