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Money is the Modern Day Slavery


This power, this mystique, this mind control, this hypnosis, this dark greed….this thing call money….

Oh money, how you have the power to control the lives of so many….

Oh money, how you have the power to control this powerful thing known as the human mind….

Oh money, how many years of people’s lives were spent just trying to make enough of you to hold in their hand….to feed themselves and their families

Oh money, how you have the power to control the quality of people’s lives…

Oh money, because of you so many people are trapped in their miserable existence of horrible jobs, having to endure abuse and take orders from greedy bosses and owners when there is so much of life to enjoy.

The beauty of the world, from watching the sunset in the vastness of the Mongolian steppe to sailing down the Yangtze river in China to scaling the beautiful mountains of the world, to riding your motorcycle down a open road with the wind in your face, to surfing waves in a beautiful blue ocean. Why do most of the human population succumb to working in a office rat hole for their entire lives?

Why does money make us take shit from people we don’t even like? Most greedy bosses and owners deserve whats coming to them many times over…

Money is the modern day slavery. It is the modern day slave-owner. It enslaves the human soul and the human spirit. It imprisons us at a job we are not happy with nor do we want to be at. It makes us do bad things to our fellow humans….it breaks relationships with lovers and breaks bonds with friends.

Yes…I see…. Money is the modern day slave-owner…..and the powerful race of humans… are the slaves.


2 thoughts on “Money is the Modern Day Slavery”

  1. Hey I’m about to head back to hk and I plan on visiting LKF. Can you please send me a free copy of your book? Thanks man I really appreciate it!

    1. I currently have a promotion on. Please share this blog and the HK book blog post via social media (facebook, twitter, etc) and I will forward you a link to purchase the book half off at $4.95 ONLY. Let me know once it is shared.

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