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I’m glad that Scarlett Johansson is starring in “Ghost in the Shell” instead of an Asian Woman

Its always typical of Hollywood to cast White actors in Asian roles. This is nothing new. They did that with the remake of South Korean movie: Old Boy; and now they are doing it again with Ghost in the Shell, casting White girl Scarlett Johansson in a role whose character should have been of Japanese descent.

Ghost in the Shell movie, is a live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga about an anti-cyberterror task force set in mid-21st century Japan and led by cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi.

This discriminating move by Hollywood has angered the Asian community. Once again, not only does Hollywood normally casts Asians in fobby non-English speaking roles, or Asians do not get cast at all, now what was originally supposed to be an Asian character, is cast to be play by a White character.

However, I actually prefer a white Scarlett Johansson to play this role and not an Asian woman. Why would I say this? Many people would argue that they are taking a role away that was mean for an Asian woman. You see, that’s the point. It is an Asian woman. To have a first lead Asian woman act in a lead role in a potential Hollywood blockbuster movie, this would further expand the heads and egos of the already inflating self hating Asian woman. The Asian woman would be portrayed as a bad-ass female lead character and you know would represent them more as a sex symbol. Asian Men would not have a place in this movie, chances are the Asian woman lead character would be romantically involved with a Non Asian Male character (such as movies like Pacific Rim, Last Samurai, etc)  and the Asian Man would be left out of everything once again.

For those Non Asian men with a fetish for Japanese/Asian women and Manga, they would now further attempt to make their wild fantasies come true by acting on their Asian fetish and try to hit on, date, and sleep with more Asian woman.

The Asian Woman would be proud of this lead Asian female character and see this as Hollywood and mainstream America’s acceptance of the Asian Woman (NOT ASIAN PEOPLE). Asian Woman would feel as she is a step up in society and would further look down on the Asian Man (more so then she already does) and justify that Hollywood has given them more American status and she will continue to ride the Non Asian Men cock carousel thinking she in the character from Ghost in the Shell.

4 thoughts on “I’m glad that Scarlett Johansson is starring in “Ghost in the Shell” instead of an Asian Woman”

  1. I completely agree with your sentiments on this. Lucy Lui already got a badass role for Charlie’s angels. Society is not fair to asian men as a whole (though many of my male friends & family do very well),

    1. Power to ur f&f for making their own way. In America we have this notion to help the struggling black man but no one gives a shit about Asian men. I’m glad u see the hypocrisy in this flawed system

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