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Racist Hate Comment

I received a comment from a self proclaimed White Guy a while back to the now infamous post of:https://thelonewolftraveler.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/different-types-of-asian-women/  a while back. It was so ignorant, hypocritical, and amusing, that I chose not to approve the comment but now looking at it again, I decided to share with you, my readers.

Now before anyone gets all excited, this post was NOT meant to stir up any sort of drama, but just merely pointing out the hate I got from that post and the racism and hypocrisy behind it.

Read the “White Guy Fucking Asian Woman comment’s below:

“i will start off by saying I am white …and then add grow up you gay little Asian bitch ! the reason I fucked your women is because I asked that’s the simple truth …if you don’t ask you don’t get simple as… Asian boys so busy trying to be pretty and metro and friends …..you get nothing in this life if you don’t reach out and take it. I love my wife not because she is Korean but because she captivated my soul …she is attractive funny caring giving to a fault educated thoughtful persistent when she needs to be and did I mention funny …I love her because of her not for her skin. you sound like a pathetic disgruntled little fag Asian fanboy mad cuz everyone is fucking your women ..you racist pussy the only reason they are is cuz they asked and the reason you are not is because you didn’t . so sick of little bitches like you whining and then blaming it on a so call type of women hahahahahahaha the blame is on you, be a man stand up and go after your dreams and desires or be a bitches stay in the shadows and get beat and complain forever …

oh and by the way if I was with that Chinese girl in the bread shop I would have beat you to a pulp little bitch not because your yellow but because you are a whiny little bitch then I would have fucked that slut right there and pulled out and wiped my smelly dick across your beat down bitch face and told you to get the fuck out of the store ……..so msg to all you whiny complaining feminine metro fanboy Asian fag boys …grow a fucking pair of balls start looking and dressing like a man and start acting like a man and these Asian women your bashing will flock to you …so losers lose the eyeliner and feminine looks and watch what happens youll be drowning in girls ……a side note …as a world traveler I will share this common thread …regardless of color this simple truth is….. good people are good bad people are bad the rest is all geography ….stop trying to classify and quantify and put life in neat tidy small boxes …we are al humans and want love and respect that’s it. your narrow mind and judgment of all things is your problem ….your a racist and a narrow minded bitter little prick ..open up your mind to any and all possibilities and watch how big and wonderful this life is and can be …..”

So let me understand something for a minute. He calls me a racist pussy, but yet he says your yellow and metro fanboy Asian fag boys and is is fucking my women.

Not only did he insult all Asian people by referring to us as yellow, but he also insulted homosexuals by calling us fag boys. He also is offending the Asian women he so likes including his Korean wife (I’m surprised he knows the difference and not thing we are all Chinese or Vietcong) by saying he is fucking your woman. Hmm…right…

Furthermore, reading his comment was like reading a racist rant of someone with a third grade education. His grammar and spelling was so off it was so frustrated just to read it, not to mention all the negative things he had to say.

So after his rant, I’m sure this White guy must be feeling really proud of himself. Would this be the look on this guy’s Korean’s wife face when she finds out how racist you are of her kinsman, her Asian kind, her fellow Asian men?  Would she be surprised and shocked by your racism towards Asian men and be somewhat offended because she is after all, still Asian? (Whether or not she wants to be).


would she side with him and agree that he is right, Asian men are as he quoted yellow metro fanboy Asian fag boys”


would his comments on Asian men fuck with her little Korean self hating Asian head and bring her back to her troubled childhood (or even adulthood) memories on how she hates being Asian and is surprised that he think she is Asian and not White? After all it could be possible that she hates being Asian so much, she made sure to marry a white guy to try to make her forget shes Asian.

Lastly, I thank you for your comment regardless. All opinions are welcome, regardless how racism, ignorant, uneducated, or how bad the grammar might be. We all have a right to our freedom of speech.

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4 thoughts on “Racist Hate Comment”

  1. I’m a HKer and I read you book. In the mainstream HK media you are labelled a sexist prick, yet the same mainstream HK media turn a blind eye towards the white guys in LKF who are fucking our girls every night. This is disgusting.

    From your posts, I understand that you’re a proud Asian guy who wants to build a better reputation and help out other fellow Asian men. You’re also sick of the sick WMAF situation out there. I bought your book and I hope you’ll give more advice to Asian men in the future.

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