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Haters want to ban my book

Take away Freedom of Speech! Take away the right to write about what you want about! Anything a straight man writes about his love life is always going to misogynist but when a gay man talks about how proud he is with his gay love life that is embraced as courage and sexual expression. Take away a heterosexual man’s right to write a book to his fellow men on how to improve his sex life and his ability to attract the opposite sex. Let’s do that!

It seems that haters (women, white knights, homosexuals) are on the front lines fighting for their human rights and for equality in this world in which I agree that everyone has a right to pursue what they want without any sore of oppression. What I can’t understand is  when a straight man wants to write about his experiences in his own love life they want to censor you. Talk about hypocrisy.



Its kind of funny because one of the woman that is leading the petition is a Korean American female from Los Angeles whore married to a Mexican. Do I smell a self hating, Asian man hating, self hating Asian whore? There is plenty of those.

Here are some of my readers and supporters pointing out her hypocrisy and calling her out as a self hating Asian whore.




So what are you?? Are you a hater or a supporter? Choose your side. Sign the petition or buy the book and Get Laid…..You Decide…..

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