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Every Asian woman needs to fill out a dating resume

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Found a Asian girl that your interested in and thinking about perhaps sleeping with her, dating her, entering a relationship with her, or even tying the knot with marriage? Well before you do ANYTHING, you need to stop and take the time out of your day to read this post.

First, Asian women are the easiest type of women in the world today. No, it’s no longer White women. If you walk around any major metropolis or even a small city around the world, you will find Asian women with White, Black, Indian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Mexican, half man half dog, etc. Point I’m trying to make is that Asian women are the biggest Cock Carousels riders in the world.

Definition of a Cock Carousel rider:

An idea perpetuated on manosphere blogs that women casually sleep around in their 20’s with hot, non-commital player types.

Then, supposedly, when they hit their 30’s and lose their looks, they realize they wasted their prime man-snagging years and become desperate to settle down, often with a boring, dependable flavor of guy they previously had no interest in.

Karen spent her late-twenties riding the cock carousel with a bunch of guys in bands that just wanted sex. Now she’s 33, past her prime, and dating an accountant who’s she’s pressuring to have kids with.

Credit to the source: Urban Dictionary

For a lack of better words, the majority of Asian women are Whores who ride the cock carousel with all types of men (or we hope it is men and not anything in between or animals) and jump from a White guy to a Black guy, that on to try the Indian flavor of the week then bone a Mexican just to add it to her list. Now before you get your panties in a bunch, I said the majority of Asian women, NOT all. This is not only limited to Asian American women, but Western women, FOB, and women that are in Asia. Before anyone attempts to argue this point, go for a walk in the streets of Boston. 8 out of 10 Asian women are with partners, are with Non Asian men. Known fact. Now go for a walk in the streets of NYC. You will see Asian women with White, Black, Hispanic, Indian, (did I miss any?) and a occasional few with Asian men. No other race, not even White women (take date out of their race on the level that Asian women do. It can be that Asian women don’t prefer their own Asian men, but it is also that they have gotten the reputation of being so EASY that men of all types want to try an Asian. Modern day, men know that Asian women will open up their legs for anything and they feel as they are entitled to an Asian women. Chances are they will succeed with Asian woman as you can see all these mixed Non Asian men and Asian women couples all over the country and world.

Now the point I’m trying to make is that Asian women tend to ride the cock carousel until their time runs out and their biological is ticking and they are tired of getting pumped and dumped and used up by Non Asian men so they decide to settle down with an responsible beta Asian man. I’ve seen a few Asian men fall into this trap of foolishly settling down with a complete after market trash Asian woman unknowingly. However, if they did some research on her dating and sexual past and ask some questions here and there, he would have discovered that this Asian women’s dating resume is probably at least 3 pages long. Her dating resume/history will consist of being pumped and cum on by the hood black guy that never paid for anything besides just pumping her for dirty hole between her legs, or the Indian guy with the disgusting body hair, or the Hispanic guy who secretly calls her a Chino to his friends or the White Jewish guy broke her heart and cheated on her constantly with another Asian whore. Do you see the point I’m making here? This is the case with 9 out of 10 Asian American women and it seems like FOB Asian women are falling into this trend these days. If your currently seeing an Asian woman and don’t know anything about her past, make sure you start prying into now!

dating resume

What do you do when you find out an Asian women’s Dating History?

  1. Did she date any Non Asian men? If she did, check to see what kind. If she dated Indian, Black, Brown, White, Martians, animals, etc then this is a pump and dump whore. Make sure you do not get into anything serious with her. Date her a few times and once you pump it, dump it. NO EXCEPTIONS. This Asian woman is not worth anything.
  2. If she didn’t ride the cock carousel but was involved in a LTR with a Non Asian guy and still speaks of him like shes fond of him, pump and dump her too. There is no way you are going to kiss the lips of a girl who has been sucking on some dirty non Asian cock for the past 5 years.
  3. If most of her past lovers are Asian guys with one or 2 White guys then she might be worth a little more. Size her up a bit and make a decision to see if shes worthy of a potential lover or girlfriend material.
  4. If she has only dating Asian guys then she is good to go. However make sure to check her personality and see if shes a kind and generous girl to her men. Just cause shes an Asian women that like Asian men, doesn’t mean shes girlfriend worthy, but its a lot more of a start then the other three above.

Here in NYC, there is countless Asian women with Non Asian men. They parade around Chinatown and Asian communities like their the shit and their self hypocrisy and self hate within their own people is quite sad. They even will roll their eyes or avoid looking at any Asian guys when they are walking with their Non Asian men. Then why would you take him to an Asian community? Their partners are some of the ugliest guys I’ve ever seen, that no other kind would ever settle for. A FOB Asian women was messing around with a wannabe be White Eminem looking guy in the back of a Chinese restaurant. Funny thing was she couldn’t barely speak English and decide to fuck around with him. How did they communicate? Wonder if the whore ever washed her hand. Except, Asian women. I’ve come to the conclusion that Asian women would open up their legs for anything except Asian men.



For all you Asian men out there, make sure you find out about Asian girl’s history before you do ANYTHING. Trust me, you will be surprised on what you may find.

20 thoughts on “Every Asian woman needs to fill out a dating resume”

  1. What about if that girl is non-Asian and riding the Asian cock carousel, would she still be girlfriend/wife material? lol

    1. Very very good question lol. I mean i would consider exactly how many cocks shes ridden. For instance, if shes in her 20’s and ridden less than 6 cocks then yes. Honestly for me, its acceptable because shes Non Asian with a thing for Asian men. Its a compliment. I would then look to her personality and how she treats me. But don’t get me wrong, if shes ridden over 10 cocks that might be a bit too much

  2. How do you get the asian girl dating history? I know a girl where she does not have social media ( no facebook, no instagram, etc.. ) to pry on. Besides girls are very good with setting the privacy settings on their social media anyway.
    How does one get the real news on the girl? She might even be lying through their teeth…

    For example, there this asian girl ( 36/37 year old ) who seemed to hanged around me and texted me alot. I didn’t pursue her because I thought that I might mis-interpret her and more importantly there was that sense of doubt in my head. Later on she told me she dated a white guy. I didn’t inquire for more info because I know I wouldn’t get a straight answer without a lie detector or some truth serum. I don’t know how serious that was nor how long it was..

    1. Simple. Just ask….I don’t mean like in an interrogation format. Be slick about it, ask her about her past sexual history, relationships, dating, etc. Put an excuse to get into the topic and don’t act like your judging her. The key is to get her to loosen up and tell you her sexual past and if she is a cock carousel rider (esp the non asian men one) then its time to kick her to the curb

      1. One time we were passing by some group of firemen working in a situation, she confided to me that she got a “thing for firemen”. I didn’t say anything because this is in nyc (bronx) where most firemen are still mostly white guys.. it’s pretty rare to see asian firemen, or i’m pretty oblivious..
        She also said in another time she dated a white guy once, again i didn’t said anything.. don’t know if its one time or whatever..

      2. Where its clear she like white guys. You can pry more into her sexual history. You can ask, oh so how so how many guys you been with? Or you can ask if she has only been Asian or white and leave her to incriminate herself potentially. Just be slick about it

  3. Oh yeah, currently she is 37 years old. I met her a little more than a year ago. I was wondering if she was done with cock carousel and now wanting to lock some guy down ( perhaps me? ). She was the one who texted me a lot after we met in a group setting.

    1. Oh wow shes an old one. Based on what I heard, she sounds like an over the top after market trash Asian woman who has been pumped and used up by all kinds of non Asian men. Now she wants to lock some guy down as you had already mentioned.
      Let me ask you, are u the responsible type?

      1. Responsible type?? I must admit. No.. not really.
        I dont think that she is the cock carousel type, well i hope not because of stds. But she is very friendly and nice person. Cheerful personality.
        Other females said she is cute.. very girly but is pretty active in triathlons. .

      2. Correction: i dont know if she is a cock carousel type or not for sure.. she does not appear to be one. But she does act really girly still.

    2. Lonely dude, you sound sweet, hope it works out. Even if she’s been with a few people, it’s all about her intent with them. And people should not be seen as products that deteriorate with use. She is 37 and that is a lot of days to get into mischief. So I say let go, have fun, and see where it goes.

  4. You won’t know until you pry into her sexual past. I normally get the information out of girls by asking in a conversation. You have to ask in a smooth slick way, just can’t come out of nowhere and ask how many guys you been with? Normally, would go for a walk or drinks and ask so what is your type of guy? When she answers then would say something like so do you like Asian, White, Black? And normally the girl will incriminate herself

  5. I am an Asian American female and I have a question. I am not bashing you, you are entitled to your own opinion so just listen and hear me out. My husband and I were waiting for our to go drunken noodles at a Thai restaurant and there were these two Asian guys eating that my husband noticed where staring rather intensely and rudely at us. I kept seeing them stare and stare and stare from the corner of my eye. My husband is black and I am Vietnamese so we get glances every now and then but never were we ever stared down like this. It made me feel very uncomfortable and felt like they were judging me because they were whispering to each other. What do you think that meant? I was 20 and my husband 23 when we got married so pretty young lol. It’s kind of sad that Asian men think that Asian women are after market trash if we are touched by non Asian men. That is very hurtful to think about. God forbid anything bad happen to my husband, I would probably never date again and stay single and celibate for the rest of my life. But Asian men like yourself would probably never even consider trying to pursue me. I am sorry that you have met a lot of bad Asian women but we are not all bad. Many people say I am loyal and faithful and say I care about my husband as if he were an egg with a thin eggshell. And of course he loves and cares about me as well. Many of the Asian men I work with try to bait me and ask me out to dinner even though we are both married I refuse of course. I feel like there is a common misconception that Asian women with non Asian men are considered easy and loose. I have only been with my husband, he was my first boyfriend, first kiss and everything :). Haha saying that makes me blush a little :P. But anyway don’t lose hope there is a good woman out there for you whatever color she is, she is out there for you. I wish you the best of luck and happiness!

    1. I thank you for giving your honest opinion.
      I love how you say an Asian man like me would never go after you. Is that an excuse you give yourself on why your dating an Asian man? Because you presume we won’t be interested.

      About the two Asian guys staring rudely at you, it has happened to me too. When I was dating interracial, Asian girls would give my Non Asian girl the dirtiest looks and make her uncomfortable. Service from Asian waitresses would be rude and uncaring. It works both ways. Black guys would stare at me like a circus animal when I’m talking to a Black girl (that I’m not even dating or sexual with!!).
      Personally, I would not date you after I know you been with a black guy. Like I once heard, I’m not taking a black guy’s sloppy seconds.

      1. You say that you “love how I say that I presume that Asian men like me wouldnt go after you” then you contradict yourself at the end of your comment, by saying you personally wouldn’t want a black mans sloppy seconds. To each their own but to say that is incredibly small minded. That’s the kind of small mindedness that probably scares any good Asian women away. I see a double standard here. A women can have only one partner which is her husband no matter what nationality he might be and yet is deemed after market trash and yet a man can somehow be man whores themselves and it’s somehow ok. Riiiight. That does not make sense to me. Men have up to hundreds of sexual partners but he doesn’t want as you say “sloppy seconds” when he himself is worse then sloppy seconds. That is backwards thinking in my opinion and misogynistic. There is no reasoning with types of men like you.

  6. Listen, you presumed that I would not like Asian women like yourself before I had even mentioned anything. So thats you making assumptions.
    I said I would not have a black’s man sloppy seconds, after the fact.
    Justify and try to label all the reasons why your with a black man and not an Asian man by convincing yourself its because we are this or that. It’s yourself that needs to get over it

  7. As a white half-man half-dog living in Asia, I can confirm the details in your article. If it makes you feel better, there are also the Asian women (usually Japanese) who date local bad boys until they reach a certain age and then seek out a white beta male who is only in Asia because he’s got the fever and is stupid enough to marry her. Two children and thereafter a sexless relationship soon follow, and she never has to work again.
    I’ve been on both sides of the fence because I’m heaps cooler than I used to be. I was once the white beta who older Asian ladies wanted to entrap with unprotected sex. These days I date the younger women who know I’m no good and expect to marry an obedient local when they start getting ugly.

  8. I fell in love with a really sweet Korean lawyer who works at my firm. She has a singsong voice and speaks English with grace. And I love it when she speaks Korean, it is a very beautiful language. She has long legs and perfect skin, she sometimes cooks for me and it is amazing. She is also very athletic and kind to her colleagues at work. Also she looks 10 years younger than me, crazy right?! I got the chance to meet her brother and he was a cool dude. Didn’t mind his sis going out with a Caucasian as long as he treated her right.

    I am doing a PhD at Seoul National University. I only take courses in English and most of the Caucasian professors/students here moved all the way to Korea because they didn’t want to part away with their Korean wives. They do not hide their fondness of their wives and children. They say their children speaks both Korean and English well (and for some children who attend the French school in Korea, french as well). The professors gave me some advice on interracial marriage, and my impression is that Korean wives are responsible and passionate about their child’s education, cooks meals and irons shirts for their husband. I can iron my own shirts I am not going to make my gf iron them when we get married..but that image is really feminine and stuck with me. She earns a lot and I do to so maybe we can hire a helper.

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