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I Don’t Like… Part One

1. I don’t like how Asian women have to explain why they prefer Asian men on dating ads. Do Hispanic women have to explain why they like their own kind?

Real life example: “Sorry, but I am attracted to Asian men… and I’m sure I’ll get a good amount of small-package jokes, but I can’t help what I like.”

2. I don’t like how Asian women go out of their way to embarrass Asian men on why they don’t like their own kind as sexual partners. To add insult to hurt ego, they parade their White, Black, Brown, Indian, etc boyfriends around all Asian communities. Here in NYC you see them in all kinds of Asian restaurants, Asian coffee shops, on the street, Asian bars, Asian clubs, and even Asian massage places. Talk about rubbing it in our faces.

3. I don’t like ignorant people that just goes off stereotypes before taking the time out to find out on their own. Be a leader, go find out on your own. Make your own choices. Don’t just believe and follow what society or others tell you.

4. How many men are actually racist of Asian people but yet still fantasize and want an Asian women as a sexual mate or for dating and relationships. “So wait, you hate Asian people but you like Asian women?” The answer is yes. I’ve come across to many types of this kind of men, more so that I can even keep count of.

The Jeremy Lin incident:

‘I didn’t mean it, my wife is Asian’: ESPN anchor suspended for ‘Chink in the armor’ gaffe defends himself on Twitter


Real life example: White guy living in Hong Kong and says he loves Asian culture thats why he is there. However, on a expat men’s blog he writes: “Guys plz tell me how to get laid with those mystical oriental bitches, I find treating them like a human too hard. Is there some magical ching chong I can speak that unlocks their inner nymphomaniac?”

5. I don’t like diversity. I used to be a firm believer diversity but after personal experiences with certain types of racial groups, I don’t feel the hippy love I once felt. As long as humans exist, there will always be racism. Mix them all together, and you will have the racial boiling pot that is known as America.

6. I don’t like how Non Asian women always have to defend themselves on why they like Asian men. Countless times, I’ve had Non Asian women tell me comments they hear from racist, jealous, hating Non Asian men such as, they have small dicks! Why would you like Jackie Chan! Why do you like Chinos! I don’t think White, Black, Hispanic guys have to put up with this.

7. I don’t like women that waste men’s time and money. If your not interested in him romantically then why lead him on? Why accept his date when you know his intentions are romantic and act surprised and pretended that you thought he wanted to be friends? Why waste his time, his money, and possibly crush him when you reject him? If you not interested, tell him up front. Don’t be a troll, don’t be a whore and waste his money, time, and effort. I don’t like women who set up online dating profiles just to feed off the attention they get.

Real Life example: I personally know a fat troll cunt that admitted to me recently that she does not or ever intend to meet any of the guys that contacts and talks to her on her tinder account. She said she just likes the attention….(keep in mind she is a fat, short, and old troll,not even attractive).

8. I don’t like her certain types of people like to play the “Race Card” all the time. They purposely use it to their advantages causing drama and acting like the world owes them something.

To be Continued….

12 thoughts on “I Don’t Like… Part One”

  1. I still don’t know the reason why these non-Asian dudes have a real deep hatred for us Asian guys. I don’t think most of them hate us for being successful and what not, so I’ll just take it as them being fucked up in the head, same goes for Asian and non-Asian women.

  2. Race isn’t real. It’s a social construct with no basis in biology. So if you attribute any characteristic to all “Asian women” you are stereotyping, something you claim to dislike.

    Second, the reason “Asian women” may specifically mention when they prefer “Asian men” is because they usually don’t. Every group of women except for “black women” prefers “white men” as a rule. The few who don’t must specify that in the same way the few guys who have a foot fetish or love fat women must. Proof: http://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2013/11/30/247530095/are-you-interested-dating-odds-favor-white-men-asian-women

    I don’t like people who speak loudly, take off their stinky shoes in airplanes, act like animals and chew food with their mouths open. I could just say I don’t like mainland Chinese and Koreans but I guess there are 2 or 3 people from those countries who have manners so that wouldn’t be fair.

  3. Anonymous, Asian men are so successful that the continent of Asia is the poorest in the world after Africa. There is only one functioning democracy in the entire continent and it was set up by America. The five first world countries in Asia were set up by Westerners and modeled on Western countries. Asian culture lead to nothing but self enriching thousand year dynasties that caused the first Westerners to visit to proclaim that “Asia has fallen asleep in history”. North Korea is the only remaining country in Asia that rejects all western culture. Look how good they are doing.

    No one hates Asian men. No one thinks about them or cares.

    Asian men usually hate others, especially white guys, because Asian women prefer them. No one needs to hate Asian guys because no women prefer them, not even Asian women.

    The worst are Asian Americans who try their hardest to imitate the worst parts of white America yet maintain a deep seated hatred of white people who they can never measure up to.

    1. If your going to start generalizing on how Asian men are bitter and hate white men that why don’t you take into account that white people have most racist groups, like white supremacists, skinhead groups, etc. For whatever ethnicity you are, you act like you know Asian men a lot

      1. I bet you he’s white, its always the white guys always trolling or impersonating a different race to try and start shit on blogs, forums, etc.

  4. Racist white men have the balls to form organizations to enforce their ideas, good or bad. Asian guys make blogs and post anonymous comments about white guys and cry to their overbearing mothers because they would never dare speak up to white people in real life. Asian women stand in awe of white men. Asian men stand in the shadow of white men. Deal with it and carve out a niche for yourself like the South Korean government has or keep crying into your dakimakura.

    1. How the fuck do you know Asian men haven’t formed any type of orgazination? It might not be out in the open. All minorities are in the shadow of the white man. It’s how u guys want it. Keep us down out of fear that we can be better. Did that with the natives, with the blacks, and now the Asians. It’s nothing to brag about

      1. What minority?? China has a billion people!!! Quit crying and stand up like the white man did. The American Revolution wasn’t made by people crying about the King of England in their diaries.

  5. Get your head out of your ass, it’s you the White man that needs to stop being so god damn insecure and trying to systematically brainwash everyone in thinking everyone not white is inferior. Why the fuck has Hollywood and MSM been desexualising the Asian man for the past 40 years??????????

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