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When a girl doesn’t respond to your text after a first date

I’m sure all of us has experienced this at least ONCE. (Guys that have played the dating game of course). You ask a girl out, have a pleasant and fun date, you text her a few days after the first date and ask her for a second date and then out of nowhere she poofs and disappears and is never to be heard from again. You are left wondering, WTF happened?

First let me define what a pleasant, great, fun, wonderful, successful first date is:

A pleasant first date is when you and the girl have obvious chemistry, conversations are going well,with teasing, flirting, etc. You both are having fund and you

can almost always tell when the other person is having fun. The pleasant first date also includes making out, holding hands, or a simple kiss on the lips that last a few seconds.

How does this define pleasant? Because you know that she has physical attraction for you or why else would she let you kiss her, let you touch her, and hold hands with you? If this all happens are the first date you most likely think “wow that was a great date. I kissed or made out with her, held her hand, even touched her. She likes me.” Your so sure you will see her again for a second date. But when the time comes and you text her, NO RESPONSE. You let a few hours pass and still no response. A few hours turns into a day, a day becomes a few days, a few days turn into a whole week. Still NO RESPONSE. You wonder WTF happened?

You start googling things like: why doesn’t a girl respond to your texts after a good date OR when a girl ignores you after a great first date, etc. You start mind fucking yourself for days wondering what ever happened. Did you say something stupid, wait too long to contact her, did you have bad breath, or you a bad kisser, etc. I know, because I’ve been there more times then I would have liked but unfortunately when you play the dating game, rejections comes in all forms. Even when your almost sure you had her interested and wanting you. Nothing is ever certain, especially when it comes to dating and women.

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Recently I was on a date with a beautiful Asian girl (at least a 9 – drop dead beautiful face and body and very feminine). The date went well, almost immediately I steered the conversation into romantic topics, got closer to her, put my arm around her waist, letting my physical interest be known. Chemistry was good, she was more than happy for a venue change during the date and we held hands and I leaned in and gave her a kiss (few seconds, no tongue). She responded to it well and I was the first one to pull away. Towards the end of the night I got a little more aggressive with my kissing and touching but I never once pushed too far (At least I didn’t think so). The surprising truth was I didn’t want to have sex with this girl on the same night and I actually was interested in her and perhaps would like to have date her more. I restraint from going to far with my kissing and touching and dropped her off and then went home. By all standards this was a pleasant date. Waited 3 days before contacting her (note: i thought about her all weekend but couldn’t bring myself to contact her too early. Did not want to appear needy). I sent her a text and NO RESPONSE. Waited a few more days and sent her another text. NO RESPONSE. I couldn’t believe it. Everything went well on the first date and she would have had me fooled if she said she wasn’t interested. But nothing…she never responded, not even to tell me she wasn’t interested.

What happened? I couldn’t believe it. I actually felt like a beta for a few days wondering and obsessing over what might have happened to cause her not to respond to my text especially after such a pleasant first date.

Then I realized one thing. NOTHING when it comes to Women is ever certain. There are many reasons she may have not responded. Perhaps she had a boyfriend and was dating me just to see what else was out there. Perhaps she was bored and wanted a free drink that night. Perhaps her friends cock-blocked me by saying negative things, perhaps she met another guy the next day that she liked even more. My point is, it can be a million reasons why she never responded. Also a rule of thumb is, the more beautiful the girl is, the more chance she would never respond to you after a first date because of all her high standards and the constant rotation of guys trying to get a chance with her. Instead of going through the torturous thought cycle on why a girl did not respond to you after a pleasant first date, I made a few rules for myself.

Decide if this is a girl you would like to date and possibly get into a mini or serious relationship with. If your answer is yes then:

  • Do not push too hard physically on the first date. You must hold her hand and make sure to kiss her (for a few seconds ONLY and no tongue) during the middle of the date and one more time at the end of the night when you are dropping her off. (Never go past a few seconds and you must be the first to pull away from the kiss. You want to appear respectful and leave her wanting more…..which she will grant herself, when she grants you a second date
  • Never get carried away with your touching. You must hold her hand, or put your arm around her waist while sitting next to each other or walking. You can rest your hand right above her ass (borderline the small of her back and the beginning of her ass) while hugging or kissing her, but make sure you never start rubbing or grabbing. Just rest your hand there for a few seconds. Never start grabbing privates or molest her too aggressively or you run the risk of scaring her off or give her the impression that all you want is sex which you don’t want to do since you want to date this girl and get a second date.
  • Tell her at the end of night (when dropping her off) that you had fun and would like to see her again. (and then gauge what her response is and whether she appears interested in seeing you again). You do not need to give her a date and time, that would be given when you text her. Point is, you want her to know your interested in seeing her again so she won’t think that your not interested in her.
  • This one can be a little tricky. Don’t wait 2 or 3 days before contacting her. (if she seems like the type of girl who doesn’t play games) I say you can text her within 24 hours from the first date with something simple like bringing up a funny or exciting moment during the first date so you can get her to think about the fun date she had with you and keep yourself fresh in her memory. It also shows that you are thinking about her without appearing too needy but more importantly it shows that you are not following the 2 or 3 day contact rule. I lost some girls because I waited the 2 or 3 days before texting them. They came to the conclusion that I was either playing games or was never really interested and then cut me off. Like I said, this rule is a tricky one. Use your best judgement on what kind of girl you think she is but if you are genuinely interested in this girl I say text her within 24 hours or 1 full day at most. Its better to let her know your interested then losing her by not texting her in a timely fashion. If she is genuinely interested in you, she will be more than happy to hear from you.
  • Come up with a fun idea for a second date and keep it simple by inviting her to join you. Now all you gotta do is just wait for her response.

If she doesn’t respond to your text for a second date after you played the cards right (like the steps I mentioned above) then the fault does not lie in you, BUT THE FAULT IS IN HER. You did everything a guy that is interested in dating a girl would do and now you don’t have to worry and start obsessing if you messed up or not. Just move onto the next girl with NO REGRETS. There is nothing worse then feeling regret when you felt like you messed up your chances with a girl by doing something stupid. In this case, you can go to sleep at night knowing you were a complete gentlemen and this girl was the one who was playing games and not appreciating you so you can easily forget about her. It’s her loss, not yours.

NOTE that these rules does not apply for girls your NOT INTERESTED in dating more than just for sex. If you only want a girl for the wet hole she has between her legs then you can push more aggressively on the first date. If she responds for a second date that’s great if not, who cares? You didn’t want anything else besides sex from her anyways. Just move onto to the next wet hole.

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It was tough dealing with it because I HAD NO CLUE WHY these girls didn’t respond to my texts after a perceived fun date where we held hands and kissed. How could a girl like you on a date and show you so much interest and then suddenly disappeared into the thin air when you texted afterwards? I keep wondering WHAT HAPPENED? Was it something I said or did? Does she like me? Why won’t she respond after the great date we had??? I found myself googling non stop on reasons why girls won’t text you after a first date. This guide is here to end all your questions, wondering, obsessing, and sleepless nights.

Finding my way out of these dating and texting dilemmas, I came up with a few rules and guidelines that I would stick to, to make sure I made all the right moves, said and texted all the right things, to increase my chances of hearing from a girl after a great first date. These rules and guidelines taught me discipline and self respect and me understand how to handle these situations that girls put us men through. Following these rules has gotten me laid with girls that I thought had no interest in me because they didn’t respond to my text but that was not the case. I just had to play the texting game right. If this guide worked for me, it would work for you; my fellow brothers in arms.

The Ebook covers:

  • Rules to follow to make sure your first date goes well
  • How to handle the interaction with a girl after the first date
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  • How to handle and what to do when a girl does NOT RESPOND to your texts after the first date
  • Text structure guidelines how the CORRECT approach on how to text her after the first date. It shows the strategic texting strategy structure such as the follow up text, the second text, and the warning text. You will warn her to respond and if she doesn’t she will lose you forever
  • When to know to walk away from a pursuit of a girl with NO REGRETS
  • Discipline, class, and be a gentleman even in the face of defeat and come back a stronger man
  • Tips and actual case scenarios from my personal first date experiences
  • And much more!

With this book (75 pages total), it will help guide you through on to deal with girls that flake or don’t respond to your texts after a great first date. You will understand a woman’s mentality and know how to deal with the situation. You can’t go wrong! Increase your chances for a second date, and know what to do and say. It’s all jammed pack in this guide!

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28 thoughts on “When a girl doesn’t respond to your text after a first date”

  1. This also happens with your other lady friends also, if you’re very good looking or not “boring” they’ll respond back…sigh

      1. I don’t know if that’s happened to you before but what I meant was, if you have a good looking lady friend(s) they barely reply back or don’t reply back at all.

    1. Wait 3 days????
      I waited almost a day, no texts, only one afterwards, so I concluded he doesn’t like me. Decided to text myself if he keeps silent. Hey I got the impression you didn’t think it was something, but st least I had a great date for once in my life hahahahaha. Who cares? Then a response: oh why? No I liked it. I’ll call you tomorrow. Hmm okay. If you first text all the time and then all of a sudden wait 3 days I think: oh he’s not interested and move on with my life and say to myself he was not a good match anyway, just to get over him.

  2. as regards the reason why she did not respond, have you considered that maybe she just didn’t fancy you physically that much? making out is nothing, particularly if you have a few drinks on board. it was easier for her just to play along for the night rather than awkwardly rebuff your physical advances, but then in the cold light of day…….

    1. It’s a possibility. Thinking about it now though, when making out I did feel up on her chest a little which caused her to bail early from the car. She said I got to go and left abruptly. Then I didn’t text her for 3 days after. It could have been that or maybe she just wasn’t the into me. That’s why there I made these rules for guys to follow

  3. I got to know this girl from a social dating site. We got along well, teasing each other and talked about lots of stuff. Seems that she was on the same frequency as me. Then she came to my country to seek employment. A few days after her arrival, we agreed to meet up for coffee. Everything went well, there were lots of laughter and when she spoke, i listened intently. We debated about certain issues but overall, it was a fun date. She held my hand when we crossed the road..oh well, you get my drift.

    But when she got home, the enthusiasm in her somewhat diminished. She texted to say thanks the next morning. Told her i would like to meet her again soon and she said ” yeah sure, one of these days, we will”, knowing she ll be busy with upcoming interviews and shit. After that, silence. I texted her from time to time asking her how she is, not wanting to appear needy or desperate.She gives out short replies. I intend to move on but a part of me is still seeking her.. you know that feeling..that pain in the ass heartache. Reading and taking in your advice has somewhat softened the blow..

    1. It can be anything. You will never know. As long as you play your cards right (like my advice) then you know that your not at fault and fuck it, it’s her loss. The more attractive and more younger the girl is, the more you will get flaked. Its part of the game. Just play it right though and walk away with no regrets

      1. I’m kinda giving her the benefit of a doubt, maybe she’s busy finding jobs and trying to settle into life in a new city. Should i text her one more time and see how it goes? Usually when a girl is into someone,she ll still send a courtesy text, like once a day or something, isnt it? And if she doesnt reply or seem interested,then i ll just kick her to the kerb. Damn woman..

  4. @No regrets: It doesn’t sound like shes interested. This is how I normally handle these situations. I text her how are you (depending how many times you already texted her). If she doesn’t respond, give her a warning text like you’ve been trying to contact her and if she doesn’t respond, you will not contact her anymore

    1. Yeah, exactly what i did earlier. Texted her to ask how she’s doing. 2hours passed, silence. Fuck it then, at least i ve shown i was sincere and a gentleman. Oh well, wasnt meant to be. But great advice.. will really hold on to those. Cheers mate.

  5. What do you do when you thought you had a great first date, you went for a walk on the beach, made out, held hands, and laughed a lot. In fact, she is the one who made the first move. She even texts you that night that she hates sleeping alone. You send her a text and she is a bit cold. She said she was tired from the night before and was going to go back to sleep. You don’t hear back from her for hours so I sent a text. She said she was at work for a few hours and was going to go for a walk on the beach. Then nothing. You send her a text that night, saying you had a great time and would like to get together again, and she responds the next morning with a sorry for the late reply but doesn’t acknowledge wanting to get together again, and I never responded. What do I do?

    1. Theres nothing much you can do. Shes clearly playing games, not interested, had second thoughts, or probably going out with some other guy. You can give her a warning as in you deserve more respect and if not just move on to the next girl

  6. I relate so much in this article specially if the girl is more beautiful its more harder to date her. She’s everyone’s crush and some of the crew are trying to get her attention. We had dinner. Everything went well. She held my hand like 5 times when we crossed streets. She revealed that she’ll be moving to Japan next month as a dancer. She even said that she’s a bitch. I was surprised to hear that. She has a boyfriend so it’s hard to convince her to look for another opportunities here in our country. So i carefully advice her the reality in abroad. I’m sure i didn’t said shit coz I’m an Insurance Adviser and knows how to talk. She asked me to go into the store and we ate ice cream. Had selfies. I didn’t show any affection even though i want but i know she’s in relationship. I act like a friend. Maybe that’s my fault?
    And thanks to my sister. She called me to go back at home. That night we texted like we cool and in the next days. Here’s come the SEENZONED. Lol. I mean wtf?! I chatting with his bff gay friend and seems like she didn’t tell about me yet.
    Btw, thanks for the tips. We, gentleman are few but some women dump us wtf is there problem? Lol.

  7. Yea it’s tricky sometimes. Went out with this one for the first time a few days ago that I had been texting a bit, usually very successful dating wise (simply took some time off for work). Date went great, good ending that I actually stopped with a “ok you NEED to go lol”. Simple “had fun want to do it again” text, reply was good… Then I knew I was working all day so no texting was going to happen so sent a “good morning beautiful, have a good day”… No response lol. Not much you can do at that point honestly

  8. ‘wet hole between legs….’

    Really? Just awful; I hope you edit that. Your advice was kind of on point until that and your assumption section. Just keep it moving… Take the good and leave the rest/bad. The good being a good date… the good also being that she didnt mislead you by responding with no real interest present. The bad being not as interested as you… Good to know, focus on the good to get what you really want, someone with everything 🙂

    If she’s not talking to you, check your EGO and just let go… Ego is only meant for survival not success.

    1. Yes I didn’t let my ego get in the way. But as a human I did wonder what went wrong since the date went great. I looked at my potential mistakes and learned from it. I even wrote a book about it to teach others on what I experienced

  9. Decent article, kinda bullshit though how we have to jump through hoops and go by these “dating rules” in the new millennium (having to wait 2-3 days before contact to appear not desperate or needy).

    The last date i went on a couple months was similar. We met on a dating app, talked for a month or so before we actually exchanged numbers and texted. By then we had already established decent chemistry, wake up/goodnight texts, flirty conversations and jokes, it was perfect. She’s a nurse so im sure you know how busy they are, but we actually go on a first date, very casual. We have a few drinks and split an appetizer since neither of us were too hungry, then we go dancing, while all the way holding hands and kissing like an actual couple. We go our separate ways at the end of the night, i text her the next day i had an awesome time and cant wait to see her again, she also had a blast. A few more days go by and i text her to see how she’s doin and hope she has a good day at work….from then on shorter texts with WAY less enthusiasm so im thinkin she must be upset with someone or had a shitty day at work. Over the next few weeks or so go by and i text her occasionally to keep the thought of me fresh in her mind, same thing again, short responses and sometimes i wont even get a text back. On the flip side, she still has me on social media and gives me minimal attention with barely hints of flirting. Its goin on about two months now.

    Ive come to the conclusion that females arent creatures of habit but of indecisiveness. Over the years, ive talked to other friends about dating to get a female perspective, they all say theyre too crazy and unsure and never know wtf they want.

    1. Your right on how females are indecisive.They might have truly liked/enjoyed you on the date but once they head back home they start coming up with reasons on why they should see you again, date you, etc.

      In my ebook “What do do when a girl does not text you back after your first date” in the final chapter if a girl is indecisive or shooting around the bush and wasting your time, you have to give her a stern warning. You let her know, you enjoyed the date and would like to get to know you better but if she keeps ignoring you you will not be contacting her anymore and will walk away from this interaction she will lose you forever. This is supposed to give her sense of urgency. If she is truly interested, she will respond. If not, then you got your real answer.

      Thats when you be a man and live up to your word and walk away from this interaction. You will not stand for this lack of respect and will find a girl that appreciates you.

  10. If I didn’t hear from a date after 3 days I’d assume they weren’t interested and forget about them. Don’t deliberately wait that long. Stop playing games. If you want to talk to her, do it. If she’s into you she’ll be happy to hear from you. If it would make her think less of you or annoy her, then she isn’t interested anyway or is kind of a douche.

    This is just one view from one person, but if I went on a date and they were as physically aggressive as you say you were, I wouldn’t see them again either. Makes you look like you’re only after one thing. Especially if you didn’t get in touch with her at all for days after. Have you ever considered that if you keep escalating your affection/aggressiveness, you’re likely to hit a point where it goes beyond what she’s comfortable with? But by the time you reach that point she feels like she doesn’t have a choice? I bet you’d be pissed if she suddenly cut off the physical contact during the date too though. She can’t win because you just force yourself on her.

    And quit with this “she is the one who’s in the wrong”. She doesn’t owe you anything. Yeah, it’s rude to ghost on someone, but you’re not entitled to anybody’s time.

    most of your advice has this sort of condescending angle, like she’s less than you. It’s awful. Maybe that’s why so many women ghost on you.

    tl;dr: women stop talking to you because you come on far too strong and you think you’re above them.

  11. I need advice .. I took this beautiful girl out and we had a really good time we were flirting and making jokes occasionally after the date we spent some time with each other talking and getting to know each other a lot better I could feel her emotions we kept flirting asking each other what on each others mind .. smiling and everything I needed one more clue that she probably wanted a kiss or something physical to happened she laid her head on my arm so I tried to kiss her she backed away putting her head to her hands like she fucked up I was confused real confused . I waited a sec and asked was it to soon she shook her head up n down so I waited 2 minutes and said do u want me to take u home she said no then yes I said alright I took her home n she looked at me as if she changed her mind to kiss me I wasn’t sure I went in but for a hug. N she went in for a kiss it was awkward I tried to kiss her and she said “you doubted it” no she won’t reply to me after a half a day what do I do I actually like this girl

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  13. Lots of young adults are getting clueless when it comes to texting a girl. There are so many topics to write about but none seemed to be suitable. Last time on YouTube I watched a video ( about how to write WhatsApp messages no girl can withstand to answer it. They also give you lots of examples for good opener and text-messages.

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