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My Book has hit the Hong Kong Mainstream!!

1435178037_28b1Hong Kong is not too happy about my book but men still need to get laid

Sometime during the last week or so my book has someone found its way onto the mass Hong Kong Media and has been featured on many media platforms ranging from the  news, online forums, blogs and mainstream magazines! Check out this video that was from an article that was featured on HK Apple Newspaper.

HK applee

HK appleThe video is in Chinese (Cantonese – the native dialect of Hong Kong) but I can translate for you really quickly in a few sentences. First, it explains that there was a mysterious writer known as apple2TheLoneWolfTraveler (that’s me of course) that traveled to Hong Kong for one week that turned out to be his sexual paradise. Since then he has written a book teaching Western Asians and White Males on how to have game local Hong Kong girls for sex. It briefly mentions a few key points that book covers which ranges from how to message girls online, picking up girls in the club district of Lan Kwai Fong, gaming girls that work the night shifts in 7 -11 mini mart and gaming the domestic helper women during their day off. Apparently, the narrative of the video wasn’t very happy about the book and found it sleazy and disrespectful to Hong Kong women. Nonetheless, the book is literally all over Hong Kong media and even the people who seem disgusted with my book are buying it out of curiosity. There has been a flood of responses (read the comments underneath video) and the audience seem to have mixed opinions. Some are truly offended while others are embracing the concept that the book is helping men to learn how to game girls in order to satisfy their sexual needs.


Here is another article that was featured on Hong Kong’s Next Magazine

At last, an English article published on Hong Kong Free Press website. Props because this site even recognizes that my book is the #1 TOP SELLING BOOK ON AMAZON FOR CHINA TRAVEL.



I seriously feel like Roosh V with all the publicity that comes with writing a book on how to sleep with women in a foreign city but fuck it, it sells books. Check out some of the reviews from my readers:

Shu Hong says:

Buy the ebook without hesitation! Great job man! More photos would be better!


thanks for reply on paypal, I got the code and got the book, can’t wait to start reading it!!!!!


Loved it. Good stuf, keep up the good work

More reviews to come!

Get Your Copy NOW!

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IMPORTANT directions on how to download the book: After your payment through pay-pal, a page will appear asking whether to return to TheLoneWolfTraveler blog or pay-pal home page. Make sure to click the first link (return to the Lonewolftraveler blog) which is the link to a page with a secret pass-code. Once you have the pass-code, click on this PAGE and enter the pass-code and then you will be able to download the eBook. As of now, questions regarding the book will be answered through Facebook messages ONLY.

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