The Book is finally Out!! Get Laid in Hong Kong. A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Asian Male


This book will get you laid in Hong Kong. I guarantee it.

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2The first book of its kind. Never have there been a book written specifically for the Western Asian Male population on how to travel and get laid with girls. Not until, NOW! This book is history in the making and you got to get yourself a copy. Written by me TheLoneWolfTraveler, a fellow Asian American male born and raised in America. I ventured out for a solo journey to Hong Kong for just one week which turned out to be a sex crazed vacation with the local Hong Kong girls. Now my trials, tribulations, experiences, and proven field strategies will be shared in this book.

Get Laid in Hong Kong. A Travel Guide for the Western Asian Male: is a step by step guide on how to get laid with the local Chinese girls in Hong Kong. The book offers tips, strategies, where to find the girls, how to contact them, and even what to say and do in order for you to get laid in Hong Kong! This is not a book that just offers any advice, this book is 233 pages long and over 51,000 words written strictly from the experiences I had and tested in the field to success. This book guarantees you will get plenty of sex in Hong Kong. If it worked for LoneWolf, a fellow Western Asian male, believe me when I say it will work for you.

Let’s briefly see what this book will cover:

Table of Contents - Copy

  • Actual dialogues, conversations, and emails, and what I said to these girls in order to get dates that eventually led to sex.
  • How to answer difficult test questions the girls in Hong Kong will ask you. For example: why are you in Hong Kong? How to answer in the question in a way that doesn’t make it seem like you are a sex tourist or a pervert just looking for sex. If a woman in Hong Kong finds out you just want to hook up, she won’t go on a date with you. I will teach exactly what to say to not appear that you just looking for sex.
  • Effective openers on how to start a conversation and flirt with the girls in Hong Kong that can lead to dates and sex.
  • The biggest advantage you have in Hong Kong and how to use that to escalate your sex appeal with the local girls and put yourself on top of the dating food chain.
  • Clubbing, bars, Hong Kong’s infamous red light districts, prostitution, massages and more naughty nightlife in Hong Kong.
  • How to set up an online dating profile that gets you LAID.
  • How and where to find Massage parlors for happy endings and Sex.
  • How to hook up with lonely domestic helpers living in Hong Kong with little or no male companionship. These Filipino and Indonesian women have needs and are very open to any Western foreigners for Sex, Relationships, and more
  • How to use the internet to get sex from the local Hong Kong girls.
  • How to hook up with Foreign expats who have a fetish for Asian men
  • And so much more!

I prepared a month in advance prior to my trip on how and where to get laid in Hong Kong. I researched extensively, contacted girls, and field tested everything to know what worked in getting me sex and what didn’t to maximize my chances for sex with the local girls. During the time I was in Hong Kong, I already was taking notes and by the time I got home, I starting drafting together everything I learned and experienced. Everything in this book has already been field tested and proven that it works. If it worked for me, you bet it will work for you my fellow Western Asian and White brother.

White guys can get laid in Hong Kong too

The book might might be for the Western Asian Male, but the strategies and tactics used can be applied for a White Male as well. There is also a chapter written specifically for White Males on how to get laid in Hong Kong. White guys are always asking me on my blog on how to get laid in Hong Kong, all your answers will be in this book.

Your race can give you an edge. Guys that do well in Hong Kong

  • Western Asians Men from USA, UK, Canada, Australia
  • Western White Men from USA, UK, Canada, Australia
  • European men from Germany, Netherlands, France, Scandinavian Countries
  • Light Skinned Hispanic males from South America
  • South Asian Men (Indian)

A visual of the time I had in Hong Kong.

pussy - Copy - Copy

Actual pictures from the book.

Check out the media coverage from the popular HK Apple Daily in Hong Kong.


Check out the extensive media coverage on my book


Sage advice for the overseas Chinese male

The Lone Wolf Traveler is an Asian American male who writes about his “sexcapades” in great detail and aims to make a profit from teaching other men to do the same. His book, currently ranked #1 on Amazon in Asia Travel (?!) supposedly details his one-week excursion in Hong Kong where he claims to have had a “sex crazed vacation with the local Hong Kong girls”. He claims that being an English-speaking expat is enough to “lure” the girls into having sex with him, and that Hong Kong girls and those who have come to Hong Kong to work as domestic helpers are “desperate” for men and sex, thus making them easy to exploit

Perverted Hong Kong sex guide draws backlash

By Matthew Bossons, August 27, 2015

1 0

Hong Kong has no shortage of attractions for the international tourist. The city is home to a dynamic nightlife scene, numerous craft breweries, delicious cuisine and countless sightseeing opportunities.

With so much to offer, you can imagine why Hong Kongers are unimpressed with a recently published book on how to effectively tap into the city’s sexual resources.

The book, entitled Get Laid in Hong Kong: A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Asian and White Male, has ruffled the feathers of numerous women’s rights and labor advocacy groups.

The book’s premise, if you couldn’t figure it out by the title, is to act as a step-by-step guide for Western and overseas Asian men visiting Hong Kong for sex.

Image result for hong kong free press
A new book that teaches “western Asian males” how to pick up Hong Kong girls, and encourages them to pick up foreign domestic workers on their day off, has divided opinion online.

The book, entitled Get Laid in Hong Kong, was written by an Asian American blogger and self-proclaimed “sex traveller” using the pen name TheLoneWolfTraveler.

Originally published in September 2014, the book has only just begun receiving media attention and is currently leading Amazon’s Top 100 best selling paid Chinese travel books.

Hong Kong, the pussy heaven is just a book away…


The Ebook is available in:

PDF format and Amazon Kindle

233 pages, over 51,000 words

It’s a small price to pay to get laid. The tips here will get you laid. I guarantee it.

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Get the EBook Version. PDF format, download straight to your computer for only $9.95. Pay with PayPal

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 Get the Kindle Version on Amazon. It was the #1 Best Seller on Travel China

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IMPORTANT directions on how to download the book and get the FREE book: After your payment through pay-pal, a page will appear asking whether to return to TheLoneWolfTraveler blog or pay-pal home page. Make sure to click the first link (return to the Lonewolftraveler blog) which is the link to a page with a secret pass-code. Once you have the pass-code, click on this PAGE and enter the pass-code and then you will be able to download the eBook. As of now, questions regarding the book will be answered through Twitter messages ONLY.

Feel free to  share and leave comments or reviews about the book on the blog.

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24 thoughts on “The Book is finally Out!! Get Laid in Hong Kong. A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Asian Male”

  1. I’m a Filipino guy from the west coast currently living in HK as an expat. I just finished reading your book and found it quite useful. Just wondering, are you planning to publish this in paperback?

    1. Thanks for your purchase brother. Yes, I plan on publishing the book in paperback to have it available on Amazon and other well known publishers. I will update the blog when the paperback becomes available

  2. Just got back from Korea after a month. Well, fuck America I’m moving to Korea. From the moment I got on the Korean Air at LA airport, I felt right at home and the flirty glances exchanged between the hot Korean flight attendants and I, the sexual tension was already building up and after the arrival and at the baggage claim, I could have picked up one of those hotties in uniform (i.e. flight attendants) if I didn’t have to attend my grand dad’s funeral. After the funeral I facebook-messaged my former fuckbuddy girl and, well, I was humping at one of those “love hotels” in Seoul in a few hours. I don’t understand why I spent my life in America for so long. I’m moving to Korea, not just to get laid and be respected as a successful man, but also to avoid American women and bullshit against us Asians, especially the Asian men. Economy is fucked in America too and it looks like Korea will be richer than America pretty soon. I’m packing (literally) and am starting over in Seoul, Korea!!!!!

    1. Good stuff brother, it reminds me of the time when I went to Seoul. I have a feeling ur going to have a lot of stories to tell.
      My next book will be about getting laid in Seoul, South Korea
      Keep us updated

  3. From your observations, are the vast majority of asian women who date white men beautiful or not? I have read that in most af/wm relationships, either one or both parties are generally unattractive/ugly. Hence I would like to get your opinion based on your experiences and observations. And do most asian american women prefer white men or asian men in your opinion? I’m an asian guy btw. And I think you should try making other races of women your new conquests, especially white women so that their opinion of asian men will change.

    1. It ranges quite a lot. I’ve seen good looking AF white WM that look their match, I’ve seen ugly AF with a decent looking Wm, and a ugly WM with a good looking AF. Then i see AF with bald, fat, ugly old non Asian men making me question what are her intentions or if she after him cause he’s white. But then again, that can’t always be the case because these days in NYC you see Asian women with all types including blacks, indians and even as low as fat short mexicans! The truth is, AF will fuck any other race more so then any other types of women of different race.
      I’ve had a few of Non Asian women conquests and a feel close calls (blog post coming soon) but yes you are right, I can use more Non asian women conquests.

  4. Yes it ranges but in most of the AF/WM (specifically) relationships that you have seen in general, is at least one of the partners ugly or are both good looking? In other words, the good looking AF/WM you have seen that look like they match, do they comprise a very tiny percentage of all AF/WM relationships or do they make up quite a lot of AF/WM relationships in general? Also, are AF in AF/WM relationships generally much less attractive than AF in AF/AM relationships from what you have seen?

    1. Your questions are quite strange and hard to answer. But if I must, I would say it is mostly even out. Ive seen ugly ones, old ones, young ones, decent looking ones, etc. There is so much of these couples its impossible to list. This doesn’t even included the Asians with other men (dark skin types like black,brown, etc)

      1. Sorry to say I didn’t read the download instructions before making the purchase via PayPal. I just sent you a tweet also. Can u please send me the passcode? Cheers!

  5. Good day very nice site!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Superb ..
    I will bookmark your website and take the feeds additionally?

    I’m glad to search out so many useful information right here within the
    publish, we’d like work out extra strategies in this regard, thank you
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