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The Korean American girl

Two words. Amazing fucking sex. Okay, so it’s three words but point made. She is only my second Asian American woman that I’ve fucked. The first was was my doctor girl.

The day started off as nothing special as I didn’t have much planned except for getting some work done on my laptop. It was one of those spontaneous approaches that clicked from the very start. Still frustrated with having to walk everyone because my bike is damaged due to some scum  that knocked it over, I had to get everywhere on foot. However, this time it worked to my advantage because it gave me the opportunity to do a cold approach. I noticed her almost immediately with her long straight black hair that went all the way down to her back. She was one of those girls that you could tell she was Korean right away and she was slim, petite and very sexy. I had the most random opener but it worked, she responded then I slowly starting building the sexual tension with her.


Gaming Tip: Sometimes when you see a girl on the street, train, or any public area and you want to talk to her but don’t know the first thing to say, just make a comment on the surrounding environment. For instance, if your on a bus and the bus driving keeps making abrupt stops or breaks heavily, just make a comment like: “does this guy knows how to drive?” How did he pass his bus operator license, he can’t even brake normally.” And go from there. You will be surprised on how well a girl will respond to a comment about the environment then when compared to randomly hitting on her with cheesy lines or personal questions.


She wasn’t hesitant in responding to me but she acted a bit like she was not interested but yet at the same time left hints that she perhaps might have been. I don’t think she was playing hard to get, but it was more to the fact that I was a complete stranger who was talking to her so it took a few minutes for her to warm up to me. The interesting thing was she was one of those Asian girls who put up a deceiving facade. Initially upon talking to her, you would think she was one of those white loving Asian American whores, stuck up, bitchy, and spoiled. Although she was spoiled to a certain extent, she was down to earth when it came to conversation, quite humble once she warmed up to me, and I can tell she was very sensitive but put up a barrier of toughness on the outside. She was sex appeal to it’s finest. She sealed her fate when she told me that she had only been with Asian men and preferred Asian men. I decided her pussy had to be mine.

I worked my game and her broke her down bit by bit and I knew that she had completely fallen for me. All her sarcastic comments, hard to get attitude, and being in charge personality didn’t stand a chance against me and she knew it. I literally invited myself back to her place and although she put up some resistance, it was a half ass resistance. I knew she wanted me to come back to her place, she just couldn’t make it that easy for me.

Long story short, after less than 5 hours of meeting her, I was deep in her. She was a freak in bed, and I nicknamed her the sex goddess. She rode me like a champ, took it from behind like a real lady, and held her legs wide open (one of my favorites) while I was top. She had the most tightest pussy I ever fucked (even more than the Japanese girl) and I literally had to push my way into her bit by bit while she took deep breaths. I fucked her four times and in multiple positions, in less than four hours time and still had no shortage of cum for her.

The crazy thing was, we didn’t even know each other names. She had to ask me for my name after the fourth round. Since she asked for my name, I figured I’ll ask for her’s too.


Total price spent on her to get her into bed: Less than $20

Total time spent to get her into bed: Less than 5 hours

Total rounds completed: 4 rounds in about 4 hours.


I love Korean girls.


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14 thoughts on “The Korean American girl”

  1. I find Asian girls who only prefer Asian guys the easiest to talk to but unfortunately those girls are a dime a dozen. I’ve always wanted to interact with Korean girls but where I live there is none. Nice story btw

      1. I live in a small town in Texas, with maybe a 0.10% Asian population lol. I have to drive 2-3 hours away just to see a bunch of Asian people in the city.

  2. Well played, sir.

    I get a lot of tight girls here in Tokyo as well. I find that a good finger blasting to orgasm usually relaxes chicks so you can bang away later without worrying about them being too tight.

      1. Sure do. Although I’ve gotten my “fuck funnel” down so tight that most of my stories/field reports are just minor variations of the same theme.

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