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How I made my girl “squirt”


I used to think girls squirting during an orgasm was something that only happened in the porno movie category. Last night, I am proud to say I found out the wet truth about girls squirting personally. By the end of it, a large patch of my blanket (which was under her pussy) was completely soaked. I pulled the blanket off and let it dry by the heater and continued to work on my girl’s pussy. She was beginning to soak my sheets. I had to take a old t shirt and rag to put under her pussy to stop my sheets and mattress from getting soaked. She squirted 3 times at least I was quite surprised when I saw it squirt the first time. Juice and white cream was all over and her pussy and pubes were soaked. It was a job well done.

How I did it:

1. First, I didn’t give my girl any dick or sex of any sort for 2 weeks. (reason being, I had a FWB on the side satisfying my needs) but I left my girl sex deprived and on the verge of explosion

2. Took her out for a nice meal. Had a good time

3. Came back home, not too late. Still early evening. Since it was so early, there was pletny of energy left in us both.

4. Turned on some music, and then surprised her by tossing her on the bed.

5. Had a nice make out session with a lot of tongue action. Got her turned on to the point she was breathing heavy with her eyes closed in la la land.

6. Played some Japanese porn on my computer and turned the screen over to the bed.

7. Started off by teasing, tonguing and sucking her nipples. Left all her clothes on. Just gave foreplay to her upper body, breasts, and neck. Rubbed her pussy with my hand with her pants still on.

8. Really focused on foreplay to get her turned on to the point where she was hot and heavy. Only then did I proceed to take the panties proceed off

9. Continue to suck on her nipples while slowly and gently taking my index and middle finger to locate her clit. She was soaking wet at this point. Used her own wetness to lubricate the tip of her clit. Starting to web gently and stimulate

10. Talked dirty. My girl loves dirty talk. I started to talk dirty telling how I loved her hard nipples and her wet wet pussy. Continued to talk dirty while stimulating her nipples and clit.

11. After 5 minutes or less, magic happens. First squirt

12. Let the juices flow. After the first squirt, I gave her some hard dick. I pounded her hard and fast and talked dirty. Her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head and the rest you can leave to your imagination 😉

How can you tell if it’s cum or pee? 

1. First and foremost, when a girl squirts, it comes out of her urethra (the same hole where she pees). It does not squirt from the vaginal hole like many has come to believe

2. How far does she squirt? In porno movies, it tends to exaggerate when a girl can squirt and hit a cockroach from across the room. Honestly, I don’t think this is possible. A genuine orgasmic female squirt should only shoot a few inches at most.

3. Does it smell like urine? Is it warm? If it is really cum it won’t have the typical piss smell that is so distinctive. Also if she is squirting, check to see if the fluid is warm. As we all know, urine should be warm. If it is cool, it is cum

4. Check your girl’s reaction. If she is shaking, her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she is moaning, than she is more than likely cumming than pissing. What was the last time someone took a piss with those reactions?

5. Check her vaginal hole. She should be extremely wet down there too. If you see white fluids coming out and streaming from her vaginal hole, it means she is extremely turned on and the fluid squirting from her urethra is cum, not pee.

6. Remember, when a woman has an orgasm, the bladder shuts off the gland that allows her to urine. It is the same with men, when we cum do we shoot piss?

7. After she squirts and sex is over, she should feel the need to pee in a few minutes. Many women have experienced that they need to urinate after having an orgasm. Ask your girl if she had a lot of pee and was it yellow? If she says yes, I doubt she was squirting previously.

If you see all these signs, then give yourself a pat on the back. You are the man. You can say you made your girl squirt. If this doesn’t give you bragging rights, I don’t know what will. When you cuddle afterwards, she should be extra loving of you. You just gave her the ride of her life. She should look at you with wide open loving eyes, as in “I love you, and I’m fucking never going to let you go.”


Tools of the Trade: To assist in helping you make your girl squirt faster or if the finger is not enough – Both are LWT Approved. Get them both on Amazon


Lube to help with the wetness. A lubricated clit is easier to get off with your fingers


Finger vibrator. Slip it onto your finger and lube it up then put it over her clit. The vibration should get her off and it’s a shortcut to making her squirt.

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