Support your Asian brother

I received my Second Donation

Thanks to another generous reader, TheLonewolfTraveler blog has received its second donation since the blog’s origin.

Thank you for my support my Asian brother. Readers like yourself are my motivation to write and represent for Asian American men

21 thoughts on “I received my Second Donation”

      1. No problem dude, i like this blog and hope it stays active and you get more generous donations, i also look forward to this book.

  1. Also show recent comments so it becomes easier to know. You should submit your web URL to Google so that they can send send their spider software to analyze and put it in their database.

  2. Alright Lone Wolf…. My next biggest project is debunking the myth that Whites are native to Europe. Unfortunately my home computer has F@#ked up royally, and I just lost 3 months of fucking research that I was doing on my computer. Now I have to start from scratch and memory….it will take about a week or maybe a month, but I will be saving my work to my school account since it has a greater hard drive memory. My computer will crash if I try and save it to mine. So if I save it to my school computer and email the work to you and give you my WordPress login info….do you think you could post it onto my blog?

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