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TheLoneWolfTraveler Blog’s One Year Anniversary!

One year ago, I had a goal. My goal was to create something that Western Asian or Asian men from around the world can find a place where they can share like minded thoughts and ideas, problems that we face, racial issues, dating, sex, etc. A place where they can have a voice and express their opinions and feelings they had boiled up deep inside them. More importantly, I wanted Asian men to know that they are NOT ALONE with their feelings, and they are not weird or bitter and there are other Asian men in the world that share the same thoughts.

That goal became TheLonewolfTraveler Blog; a Kickass Blog for the Asian man. The blog where the Asian man can relate instead of being outcast-ed, disrespected, made fun and treated like a second class citizen in the Western world, even by his own people and women.  This is not an kiss ass blog, write mainstream friendly material to fit in blog, or parental friendly blog, or lie about the truth blog, this is a down right raw, real, and gritty blog. I tell and write the truth about things in my own life and the things I see around me. Some may disagree with my point of views while others can relate.

To all my loyal readers and supporters, let’s all celebrate the one year anniversary of TheLoneWolfTraveler Blog! Cheers!


An update on my book: Get Laid in Hong Kong. A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Asian Male. I’m proud to say that I’m 80% done with it. It’s really shaping up and I’m excited and look forward to its release on this blog.

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52 thoughts on “TheLoneWolfTraveler Blog’s One Year Anniversary!”

      1. Only asking because Asian Indians are actually Caucasians according to geneticist Cavalli Sforza

      2. When people refer to Asians, most of the time they mean Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, orientals in general. Technically Indians are Asians, but most people won’t identify them as Asian. For example, they will say: it was an Asian guy. Or it was an Indian guy.

      3. I don’t consider myself different from any other East Asian. I believe that all East Asians; including Southeast, Northeast, Siberian, and Arctic as well as Pacific Islander and Austronesian Mongoloid populations should unite. This includes Fillippinos. I want all Asians to fight as one team against the oppression and inequality that Whites and Caucasiods put on us.

    1. I don’t want equal citizenship only, I want a superior socioeconomic and political position for all East Asians in White countries. Merely being treated is no longer enough. I have been bullied severely by Caucasians during elementary and middle school to the point of broken teeth and limbs and required surgery. These Caucasians inherently hate all non-Caucasians, although they show respect to Black folks because Blacks dont take any shit from Whitey and have demonstrated that they are willing to riot and commit organized violence against Whites in repairation for anti-Black sentiment and action by Whites. I am 17 right now, and I will be able to vote in 2016. I was glad to hear that 76% of Asian Americans voted for Obama as opposed to Romney; it shows we are fighting back against Whites.

      1. Whikte people do NOT like us. One White kid on my school bus a week ago told me he was going to join the Marines just so he could go to North Korea and kill “as many chinks as I can”. He then asked me if I was mad and if I was going to use kung fu on him, and the whole Caucasian bus laughed. Even the Caucasian bus driver batted a blind eye and smirked. I know several other Asian kids who are needlessly bullied like this. A race war between Whites and Asians is inevitable. Right now I am posting on my smartphone because I am in class, but I can right more detailed explanations on a desktop keyboard later (due to faster typing). We beat them many times in the past, the Asian Xiognu conquered Western China from the White Tocharians, the East Asian nomadic tribes conquered Central Asian Caucasians and established a caste with the Mongoloids on top. The Mongols wiped out a 3rd of Europe and decimated Russia and White Central Asians, conquering Aryan India, etc. The Huns; who were half Mongoloid half Caucasoid, dealt heavy blows to Rome despite being way technologically inferior. We can take back this planet from the Whites.

      2. Indians are geographically Asian but phylogenetically they are classified as Caucasoids, this includes the dark skinned lower caste Dravidians; they are also Caucasoids. There was a population geneticist named Cavalli Sforza who confirmed this in 1992.

  1. Thanks for sharing your racist experiences with white ppl in detail. I’m sure it’s safe to assume that you are living in a all white state? This reminds me of my experience that I had back in highschool when i was 15. Obviously i’m alot older than you but the point remains, racism against Asians in school and society hasn’t changed over the years. In my sophomore year in highschool I was quite a puny little naive Asian kid. I became a prime target for a white bully who proceeded to call me gook and made my sophomore year miserable. I was too young, scared, shocked to fight back. The other white kids that hung out with him joined him in his racist tirade against me and bullied me but not nearly as much as he did. Let me not forget to mention that he hated black ppl has well and would do the nazi salute everywhere. It is the twist though, he pretended to my friend in the beginning and we hung out for awhile before he showed his true colors. Heres the sickening thing. He had a huge attraction to Asian girls. He will gawk at them and talk about how he liked them but at the same time he called me gook, all Asians are gooks, and all Asians should die for what happened in Pearl Harbor. When he would talk to an Asian girl, he would be nice and act like a good guy and no one would ever know. So for him and I guarantee you many of those white guys you see TODAY with Asian girls are what you called two face. In front of their white friends they will call Asians gooks and have racist remarks towards us but then they want to have Asian women and you see these couples all over cities like SF, LA, NYC, etc. Asian women aren’t much better since they like to hate on their own and many go as far to publicly state that they don’t Asian men. However little do they know also that the white guy they are dating is calling her and her people gooks, chink, behind her back.

    1. Now going back to my experience my sophomore year was miserable. It wasn’t until Junior year that I stopped getting bullied mainly due to the fact that this white kid was chased out of the school when his racism became known by other minority clicks. Who knows where he is today, he must being dating some Asian girl and calling all Asian gooks at the same time.

      For you, is there anyone you can talk to? Your parents, guidance counselor, teachers that care? This is very important
      Don’t make the same mistake I did and get scared. Stand up for yourself
      Surround yourself if possible with good people and friends. Positive attitudes are contagious and good friends will always offer support.
      Work out. Lift some weights if you look skinny and fragile. Physically weak kids are targets to racists and bullies. Build yourself up physically and your confidence will follow

      1. This is typical Caucasoid sociopathy/narcissicsm. I have known plenty of Whites who exhibited this trait; to place you under pretense of friendship and then abruptly reveal their hatred by physically assaulting you. Most Whites have this personality characteristic about them; and all Whites exhibit it to some degree. I was very very impoverished not too long ago, and some White pastors and community leaders at my church financially helped my parent make ends meet and what not, and then suddenly spread terrible rumors about us, excluded us from the church community, doing all manner of social wrong. The only Whites I knew who didnt eventually turn on me are the ones with Black or Asian admixture. Also, non-European Caucasoids, such as Arabs or Asian Indians; still exhibit these sociopathic traits. All Caucasoids do this. Arabs and Asian Indians are Caucasian, but not White. I have known plenty Arabs and Indians as well, and every last one of them eventually showed their true colors. This is why when I am 18 years of age I am going to move to either an upper class Asian community (if I can get a decent job) or an underclass Black community. I would rather live around ghetto Blacks than have to deal with these sick subhuman Caucasians ever again. I would move back to Korea but I know no Korean and am not accustomed to the system there. I am so sick of these White folks due to my experiences. In third grade, one kid came up to me and said “ching chang chong”. Of course it was a White kid, and the teacher heard this, and I asked her loudly if she was going to do anything about the kid’s racial remark. She just said “excuse me?”, and I repeated myself. She then sent me to the office with a referral for miscondouct, and I was put in lunch detention for 1 week. This is only the least terryfying of my experiences. My most terrifying was when a White kid broke my nose, and my eyes swoll shut due to it. The White school I went to the next day was a terrifying experience. The Whites there started hitting me from behind, punching my neck, one kid spit on me, and they made racist remarks such as “now his eyes are even more shut!”. There was one Black kid who tried sticking up for me but all he could really do was walk beside me and deter the White kids from reaching me. It was hell on earth, and even the teachers batted a blind eye though it would be physically impossible for them to not notice what was happening.

      2. I do lift weights, but it is an impossible task for me to build muscle. When I was 16, I could bench 225 after 6 months of working out, but my arms were still as skinny as a starving Somali. There are two ways the body grows stronger; one is hypertrophy; or causing the muscle cells to enlarge, and the other is neuromuscular activation; or sending stronger nerve singals to your cells. I think my body did the latter; I managed to pile more weight on the bar very fast, but never any muscle on my arms. I am just not biologically capable of building substantial muscle.

  2. There must be someone you can talk to about this. Your parents, report to the principal. Make and let them understand than racism and discrimination is illegal in the United States and they better take the necessary procedures to see it doesn’t continue to happen.
    Which state are you in?

    1. I am in NC. I go to a school with a lot of Blacks and a decent size of Asians, I discovered that if I hang around the Blacks that the Whites will fuck off and leave me alone. The bullying for the most part has subsided, but if any major bullying ever starts up again I will record it on my phone, show it to the School Resource Officer; record the SRO, and threaten to report them to the NAACP if immidiate action is not ensued. I believe that Asians can become the dominant race in American hiearchy given that Asians unite into one tribe and fight under one banner. My screename; Sifu Qin; is symbolic of this, I think Sifu means teacher in Chinese (I heard Jackie Chan use it as such in Rush Hour 2), and the Qin is for the Qin Dynasty; when a Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi united all the confederations and tribes of China under one flag and ushered in a burst of technological progress and military expansion. I may not be a warrior but I consider myself one who teaches Asians to unite like the Qin did. My avatar of Genghis Khan bears the same significance. Genghis Khan was from a minor tribe called Boudichiin, and was the son of the tribe chief. When the cheif died; his tribe abandoned him and Genghis was forced to survive on his own along with his mother. He conquered tribes one by one until the Mongolian tribes were all conquered, but he acheived this by granting each conquered tribe equal bearing in his hiearchy; effectively uniting them. The Mongols divided were a bunch of shitty nomad warriors killing each other like a bunch of idiots, but the Mongols united took out a 3rd of Europe, half of Jin China, a substantial portion of Russia and Central Asia, and fucked up India and Middle Eastern Empires.

      1. If you look at the craniofacial phenotypical traits of Caucasians; they are more similar to apes than Asians. For many years in elementary school White kids told me that I looked like a monkey or a ape, and that White traits were “normal, human” traits. Well, lets see; Whites have receeding malards (cheekbones), a ovular-rectangular elongated maxillary and manible (upper and lower jaw as well as part of the midface), a heavy browridge, deep sunken-eyes, dolichocephalic cranium, and excessive facial and body hair. East Asians have flaring malards, angular, boxed maxillary and mandible, absent browridge, non-sunken eyes, brachycephalic cranial index, little body and facial hair. So Whites are closer to apes than us! Which explains their inability to reason like a human being; and their wolfpack mentality of bullying. Whites are subhumans.

  3. Hey, Lone Wolf; on this day in Asian history, commemorate the Xiognu. The Xiognu were a group of East Asians who were around when the European White Tocharians; who were up to 6″4 tall and red haired, occupied the Tarim Basin. The Xiognu, who were only 4″7, conquered and massacred Caucasian Tocharians all over China, taking White females from the Tocharians they conquered as sex partners. Eventually, the remaining Tocharians fled into Western Asia and never bothered the Chinese again. Remember; we are the conquerors. Once you realize this; the White man can no longer use his psychological warfare to overpower you.

  4. Lone Wolf; the reason why many Asians are unfraid of standing up to Whites is because we are afraid they can defeat us should push comes to shove. However; as history has demonstrated numerous times; this is not the case. It is we who have slaughtered them. Spread the word to as many Asians as you can. We are the conquerors!

  5. I admire your Asian pride and I’m proud that you representing for Asian men. Try to think positive and not let your heart turn bitter. Surround yourself with positive and good friends and keep doing your thing!

    1. Sorry, but thinking positive won’t get our race anywhere. I have thought for a long time that a race war between Asians and non-Asians was inevitable. There is no race that likes us or cares about us; even groups such as Native Americans and Hispanics detest us; I have seen numerous examples with my own two eyes. Whites worship Blacks like idols but hate us and treat us as “un-American” foriegn invaders. Blacks will always side with Whites if a White-Asian war were to break out, and so will Hispanics. Groups such as Samoans and Hawaiians prefer to identify with Whites rather than Asians. Asians need to unite against everyone else; like Qin Dynasty China or Mongols under Genghis united against their foes and prevailed. Look at our history; the Wright brothers based the airplane off of Tang Dynasty Chinese hang gliders and wooden propellers, Benjamin Franklin got his idea of electricity after Chinese electricity generated from magnetic compasses in the Southern Song Dynasty. We invented the gear mechanism, and the modern engine is based off of a Han Dynasty boiling water engine which powered a ship using rotating wooden turbines. Zheng He; first intercontinental sailor. More East Asian inventions include; firearms, gunpowder, explosives, rockets, cannons, missiles, underwater explosives, movable print, paper, seismograph, the first working TV, general anasthesia, video game consoles and video games, half of all modern electronics (at least), and many, many, countless more. The greatest Asian acheivement to date is probably when two Asian college students figured out how to TELEPORT quantum bits of subatomic information across two electrons using the principles of entanglement. We have conquered Whites many many times in the past. Xiognu vs Tocharians, Mongols vs Europe, Magyars vs Turks, etc, etc. Even Attila the Hun is described as being “Big-headed, small-eyed, tanned, flat-faced, flat-nosed”. We just need to unite and take this planet in a race war; White subhumans are incapable of running a smooth civilization.

  6. Hey Lone Wolf, more sickening White media. This time the White media claimes that this White boy committed suicide after being bullied by ASIANS.
    So I did a little research, and guess who bullied that little White boy? NOT Asians, but other Whites. Specifically, Whites from Pakistan; which is geographically in Asia but ethnically and racially Caucasian. Originally; the ancestors of the Pakistani people come from the despicable Tocharian and Celtic peoples who used to occupy China around pre-Shang and Shang Dynasty times until the Xiognu and Han Chinese tired of them and kicked them out, leaving a trail of Caucasoid skull and blood all the way to Central Asia nearing the Middle East before we got tired of chasing after them (That is in fact; why the Irish have a high frequency of red hair; we chased the Celts and they never stopped running until they hit the British Isles and intermingled with the Picts and down in the Iberian Peninsula with the Gauls). So WHY are the White media blaming a White-on-White bullying case on ASIANS? Because they HATE, HATE, HATE us. They would NEVER do this to the Black idols they worship, and probably not to the Hispanic “oppressed masses” they coddle and nurture from their very tits. This kind of White-against-Asian sentiment is exclusively directed at Asians.
    We as East Asians need to unite and organize against White racism. This means forming organizations for Asian protection and Asian (specifically East Asian non-Caucasian Asians) rights, and for the political, legislative, and judicial protection and advocation of our peoples. We must be active, not rant on blogs about how shitty they are treating us. When I turn 18, I will slowly form my own organization for Asian rights, kind of like how Blacks and Hispanics have the NAACP. Also, don’t depend on Blacks or Hispanics to protect or advocate for us; they consider us “foreigners” and would rather side with the more assimilatory Whites whom they are more familiarized with. We must act for ourselves, by ourselves. Enough of playing Nice Guy, its time to bring out the fury of our ancestors, and politically organize against White injustice, and if push comes to shove, and Whites start committing even more hate crimes against us than they already are, then we must put our lives on the line and engage the Whites in a race war. It is the only way, and if we do not, our descendants shall curse us for being fucking pussies and not securing rigths for them. Our ancestors shall curse us for letting all their sacrifices go to waste. The Xiognu, Mongols, Magyars, Huns, Han Chinese, Zhou, Shang, Yayoi, Li, Angkorians, ancient Vietnamese, etc. fought to their bloody deaths to secure a future for Asian children. We must continue their tradition or face extinction. Besides, America was never a WHite country, it was a Native American one. Whites have no right to be here anyways. We must mass immigrate to ALL White countries and totally replace the demographics. If Whites wish to physically protest, let the Race Wars begin!

  7. Also, another detail; South Asians such as Indians are NOT Asian like us. These are Caucasians, and they HATE us. They call us “chinkies” and commit hate crimes against Korean and Chinese migrants to India. These folks are just as bad, if not worse than White Caucasians. There are four major branches of the Caucasian group; White European, South Asian Caucasian, Arab, and Berber/North African. The other three groups are just as bad as the White ones. Do not think any of them has any affection or sympathy for us; they have more sympathy for Black Muslims and other geographically related groups than for any of us. In fact, even assimilated Asians are still hated with a similar intensity to the ethnolinguistically foriegn ones. I have dealt with many, many ethnicities in my 17 years of living, and I have lived all over America. I even knew several Gypsies and Samoans. Non Mongoloid East Asians HATE all Mongoloid East Asians. I say NE Asians should stop hating SE Asians, Han Chinese stop hating Hui Chinese, Koreans and Japanese stop hating each other, Mongols and Chinese stop hating each other, and ALL Mongoloid Asians unite against our true enemy; the non-East Asians!!!!!

  8. One thing I have noticed is that it’s true that middle eastern people and Guyanese harbor a lot of racism towards Asians. I know this through personal experiences and other Asians. I don’t like them much myself either.

  9. Lone Wolf, what Mighty Whitey HATES to admit is that he descends from Black Africans. They are adamant that the Caucasoid race is a unique race, when there is one ONE gene exclusive to their race; MC1R-16, or pigmentation. All other Caucasoid genes can be traced to 14 African populations, and about 66-70% of them can also be found in East Asians. In fact, the European White phenotype is in itself a primitive vestigal throwback of the original Out of Africa populations, as Proto-Aborigines had that phenotype based on craniomorphology. Look at the Ainu, Ami, Kennewick Man, Spirit Cave Man; these are all 100% Asians but physically indistinguishable from a White man. More proof that the White phenotype is closest to cavemen and apes. Yet they say we Asians look like yellow monkeys. Clearly a stupid White lie.

  10. Never be afraid of the White man. We kicked their asses so many times in the past it is not even funny. In fact; White folks are in Europe for that very reason. They were indigenous to Central Asia; homeland of Indo-European languages and the R1a Y-DNA clade, but we chased them all the way to Europe.

    1. Lol i hope this kid is not a troll, cause we need more dudes likes him, i wish i had friends that were aware like this person.

      1. If you want to contact me give me your email and I will contact you. I am not a troll however, but I am one of the very few awakened Asians who know the truth of our history by meticulously microscoping through every miniscule detail of real history, and not the history that the Whites feed us. For example; Whites depict Attila the Hun as a White man using Renaissaince Era coins, but the historian Priscus says,
        “ Short of stature, with a broad chest and a large head; his eyes were small, his beard thin and sprinkled with grey; and he had a flat nose and tanned skin, showing evidence of his origin.[12]”
        They also say that Genghis Khan was White. Visit my website at for a debunk of that.

  11. I have almost had it with Whitey. Today I just saw an Asian kid at lunch get a banana thrown at his head, he reports it to the cafeteria supervisor, supervisor does nothing. Tells kid to go sit down. When will Asians unite? I long for the day that Asians are united, and one act of provokation by Whites will result in a bloobath massacre where we kill, maim, and slaughter all of the Whites. Show no mercy. We need to get rid of them as a race altogether. I cannot believe the cruelty which was shown today by the despicable albino faggot excuse of a teacher. One day I am going to learn hacking and hack into Stormfront and VNN and fuck them up badly. I am going to get the names and IP addresses of every White Nationalist at Stormfront and VNN, and release it to the public. We will see how long it takes for Black thugs to kill every last one of them and their families. Probably half a week is my bet.

    1. If all the Asians that get bullied in teh school and get together with their parents to report to the school directors, prinicpals or even authorities about the racism, the bullying and discrimination you all face then you bet they will have to do something to stop it and not turn the other way. The truth is, white teachers or school workers wont back you up. They will back their own white kids. Perhaps they are even racist themselves.

      1. They ARE racist! My teacher once made a remark to me before Thangsgiving about how there were no “Orientals” on the Mayflower. Another time in Civics class last year we were talking about White privelige and affirmative action and somehow the topic of George Zimmmerman the White Hispanic fat fuck got brought up, and I said that he was another example of White privelige, and I got written up and had to deal with 3 days of ISS for that. Fuck White teachers, ALL of them, even the ones with Asian wives or husbands, are racist. Even the White police are racist, and every single White subhuman out there hates Asians. Dont forget that. I recently about a month ago had the wonderful opprtunity to fuck up a White kid’s life, he was making fun of Blacks and Hispanics at the lunch table, and since I had my phone out and was browsing the Internet I secretly recorded him saying “wetback, nigger, spic, porchmonkey” and the whole racist rant. I then showed it to some Black kids and they beat the living shit out of him after school and fucking broke his jaw. Good thing they didnt snitch on me about the video, I made them promise not too, so they told the cops they heard him saying “Nigger” while walking past him after school. I could have gotten suspended for instigating a fight. But I came home and was filled with ectasy after I saw the White fucker’s face on the news of him hospitalized. I was so happy I cried tears of exuberance. That was such a happy moment for me. I am going to study HTML and firewall coding so that I can hack White Nationalist websites such as Stormfront and get all the member’s IP addresses and names. Then I will release them to Hispanic and Black gangs and let them kill all of the White Nationalists and their families. Also, most Asians do not like Black people due to their high crime rates, but I love Blacks because they are killing Whites! Hurrah for Black criminals, but they need to step it up and kill more Whites. I hope North Korea nukes Europe as well. I support Obama so he can import more Hispanic criminals to the States to kill off more Whites. I want to repay the White man in full for the hatred he has shown me, I want them all to die a slow, agonizing death. And then the rapidly proliferating East Asians will reproduce fast and immigrate to other countries, replacing the demographics. Soon the whole world will look like me and you. Just wait till that day!

  12. Lol dude chill out, as much as i dont condone violence if i see a smaller asian getting picked on i would defend him/her no doubt.

    1. Sorry dude, I just got really angry. This really defines my life…I have had a terrible life and the only thing that kept me going was the will to see the domination of the East Asian race and the defeat of the White race. It consumes every second of my life…I even dream about it. Today I kinda got carried away by condoning violence, but the sinister underlying truth is that a race war will come sooner or later. Believe me, I am immovably confident that it is inevitable, and will bite us in the ass if we do not organize. I have been studying Psychology, History, Sociology, Civil Engineering, and much more to find every single weakness of the Caucasians, and I have been so consumed with it all lately. I will chill out though and not get carried away….but dont forget they are inherent enemies.

      1. Focus your energy on your blog. I don’t condone violence myself either as Tim mentioned, but you should stand up for yourself. I said it once and will say it again, talk to you parents or there is has to be a responsible dependable adult that you can talk to that will care and help you in a positive way

      2. Yes I will focus on my blog, although I wont really get into it until about a year later. Right now I am just preparing research materisl about the genetics of White people, their REAL history (and not the bullshit taught by White historians), the real state of human population based on genetics, craniomorphology, paleoantology, and archaeology. I am going to possibly write a book about it when I am about 20 or 19, called “Does Race Exist?” and I have some very startling pieces to write out based on some profound discoveries I made while researching. I want to be a source of information for the misinformed East Asians who have been fed bullshit by White scientists and historians, if they can even be called that. The history which the Whites teach is almost 95% incorrect, and I have definite archaeological proof of this. It is time for Asian children to grow up knowing that THEY are the ones who really invented modern civilization and conquered the Whites.

  13. Also, to be frank with you, nonviolent protest wont work. There will have to be several race riots before these Caucasoids get it through their head not to fuck with us. Black people had to do the same before they got respect from Whitey. Whites just want an excuse to hate something, and if it is not race it will be religion, political leanings, hair color (HITLER!), or whatever they can find. They are a self-destructive race which thrives on hate, and eventually they will destroy themselves. Once they quit fucking with Asians, they will start fucking with Catholics, Buddhists, Republicans, Democrats, Mexicans, cat lovers, emos, whatever they can find. Regardless of what, they will find something to direct their hatred towards, or they cannot survive. They should not be treated as human because they are not. They are subhuman, with phenotypical and neurobiological similarities to apes.

    1. Attila the Hun was East Asian
    2. Whites descend from Black Africans
    3. Whites are not a separate race
    4. The White phenotype is not unique to Whites, and is in fact exhibited by pureblood members of Asian and Black races, and is not an advanced form but a throwback exhibited by the original proto-Out of Afrcia population.
    5. East Asian inventions include; electricity, rockets, firearms, explosives, remote signaling, gear mechanism, paper, magnets, automobiles, TVs, among other things which the White man has layed claim to. None of these were White inventions and I have definite proof of this.
    6. Whites are NOT indigenous Europeans. This is one of the silliest claims made by White people. White people are, in fact, native to Central Asia and were part of the Celtic-Tocharian speakers in the Tarim Basin who were chased to Europe by barbarian tribes of East Asians such as the Xiognu; one of the most famous of these tribes. Egypt was never a White civilization, and there is definite proof of this as well.
    7. Whites do not have a civilized history. I will explain how White media, museum, history books, and “scientists” have tried to fraud ancient scupltures, DNA evidence, and historical accounts, and how I caught them on key logical fallacies and contradictions in their fraud. Some are very evident, others require meticulous scanning, however, Whites have not done a very decent job of covering it up, and I will explain how 95% of modern history is White bullshit.
    8. How Whites REALLY feel about Asians, as well as pretty much any other race out there.
    9. How Whites use psychological warfare to undermine our determination to prevail.
    10. How Whites play innocent. Several logical fallacies to their claims of innocence.
    11. What REALLY was the cause of the VT massacre.
    12. What REALLY happened with George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.
    13. Why America REALLY dropped the atom bombs on Japan.
    14. What REALLY happened at Pearl Harbor.
    15. The truth behind George Washington, the King of England, the colonists, and the Revolutionary War.
    16. The truth behind 90% of claims made by Western scientists.
    17. The real meaning of the term “blue blood”, referring to royalty,
    18. The truth behind Queen Elizabeth’s ancestry.
    19. The truth of the Rh- blood antigen.
    20. The importance of the MC1R-16 gene in classifying “race”.
    21. Debunking claims made by White Nationalists.

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