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10 Different types of Asian women



1. The Insecure Asian woman – This one wishes that she had been born a different race. She is so insecure of being Asian, seen, labeled or referred to as one that she does everything in her power to distant herself from being Asian. She purposely distant herself from being associated with Asians by dating anyone that is NOT ASIAN just so she thinks that she won’t be seen or classified as another Asian person or couple. She is so insecure of her own ethnicity that she is desperately trying to be accepted amongst other non Asians especially in the eyes of White and even Black people. This type has disqualified Asian men as sexual partners not because we are unworthy or non sexual, but because of her own insecurity and bitterness of being Asian that she takes it out on Asian men by not only refusing to date us but also put us down through comparison with the White man or talking about how useless, or small our dicks our etc in the presence of non Asian men as to justify in her mind why she doesn’t date Asian men. This type has the infamous line “I don’t date Asian guys.” (which really means, although I’m Asian, so in other words I hate being Asian so much that when I see an Asian guy it reminds me of myself and I hate myself for being Asian).

How to spot this type of Asian woman:

  • Ones that dyes their hair blond and tries to change their appearance to look more White or those that dress and act Black. They try to change their Asian appearances by pretending to act and look like something they are not.
  • Other obvious signs are for example, two Asian men are sitting on one end of the train. They don’t know each other. An Asian women comes in at the next stop and sits down across from them. She sees that its all Asians on one side and she quickly gets up and moves to the other side of the train (even though its a lot more crowded) and squeezes in next to an elderly Black man. Trust me, I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes and you can see it in her eyes of her own insecurity and shame of who and what she is, Asian.
  • When you look at one and they meet your stare they instantly roll their eyes and look away as in “I’m too good for you and I don’t like Asian men”
  • Even women of other races recognize and address this type of Asian woman self hate in this article
  • A perfect real life example. An Asian woman admits that she doesn’t date Asian men because she is a racist of her own!

asian woman


An Article that discusses Asian women purposely seeking Non Asian men http://goldsea.com/Air/Issues/Divide/divide_21108.html

2. The Asian woman with Daddy issues – I don’t know if their dads stuck his finger in  her butt as an adolescent but this type of Asian woman hates their Dad and in turn thinks all Asian men in the world are like her Dad and becomes bitter, spiteful, and hateful of Asian men. Perhaps, her Dad was truly a loser, possibly abusing her Mom and the kids, the alcoholic or gambling type, or the type that abandons the family. Whatever the reason, this kind of Asian woman failed to understand that just because your Dad was that kind of Asian man doesn’t mean that ALL Asian men including the American born Generation with Western thinking are like that. It’s like saying that all Black men are criminals, drug dealers or jobless bums. This kind of Asian woman not only disqualifies Asian men as lovers but goes on a personal jihad to discriminate, attack us verbally through press, media, writings or bad mouth and degrade Asian men further contributing to the negative stereotypes that have been put on Asian men in the western world.

Perfect examples of this type: Amy Tan, author of the Joy Luck Club. That whole book is defamation, discriminating, and promoting negative untruthful stereotype of Asian men. I don’t know how this book never made it on the Southern Poverty Law’s List for its racist material.  Oh yeah right, when racism is direct at Asian men, no one cares.

3. The Aftermarket Trash Asian Woman – This type of Asian woman gets pumped and dumped by White men or Non Asian men with yellow fever for most of her youth until the biological clock is ticking and she still finds herself single and no longer desired by Men of other races. When she is old, ugly, and undesired by Non Asian men she resorts to settling for Asian men who are desperate and dumb enough to wed her and essentially become her provider after she becomes after market trash and been pumped and dumped countless number of times by Non Asian men. This type of Asian women will always have excuses on why she never dated Asian men with “Asian men never hit on me before for some reason” as being their most famous line. Bitch, did you ever wonder it was perhaps you never gave them the time of day until your face got wrinkles and pussy got stretched out?


This Asian woman said she was sick of white guys using for her sex and not calling her after so she decided to date Asian men. If an Asian man decides to use her for anything other than a pump and dump then he essentially taking a aftermarket trash Asian woman. He deserves better, and he should know it

Other types of this Asian woman:

4. The Hypocrite Asian Woman – She argues that Asian men are bitter and whiners when Asian women date White or other Non Asian men. She thinks its a free country and they have a right to choose their own destiny and date/fuck whoever they want. You know what? Sadly I will have to agree with them. No one can tell another who they should or could date. It’s up to that individual to make their own choice. However, when Asian women see Asian men dating Non Asian women they instantly get bitter and jealous. They absolutely show no class and tend to stare impolitely, whisper comments in their Asian female friends or White boyfriends ear and downright glare, stare or try to compete with the Asian man’s non Asian girlfriend. They are hypocrites, they think its alright for them to have interracial dating but when Asian men get with White or Non Asian women they can’t stop staring or glaring.

My personal experiences:

  • When I was dating the girl from Turkmenistan, I took her to a Shanghai Dumpling restaurant in NYC. This is a very popular spot so you can imagine it gets extremely crowded. We ended up sharing a table with 2 to 3 unknown groups. One of the group and a nasty, bitter Asian woman that can’t looking at us like we were a side attraction of a circus freak show. My girlfriend at the time was eating and she just stared and her profusely making my girl so uncomfortable that she looked at the table to eat. The bitter, jealous, and racist look in this Asian girl’s eyes said everything, she didn’t even have to open her mouth to say it. I remember noticing this so I looked right at her and she saw me looking at her so she quickly looked away. I was 3 years younger at the time and not quite as confident or assertive as I am now but if that were to happen today, I will take my Non Asian girl and kiss her right in front of that bitter and jealous Asian girl. Why not? Asian women with non Asian men are always doing that to us, on the subway, in our restaurants, in our communities. Have to fight fire with fire and not sit around feeling sorry and bitter for ourselves no longer.
  • Second experience was when I took the American girl from Seattle to a late night snack in Chinatown. The Chinese waitress was so nasty with us that she caused my Seattle girl to say “You think she is giving us this poor treatment because we are a AM/WF couple? Quite possibly so. I’m willing to bet on it.
  • I was on a date with a Italian girl and I took her to a noodle shop. The Chinese girl working there was immediately nasty with us, giving us a dirty look while taking our order that caused my girl to say, “what’s her problem?” The answer to that was obvious, which we both already knew
  • If any other Asian men have these similar experiences with bitter Asian women when you were with a Non Asian girl please leave a comment and share your experience. It doesn’t only have to be bitter Asian women but bitter Non Asian men that don’t like to see an Asian man with their women as well.

5. The FOB Asian woman – Comes to America and gets corrupted by Western thinking. She has to explain to White and Black men as in why she is attracted to Asian men (her own men) because these color folks can’t seem to believe that Asian men can still be desired by their own women. This type of Asian woman will either get corrupted with Western thinking such as white is right or believe the negative stereotypes about her own Asian men. She will have more options and now she will fuck all types of men not limiting to Black and even middle eastern men and justifying it by saying “she is experimenting.” I can’t think of a race of women besides White women that need to experiment but even so, the majority of White women prefer to be with their own kind. Eventually after she has fucked anything with a penis she is ready to settle down with an Asian man (who will willingly accept to be her provider and working himself to death while she doesn’t do anything for him in return except get the leftover pussy that has been ravaged by all types of savages). Sometimes the FOB Asian woman will marry a White man to become more Americanized and eventually look down on her own people even though she wasn’t even born here to start with. Her half breed kids won’t know about being Asian, wont’ feel proud being Asian, and even become embarrass to admit that they are Asian.

My experience: I was in a bakery somewhere in an Asian community in NYC and a FOB Chinese woman was with a White man and she proceeded to curse, yell, degrade and demand things like she was some sort of royalty. It was obvious that she was talking down on the bakery employees and trying to elevate herself because in her head she thought she was better and more “American” because she was with a White man. I was sitting there with a friend and couldn’t take anymore of it so I got up and told her if she wasn’t happy then “get the fuck out.” She proceeded to curse me out in her broken English and I was seconds away from slapping her right in the face and fucking him up if he got in the way. He was smart and dragged her out of there. The Bakery employees just shook their hands and said “crazy.”

cunt I recently hit on this Fob Asian woman you see in the picture above. She told me that she is from Seoul, S. Korea and moved here in the states for just over a year. Since then she has been dating Black, white, Black and white mix and anything but Asian. She explains, “it’s the more American thing to do.”

6. The Asian woman who thinks she has Asian Pride – She claims she is full of Asian pride and is proud to be Asian but yet she only dates Non Asian men. This type of  Asian woman will be so proud of being Asian that when there are Asian holidays like Chinese New Year, or a Japanese manga convention she feels the need to parade around her White, black, Hispanic or even Indian boyfriend around the events and make us Asian guys look pathetic and shamed because we can’t keep our own women. There are so much of these types that they even outnumber Asian couples. Here in NYC, the only Asian couples you see are the immigrant ones, and when you do see an American born Asian couple its like a rare occurrence.

  • This type of Asian woman feels the need to take her Non Asian boyfriend to try out her culture’s food. For instance a Korean woman takes her White boyfriend to Korea town to try Korean food. She parades and hold his hand like she is above everyone else because she is with a White man. This type of Asian women always pays for the food and drinks at these restaurants because it was “her offer.”  Quite sad, because Asian women will never pay for an Asian man EVER, and that is if she is willing to date one.
  • These Asian women tend to parade their NON ASIAN man around Asian culture events, festivals, neighborhoods, restaurants thinking they are above everyone else. The ironic part is, all this culture that she thinks she so proud of that she feels the need to introduce or show her Non Asian man were indeed created by Asian men, NOT Asian women. Asian women are so proud of the culture Asian men created and she feels the need to share it with other races but yet hates on her own men. Essentially this is no different then a White man saying he hates Asian people but he wants an Asian girlfriend. (Trust me, there are a lot of those out there).

Asian woman

7. The Asian woman that prefers Asian men – I’m sorry to say, but I have seen, met and knew very few of these types of Asian women. This refers to the Asian American women (not counting for the FOB population).  Here in NYC I see about one Asian American couple to every 7 or 8, WM/AF or NAM/AF. How sad is that? The Asian woman that prefers Asian men fall into 3 different categories.

  • The first and the LEAST in numbers is the attractive Asian female that is successful and independent and is very western and American minded but prefers Asian men of her caliber.
  • Second is the dorky, chubby, or ugly Asian female that prefers Asian men of higher/same quality
  • Third are the Asian women in the little Asian clicks where everyone is a carbon copy of themselves. (ex: Wearing the same North face jackets, Abercombie and Fitch, American Eagle, etc. Talk the same way, using the same slang, everyone knows everyone). They can either be college clicks, nerdy clicks, or the gangsta wannabe bad boy/bad girl clicks. These types of Asian women barely open up or even get to know anyone out of their own clicks or social circles.

8. Sleeping with the enemy Asian woman – This one is literally. I’m not talking about going out with different races or neglecting Asian men, I literally mean sleeping with the enemy. When Japan went to war with the USA back in WWII, many Japanese brides open more than just their arms to the American GI’s but their legs as well. Many hooked up with GI’s and even went back home to the USA with the American soldiers as their brides. While their Japanese men are in the service fighting and dying to defend their country and its people, this type of Asian woman is servicing the enemy’s cock. Same goes for the Vietnam war, while countless Vietnamese are laying dead, their women are fucking, wedding and breeding with the enemy. While I am not taking any sides in the war itself, I think its extremely low that these Asian women can sleep with the very same men that kill their countrymen, husbands, brothers, sons, cousins, friends, etc. Where is the loyalty for the men, their country and their people?


9. Asian women with smelly vaginas – Very disgusting. I’ve been with a few who can’t seem to notice that their vaginas STINK. My biker friend has also confirmed this with me telling me that a few of his Asian conquests stunk below the belt. It smells like cabbage, rotten eggs, 3 day old garbage or a bag of sweaty gym sucks marinating in the corner. Bitch, learn to take a bar of soap and scrub down there.

Ways to spot an Asian woman that has a smelly vagina.

Start first with the way they dress. Do they take care of their appearance and look like they took the time to look attractive and presentable? If they do chances are they took the time to smell nice too. Take a look at their personal hygiene. Does their hair appeared washed? Clothes look clean? Leg’s and armpits shaved? Toenails and fingernails trimmed and cleaned? If no, be warned and STAY AWARE. If they don’t take the time to practice good hygiene chances are they don’t clean down there. They will have a smelly Asian vagina.

What happens if you find out that an Asian woman has a smelly vagina only after when you are already having sex?

If there is a point where you looked for all the red flags that I mentioned above and still find out that an Asian woman has a smelly vagina only after you are already fucking, I suggest you stick your cock in, soak up the smelly cunt juice, pull it back out and force her to suck on it. That’s what I did

10. The Gold-digger/Freeloader Asian woman

Every race of women has their share of gold diggers. There is no doubt that Asian women are close to the top of that list if not on top already. Asian women are extremely materialistic, they tend to look at things like finances, career and the type of car a man drives to consider him as a sexual partner. When it comes to selecting Asian men as mates, their standards are even higher. A poor white or black man will have it easier since supposedly an Asian women would view them as quote on quote “American” and it will be an upgrade for her in terms of social status but with Asian men we need to have the finances, the looks, the social circle, the car, the ability to fix her broken laptop, how to plump a toilet or fix the light (even if we never had any electrical knowledge or hands on in our lives) the ability to pay for all shopping, slit our wrists to give her blood if she needs it, etc etc.

My experiences:

I went out with plenty of Asian women had never once had one attempted to genuinely pay for anything. I never even met an Asian woman that was willing to do pay at least 20% while dating me.

In this return of kings post, it shows that not only Asian American women are becoming more and more about the dollars but now in Asian countries like China, Korea, and Japan they look only for men with money. If you Asian men thought you had it bad here, our Asian brethren in Asia have it bad too.


Solution: Branch out. STOP DATING ONLY ASIAN WOMEN. Date Non Asian women, start talking, pursuing, and actively desire a Non Asian woman. Make it on your list of things to do and fuck

All Asian woman will fall into one of these categories. Some might be 100% spot on in one category while some others might be a bit of each combined. I’ve been around too many Asian women to be told otherwise and I know, heard and even have Asian women in my own family along with other people families that are real life examples and the reasons why I created some of these categories. So if there is any Asian women reading this I have a Question. What Asian woman are you?

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138 thoughts on “10 Different types of Asian women”

  1. Whoa you are all over the place here. By the way that Xojane article was outted as a fake. The author admitted later that the editors of Xojane wanted to generate some traffic with a controversial article so she was tasked to writing it. The author actually has an asian boyfriend.

    I feel like I’m the guru of asian interracial dating and after reading hundreds of articles and thousands of comments on it, I’ve concluded that the best way for asian men to respond to it is to not let it affect you too much. I will tell you two things that I picked up about asian american women dating out I feel make sense to me.

    One Asian-American woman told me that she prefers to date white men because she feels that it’s difficult enough trying to struggle up the social ladder as a minority woman. To date another minority is to in effect have two people struggling up the social ladder, and thus being in constant conflict over it. Made sense to me. If I was put in her shoes, being able to climb up easier by virtue of your mate choice is a logical solution.

    Another Asian-American woman told me that she developed her preference for white men because the culture she spent all of her life in prefers white men. What she saw on television, in company board rooms, and the movie theater over a lifetime of exposure is hard to fight against. If you don’t think is true, think how often asian men rail against the detrimental effect on them based on the converse.

    You know what I think is responsible for a majority of the interracial disparity? Because in this day and age (and for what will be a long time to come) it is up to the MAN TO APPROACH AND ASK THE GIRL OUT. I have seen too many asian guys try to use the brute force of their friendship to win the girl over. They think that this low risk approach will get the girl to love them, but all it does is get them friend zoned.

    What you espouse at the end of your post is the solution. Asian guys have to go out there, approach, talk and pursue. Developing your game is just as necessary a skill to develop as career skills. Oftentimes, your whole love life depends on it.

    1. Good analysis. You mentioned the minority part which I didn’t. Asians are the model minorities in America and many Asian women don’t want to be classified as a “minority” nonetheless a model minority. If it make senses for them to try to be more “American” by dating white men solely for that fact that I won’t have any hesitation to call them cowards. No matter what they do or how much Non Asian men they date, they will always be Asian or Asian American. They can get married and change their last name to a more quote on quote “American” one but they will never escape their Asian heritage regardless. The features are there. Black women could have easily taken the easy path and marry white men to be less of a minority but did they? Most of them did not. While I might seem to be bias against Asian women but its all truth, and no one likes the truth.

      Media matters a great deal to women and that’s one front that Asian men lose on.
      I do agree that many Asian men are either way too nice, too shy, not aggressive enough or just run real lame game. It comes from the culture of our Asian immigrant parents who raises us to be studious, quiet, gentlemen, and to mind our own business instead of sticking up for ourselves and our communities. We need to break out of this, upgrade our appearance by working out and dressing better, gain more social confidence and stop stop putting Asian women on a pedestal. That’s the problem with Asian men, they only want Asian women. Well the truth is, alto of Asian women don’t want Asian men. Its time to adjust and adapt my brothers. U still need to mate right?

      1. I had a friend who married a Japanese lady who was very kind, but he treated her horribly. Having lived in Japan for some years, it was easy for her to talk with me; as my wife was Japanese as well. I do know one thing and that is we fail to miss the mark when it comes to other people’s cultures, that I will give. Other point is that I have some friend who are Asian and according to most non Asian women I know, they got game. Most of the women you described are merley trying to fit, and going about it all wrong. It really shouldn’t matter who you date or love as long as it is real and both parties are willing to truly understand and communicate with one another. For me it was learning the language in order to communicate with community, as well as learning about the culture and history. I lived in Japan for quite a few years, and it was great. Some people ca never get past the fact of understanding a culture in which they are living until they become immersed; because when that happens they realize one thing for sure: no matter how much they know and understand about that culture…..they will never be Asian, African, Latino; or what ever the culture is they are apart. So for people like WMDAW, that will never be understood.

    1. Perhaps, but who is really going to sit there and say that there isn’t at least some truth in it. It is always up for discussion for those who want to share their views or opinions about this

      1. Sorry but it’s posts like this that give us Asian men a bad name. It’s this attitude that women are somehow our property, and when they date outside our race it’s a personal insult to us. Any points you made that were valid, (of which there were not many) were lost in the underlying hate you seem to have for other races. In my personal experience, living in both China and Canada, we (men) are living in denial about how racist and misogynistic we are, it is a an out of date aspect of our culture that persists into an age where it is no longer accepted. Socially awkward, insecure, Asian men then run to it as an excuse. Just because most of our parents still have this view of (stay with your own kind), it doesn’t make it right, and I think that when Asian women are exposed to a culture where those old values are not accepted, the smart ones figure it out, and reject it. I don’t think they prefer other races, I think it comes down to a rejection of the racist misogynistic views of the men and culture of their own race. I think we as Asian men need to really grow up, our culture as well.

      1. Because people that are just ‘pointing out the truth and their perspective’ always write long, slanderous, over generalizing articles talking down about Asian females and every other race, right?

      2. Well the topic I’m writing the truth about is based on asian females right? Just like if someone was writing an article on the truth of another topic, I’m writing the truth about asian females.

      3. See this fool is the representative of the status quo. He makes it out so it’s simply taboo to talk about these things in detail. Not understanding that it affects our daily lives and well being as Asian males. whitemandatingasianwoman obviously want things to stay the same. That’s why hes discouraging it because Asian guys reading this will be able to better maneuver in the dating scene, and this guy sure as hell wouldn’t want that. Would you? Please fuck off, you just feel threatened white boy.

      4. Anthony, it’s too bad that you have to stoop to name calling because you don’t have any other reasonable arguments. It’s very easy to justify one’s shortcomings as the faults of others or society in general. I’m not trying to keep the status quo or put down the Asian man or whatever other sort of conspiracy you may think I’m propogating. I could also complain that Blacks are shown as uber macho in comparison to whites, which is something the media often portrays. Take a look at cuckold porn for example. It always portrays some white loser having his wife screwed by some Black macho man and being humiliated. But you know what, I don’t, because I have better things to do and my own life to live. Anyway, I’ve said pretty much all I can say. If you refuse to see the truth, just know that the most blind person is he who wishes not to see. I’m not going to insult you based on your race or say something akin to the oh so original “white boy” phrase. Go on with your whinings and your thinly veiled inferiority complexes. Have a good day.

      5. Whoops, my bad, Anthony. I thought you were responding to my commentary. I’m using my phone so it’s a bit confusing to see which commentary went where.

      6. This white boy does think he knows it all about Asians and what we feel and think. Someone could never fully relate to what we speak of unless he is an Asian male. It’s like saying I understand how Jewish ppl about being persecuted by the nazis, but I can only understand so much. You have to put of that racial group to truly understand the depth. What is he going to say next? he knows how black men feel with slavery and racism?

      7. Ok, amigo, it’s all the white people’s fault. You’re right. Happy? By the way, every culture has practiced slavery, but the only ones to enforce a ban on slavery to an international level were white countries.

  2. What you’re writing isn’t the ‘truth’ at all. It is an anger-filled rant article towards your fellow race of people and racist bigotry towards every other race. Justifying it as ‘truth and perspective’ doesn’t change what it really is.

    1. How would u know it isn’t the truth? Are u asian? What is ur background? What experiences do u have? Where do u come from? We are products of where we come from and experience that makes us who we are. It’s obvious someone like u who so proudly displays he’s dating an asian woman is so quick to get defensive without knowing where the writer comes from

  3. Honestly I just made this name as a quick jab at you because at the time of reading the article I was extremely offended and wanted to see what your reaction would be. I AM a white male dating an Asian female, but that is not something I tend to rub in anyone’s face.

    I know it isn’t the truth because I’ve been with the same woman for 3 years now and her, nor her family, nor any of her friends (as far as I know) are anything like what you have listed. They’re normal people and have a mind of their own just like everyone else in this world. You can’t say it’s the truth in the same article where you said there’s only 10 different types of Asian women and they ALL fit into one of those categories, and you also can’t say it’s truth when you make unsubstantiated claims against other races and things you cannot possibly understand in the minds of others.

    Last but not least, I’m in no way being defensive over anything, I’m just calling you out so that in turn (I hope) you see the errors of your ways and can actually be a good writer like you seemingly have the potential to be.

    1. Hey WMDSA (just wanted to convert your name to acronyms for simplicity’s sake). keep dating that Asian girl and treating her right. There are plenty of women—Asian or non-Asian— to go around. What really offends Asian men to no end is when white males think they own the dating rights to BOTH white and asian females. Or, that by virtue of them dating an asian female, that it means they’re establishing their superiority at the top of the dating ladder. Those attitudes don’t exist you say? I’ve heard them in person from white guys who’ve had some alcohol to loosen their lips. Those are the guys that the lone wolf would have no compunction of knifing them in the groin and running over with his motorcycle.

  4. Interesting article, but sort of sad to see all the negative portrayals of Asian women. I was looking for something a little different when I clicked on the link to this. You might also want to include some really sweet Asian Christian women in your list. I am Korean American, and although I have been attracted to men of non-Asian races, I always knew I only wanted to date and marry a Korean man who was Christian. Unexpectedly, I met a Korean national instead of a one who grew up in the states. He was incredibly confident and sexy–and I wonder how much of it was the fact that he was very privileged and good-looking while growing up in a country where his race did not matter. In America, I really feel for Asian American men who grow up with all these negative emasculating stereotypes–because Asian American men as well as Asian men are among some of the most wonderful, intelligent, faithful, principled and attractive men I’ve met in my life.

    1. Thanks for ur input. I never met or experienced a sweet Christian asian woman that u mentioned thats why I didn’t include it in the list. The most positive type I mentioned and dealt with are the asian women that like asian man catergory I posted.
      I’m happy u understand the negative portrayal that this country puts on ur own men. It’s not whining, I’m trying to point out the racism and oppression that non asian men put on asian man to make us less than equal. It’s racist propaganda in many Ways. It angers me that America is so sensitive and sympathetic to any racism towards black men but can care less when it’s asian men. Asian woman like u stick up for own people and defend the honor of her own men.
      I wish u the best with ur Korean boyfriend or husband

      1. Thelonewolftraveler, I feel like the only reason you have not come across these much nicer cough*less bitchy* cough women is because you don’t keep an eye out for them, instead you choose to focus your attention to only those who are negative and therefore more dramatic to fuel your, in my opinion, ridiculous and unfounded disgust and distaste for Asian women (you seem to have a reoccurring dislike of Chinese women in particular). I find you slightly hypocritical as, in your post, you asked others to branch out but you yourself are fixed in your ways and have proved stubborn to deter in the ways of your though. I hope, for both your sake and mine, that you open your mind to those you have wronged. Try reaching out to Asian women, try talking to them, being their friend and listen, listen to their thoughts, ask them about things that do matter and do not concern race or religion. Know what you are dealing with before you ‘force them to suck their smelly pussy juice’ *seriously, tho?! Nasty*. Sincerely, Asian Woman From Malaysia

  5. So I’m an Asian woman who have dated Asians, Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks. So far what I’ve encountered is that some men can be very emotionally clingy. A couple Whites and Asians. The Asian males I’ve met always got jealous of the other guys that I’ve dated and always asking who I was hanging out with. Also the Whites would be of the same caliber. Not all of them. It is the insecure ones. The Asians males always feared that I would leave them for someone better. I ditched them. The couple of White dorky guys also felt the same way and became more controlling. As far as your attitude – you gotta grow a pair and stop generalizing all Asian women! Obviously you have been rejected by them – most likely b/c of your insecurity. IF YOUR WERE MORE COMFORTABLE WITH YOURSELF – YOU WOULDN’T BE COMPLAINING!! GET SOME THERAPEUTIC HELP!!

    1. Asians, White, Hispanics, and Blacks? So it seems like the only ones you haven’t tried are Indian and Middle Eastern. What are you, eating from a buffet line? You sound like a number 3 on my list, that may explain the anger and defensiveness. With that said, yes I’ve been rejected by all times of women. Whether it is one night stands, casual sex or relationships. It comes with the territory. I rejected a few good women myself. Am I bitter about it so much that I am going to write a entry about all types of women? No, I write about Asian women because of the behavior I see of your kind. Its a shame I have to share the same race category with someone like you. You talk about generalizing all Asian women but yet you do the same. As quoted from you above, you said the Asian males always got jealous of the other guys I dated. So now because you had a few of those and you are applying that all Asian men get jealous that’s why u dumped them? Why else mention that? Do you have a point with that statement?You are a hypocrite with your words which makes you also a number 4 on the list.

      1. If you want to play this game – by the way Asian men have feminine features and men like you are considered undesirable!! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sunil-adam/no-eharmony-with-asian-me_b_872507.html

        There are plenty of sites to back up Asian men are considered least likely to be dated by all race because you don’t have the physical feature that ALL WOMEN WANT!! By the way you – when many women reject you – you have to lower your standards! As in my case – I’m very well educated in the Ivy system. As far as I can tell – you don’t seem to carry any of that – you seem like you have dropped out of school and couldn’t make it far in life. Well may be – its time for you to seek help if you do decide to crash your motorcycle off the cliff!

      2. Learn to read. U want to boost about ur Ivy League education but u don’t read. I don’t get rejected by a lot of women but as people we deal with rejection esp when it comes to dating, relationships, and marriage. So it appears that u were talking about me generalizing asian women but now u had resorted to the same thing generalizing asian men. U are a hypocrite in denial. And to wish an accident and death on someone for something minimal like this goes as far to show what a classless, selfish, cold person u are. This is the true depth of ur character and all the Ivy League education in the world wouldn’t change the fact that u are one miserable woman

  6. Actually its people like you who don’t deserve to live if you bring problems! You know eventually – you will be wiped out of society if you keep up with your shenanigans!

    1. Actually, Asian turncoat women like yourself doesn’t deserve to live. I’m saying this as a White guy. I have dated dozens of Asian women to say that what thelonewolftraveler is true about you turncoats. Bunch of hypocrites who embarrassed their own kind for other races.

      1. And that’s coming from a white guy. It means i’m not pulling these ideas out of my ass. My list is not a rant like the ones in denial will say, it’s about truth. Nobody likes the truth and that’s why they get defensive. Refusal to admit the truth

    2. I think that’s the objective of asian women – so entrenched with a racial inferiority complex, that they want to breed themselves with white men so their grandchildren look nothing like them – then also deny asian men of their own relationships. (the ideal world would be to deny themselves children too, but I guess the need to procreate is too much)

  7. FYI – you don’t like you have been rejected several times and feel like you have to complain about it. I’m pretty sure women dump you because you are depressed – when was the last time you were on meds?? Have you seen a therapist ever to talk about your issues?

  8. The true depth of my character is to defend women against your problems! I speak out as a feminist – you don’t talk like that to women ever in general!!! I’m not surprised if you have ever acted out violently or verbally in front of your former girlfriends.

    1. Calm down. I’m also quite upset that he’s generalizing all Asian women in such a degrading way since I myself am an Asian Woman…but insulting him in kind isn’t the way to deal with him. That is what he believes in because those kind of women are all that he met -which, in that case, I feel quite sorry for him. There’s a lot more to Asian Women -and Men- than what he’s describing AND portraying. It’s sad and shameful.
      From what I’ve gathered, thelonewolftraveler is an Asian man…presumably birthed by an Asian Mother. Quite possibly with Asian sisters, aunts, and/or cousins. Aren’t you the least bit embarrassed of what you’re saying? Please understand why Mary Choi and I protest against your post.

      1. are you honestly saying, as an asian woman yourself, you have not come across fellow asian women who denigrate asian men whilst ONLY dating non asian men? If you had empathy, can you imagine how this feels? To be not wanted by your own races’ women? The humiliation? There is no other race that does this. Even white women who are with black men don’t discredit white men. And they don’t fall head over heels with other race’s men so quickly. Asian women do.

    2. Wow. I thought this was an interesting and amusing little list. It’s one persons summarized experiences for you to consider, on the internet. It’s. The. Internet. Your hyperbolic and neurotic responses are giving me a headache. Please don’t speak out as a feminist. You bring the rest of us down by association.

  9. The best thing to do…………..is to stay within ones race……..minimizes the complications. Just don’t cross the line, problem solved.

      1. So, help out to solve this issue instead of add fuel to the fire. Stop encouraging racism and sexism, stop generalizing your female counterpart and help to remove the barrier between the two genders/sexes. Asian women are Asians too. Your thinking is bleak and predictable.
        “Asian women are stupid hoes and bitches who only care about beauty and wealth.”
        “Asian women are jealous because a White girl is dating an Asian guy, losers.”
        “Asian women act like their such royalty and classy, but their just dumb twits who barely managed to get out of grade school.”
        Stop, just stop. Please.
        There are other types of women as well. Those that are down to earth and kind. Just because you think you know what you think is the majority of a minority is, does not mean the whole of it is exactly the same. Be more open. Don’t stick to this rather pathetic style of thinking. In hopes hat you actually do this, Asian Woman From Malaysia.

  10. I dated a Korean man once. He was attractive, down-to-earth, smart, and had the best sense of humor ever! I never felt so outclassed lol… A surgeon who did doctors without borders and had rescue dogs, and impeccable style. I think he was only casually interested in me so we kind of fizzled out. That was my only experience with an Asian, and it was pretty good.

    I believe we should try to judge people as individuals as much as we can, but I also understand you are writing based on your experiences, so I just take it with a grain of salt. Personal experience is the truest form of fact-finding, so even though I wouldn’t assume your list is the truth for all Asians, it is your own truth and that’s what I will leave it as. It’s a blog after all.

      1. Okay so here’s a funny story for you… I came across your blog after a night of really annoying insomnia, and I was idly (bored but too tired to do anything of use) surfing the net and I remembered an article in some woman’s magazine from years ago where an insecure lady wrote in that she was self-conscious because one of her labia was larger than the other… Stay with me now this is going somewhere… The advice columnist responded that all vaginas are beautiful and blah blah blah and that the Chinese? Japanese? have names for the different shapes a cooch can take… They told her that her vagina was called “half moon summer” or some other such nonsense.

        So, there I was in the wee hours, my sleep-starved brain going “hmmm I wonder what my vag is called?” So I looked up “Chinese vagina types”. As you can imagine there were lots of interesting websites (not what I was looking for of course lol) and this blog post was like the fifth down the list. Now you know.

  11. Well, this was quite an article. First let me state my background. I had dated a Chinese girl for almost 3 years. My family is Spanish (from Spain), so I’m white. Now, while I’m sure that this list applies to some Asian women, I find it particularly hateful and pathetic to paint such a broad and negative generalization against practically all the women of your own race. You come across as a jealous, bitter, and very insecure individual. I doubt that you get much tail, despite the fact that you claim to have gone out with a woman from Turkmenistan, an Italian, a Korean, etc. Anyone whose scored even a moderate amount of women would not come off so jealous and insecure. You complain about Asian women taking their non-Asian boyfriends to Asian restaurants. Well, what do you expect them to do? Hide away from the Asian community? Is it such a crime for them to have feelings on a non-Asian. You yourself claimed to have taken your non-Asian girlfriends to Asian places. Does that make you a sell-out whose putting down Asian women by parading your non Asian girlfriends around? My girlfriend had taken me to Chinese restaurants here in New York. I also took her to Spanish and Portuguese restaurants. I don’t feel I was putting my own women down. I was showing her my culture’s cuisine just as she was showing me her culture’s cuisine. Why is it okay for you to date non Asian women but it’s not okay when it’s viceversa?

    Are Asian men often times portrayed in an effeminate manner in the media? Perhaps yes. But if you’re a real man, that won’t bother you the way it does. You’d know you were a real man, you’d act like such, and the people around you would see it. Or do you need the approval of some degenerate movie makers in Hollywood to feel good about yourself? Trust me, my friend; when you’re one on one with a woman, they’re not going to think of the dorky Asian character they saw in a lousy film. They see you.

    I personally don’t feel Asian men are as targeted by the media as you try to make them out to be. Any race in the USA could come out and complain about the same thing. People like to use stereotypes in movies because it’s what sells. It especially sells in the childish, low quality Hollywood movies we are accustomed to seeing in the USA. That Asian men have a more feminine look due to their features or their lack of body hair is just who they are. These features don’t mean they’re less of a man, it’s just how they look. Since I’m not Asian though, I won’t affirm or dis-affirm whatever biased you feel from the media. I’m all for Asians trying to correct whatever negative portrayals people have of them, or whatever negative portrayals they have of themselves. It is an honor to try and advance your race. You, however are not trying to help your people. You’re just putting half of your own people down. The same half of your people which your mother or sister belongs to.

    Friends, please don’t take as a banner this rant which screams of victimization. Be secure with yourselves and don’t try to blame your problems on others. Be a real man, find your own path, and learn from your own mistakes without having the childish necessity of blaming the media or whatnot on your own shortcomings.

    I hope you can find some peace with yourself and live happily.

    1. First things first, would I be jealous? Perhaps a bit. But ask yourself this. If a bunch of black guys went to spain and starting dating all the spanish girls there or if all the spanish girls prefer black guys and told you they won’t date you because your “spanish” wouldn’t that be racist and wouldn’t you feel a tad bit jealous? if you say no, then I say your full of it.
      Second, so you say I’m claiming on this blog of that i hooked up with girls like the Turkmenistan and korean? and you doubt I get much tail? WIth a comment like that you are insinuating that I am not only a liar but a bitter, sexual frustrated man that cries when my sexual opportunities are taken away? First, I don’t lie on what I write and second I a girl that loves me and friends with benefits on the side ready to give it up when i want it. SO i’m not “complaining” or ranting like you say but just stating the things that bother me. I have a right to freedom of speech don’t I? Last I checked it was my first amendment right.
      Now, about the whole restaurant thing. Asian women parade their white or non asian bf around like he’s a trophy in the asian community. She feels like she is elevated among all the other asians or fobs because she has been raised in the social ladder being wiht a white guy. The point i was making is she neglects her own men as sexual partners, fine but yet she wasn’t to act like shes proud and show her non asian man the culture that asian men created. Not asian women. That is my point
      You as a white male would never experience the social indifference, racism and neglect that minorities face here in the US or in the world. Can you ever as a white male feel like you can relate to the social inequalities or racism that black men endure? Answer is no where close. So how can you even try to act like you understand what the Asian American male population deals with and faces?You are white male and in this country it grants you certain advantage. Don’t you even dare deny that or act like you know what Asian men and other minorities go through.
      I am not putting my people down. This blog is about giving Asian men a voice. Yes I’m attacking Asian women, because of the disgust i feel towards their self hate and behavior.

      1. Ok, again, you are playing the victim. Let me tell you a bit more about myself. I went to a school that is 15% White. I was a minority in that school. Now, when I walk the street, sure, people think I’m Greek or Italian (which isn’t a great honor in this country either). But do you know what people think I am once they see my name? Hispanic. Usually, Colombian for some reason (perhaps they have some more white admixture). Do I feel people have discriminated against me for thinking I’m Hispanic? No. Even if they do, that’s their problem. You have to be secure enough about yourself to not need the approval of someone who knows nothing about you.

        Let me tell you another thing. From my friends, I’m pretty much the only white person. I have white friends, but in my closest circle, my friends are all East Asian (mostly Chinese) or Indian (can you tell that I spent many years in honors class? lol). I’m not Asian and I don’t claim to know everything about Asians, but I do know a bit, and one thing I can tell you is most Asians try to advance in America, not complain.

        You think it was easy for White groups? Italians, Irish; they faced discrimination as well. But they endured. Playing the victim is not the answer. Man up.

        Are there some Asian women like the ones you described above? Undoubtedly. But that doesn’t make it right for you to make such a gross over generalization.


      2. Oh, I forgot to answer your question on whether I would be jealous if.women in Spain were favoring blacks as sexual partners. Yes, I would. But that doesn’t mean all women in Spain are whores, nor does it make me right in badmouthing them. Perhaps it’s a cultural problem one should address and correct. By the way, I also forgot to mention another white group which faced enormous discrimination: Jews. Now they’re on the top of the American social ladder through intelligence and hard work. Excuses are for losers.

    2. “Friend”, when you hear of Spanish women ONLY dating and having sex with other race’s men – every race that ISN’T Spanish, whilst the media pushes such relationships whilst demeaning Spanish men as asexual, pathetic robots, then you can talk. You see, it isn’t just a case of a girl feeling attracted to you – the media influences that from when she starts growing up, so negative portrayal of your race will of course put your race as undesirable. Then – even if she finds you attractive – she has to contend with society – friends, family and just people in general making racial jokes, taunts and stereotypes – ridiculing her choice of man.

      1. What are you talking about? People ridiculing an Asian for going out with an Asian? The vast majority of Asian women I see go out with Asian men. I’ve never heard of anyone ridiculing an Asian for going out with another Asian, especially not her -also Asian- family. Let me tell you something, the media and society has this caricature of an Asian man largely because it’s based on a certain reality. Asian men generally look less masculine than other men, they are shorter, but more importantly prone to being very thin and lack substantial facial and body hair. Furthermore, they are usually quiet and mild mannered, a behavior which I like and which to a great extent, I have, but one which is not considered very masculine the “alpha” dominated American culture. However, in other places in the world, that behavior is perfectly fine, even desirable. Again, this caricature in taken rather in jest, and no one (at least not anyone worth your time) will judge you as a person based on that caricature. If people think of you that way, it’s because you probably are like that rather than it having anything to do with what anyone sees on television. You guys keep complaining about Asian women having an inferiority complex but you all seemingly have one that matches or overshadows theirs.

        And to the lonewolftraveler: I wouldn’t say his comment was well said. It’s well worded, but it’s practically the same diatribe that you have.

    3. “people ridiculing an Asian for going out with an Asian? ”

      My God. You have no idea do you. Your theory that “if people think you are shy/weak/other asian stereotype then you probably are” falls flat on its face, because how on earth does a stranger have the authority to say “small dick” or “weak” when they have never seen or talked to you before? Yes, these are the comments relatives of my ex gf told her when she said she was dating me.

      If I’m any of those stereotypes, I’m not going to fight out against it, because it’s true. Like – I’m asian, people call me asian. I don’t hear any asian complaining about that – because its true. But when they associate stereotypes that they’ve “heard about”, seen in media etc. then associate that with truth – and that in turn affects YOUR life (career, relationships, reputation, status in society) – not based on your actions or inactions – but just because you are who you are – then it becomes a problem. A problem that asian men in the west suffer from, and asian women too, but for completely different reasons.

      Of course as a “white” (although funnily enough in Western Europe we don’t actually consider Spanish white per se, you’re European – just – darker), you would be happy to keep the status quo, Which right now – is whites pushing negative stereotypes on asian men as truth, whilst enhancing the white man-asian woman couples – in effect persuading asian women that a) asian men are not good enough for them; b) that they should seek out white men at all costs. And you see the results in real life.

      1. Oh another thing, this comment

        “You guys keep complaining about Asian women having an inferiority complex but you all seemingly have one that matches or overshadows theirs.”

        No. The big difference is that WE don’t have the inferiority complex, but YOU (or your race) enforces the link of inferiority to asian men. So that society has no choice but to see asian men as inferior. Including its own women. Even when we don’t. I certainly don’t, I love asian women, their features etc. By extension, I love my features. You get a similar thinking of all other races – indians prefer their own, blacks, latinos, whites.

      2. I never said Asian men were weak, have small dicks or whatnot. I said they generally look less masculine. I think that statement is sort of self-evident. If you are not like those stereotypes, people will see it. They might still think of Asians as a certain way but will categorize you as distinct.

        In the US, Asians are actually pretty well liked. Yes, they have those stereotypes, just like the Irish are considered drunks, and so on and so forth, but they have higher than average incomes and are doing quite well for themselves. It’s unfortunate that you all keep complaining about the west, when white, western countries have given many Asians the opportunity to advance in life and rise out of the poverty they were experiencing in their own countries.

        Don’t blame the degenerate American media on whites. It’s practically controlled from top to bottom by Jews, so if you need to take up a complaint, do so with them.

        And lastly, I don’t really care about what other western Europeans consider me. That’s their problem, not mine. I’m Basque, and we are the oldest race in Europe, and with a tiny population we’ve made many accomplishments, more than many others with much larger populations.

        If you truly are suffering because of some kind of injustice that’s happening on you based on your race, well, then I feel for you. But I somehow doubt it.

      3. “Actually, asians are well liked”.

        Is that YOUR point of view? Because let me tell you, the generic stats say otherwise. SF Chronicle did a study a few years ago – over 50% would not trust an asian, over 60% said they would never vote for an asian to become president (opposed to 40% black). Asians are the most bullied in the workplace and school. At uni. That despite achieving far more higher grades than all other races, they are limited in their careers by those at top (whites). That is not a sign of “being liked”. Of course there are exceptions.

        “They might still think of Asians as a certain way but will categorize you as distinct. ”
        You didn’t read my previous posts. I am telling you precisely that they are NOT categorising me (and other asian men) as distinct because they are NOT BOTHERING TO GIVE US THE CHANCE i.e. their listen to the stereotypes, and blanket assume of all of us. You are right, everyone has positive and negative stereotypes with their race. But imagine the negatives for your race – I have heard the Spanish being called dirty, lazy, two timing and abusive to their partners – are taken as fact, and Spanish women – upon listening to these stereotypes, decide not to even date Spanish men. Any men but Spanish. Then they exclusive date Chinese men – even though some are exactly what the stereotypes linked to Spanish men are! On top of that, Spanish women demanding more attributes and qualities from Spanish men that they would look over and ignore for non Spanish men.

        That’s what asian men are suffering right now. If only it were a simple case – as you said – of how you carry yourself, If girls – ignored the stereotypes, or at the very least, put them to one side and give an asian guy a chance to prove himself. But that rarely happens.

      4. What can I say, man? I guess we’re on different wave lengths so to speak. Those newspaper articles and studies, you have to take them with a grain of salt (or a bucket of salt in some cases). Perhaps the SF Chronicle needed to write something for publicity, and in a place like San Francisco, which has a huge Asian population, a story like that will go around like a wild fire.

        It’s probably true that Asians are bullied more than other groups, but it probably has more to do with them usually being mild mannered honor students rather than just being Asian.

        You’re saying that people overlook the person they see in front of them and just use stereotypes. I suppose some people, not very intelligent ones, do that. Not anyone worth your time. Maybe it’s because I live in New York, or maybe it’s because I’ve been fortunate enough to just not meet them, but what I generally see is that while people all have stereotypes, they still judge a person based on himself first.

        I believe Asians are more well liked than other groups. Despite whatever questionable stats the SF Chronicle came up with, what I see is that people are much more comfortable around Asians than say Middle Easterners, Latinos, or especially Blacks.

        I also believe that it’s kind of illusory to think that the people with all the power in the U.S. are Whites. The U.S. is basically controlled by large trans national corporations, which are often in the control of Jews and whose primary objective is to maximize profits, not to support or enforce any culture. Like I mentioned before, Blacks are also portrayed as macho men in contrast to puny Whites in the media. Cuckold porn usually depicts a macho Black screwing some loser White guy’s wife in front of him while the White guy gets humiliated. That’s also part of the media! Furthermore, if Whites in the US were as racist and as in control as one might be lead to believe, we wouldn’t have an immigration rate that will make Whites less than half of the population in the USA in only 30 years.

        When I was with my Chinese girlfriend, I didn’t objectify her. I liked her for her, not because of some yellow fever. I don’t feel she liked me just because I’m White. There’s plenty of White people who are taller or blonder than I am. To be honest with you, I’ve always liked Asian culture because I felt that even though it’s different than my own Southern European culture, it has many similarities in that it’s a very family oriented culture. I suppose that Asian people’s quiet, usually mild mannered ways are also appealing to me. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always got along well with Asians (male and female), particularly with Chinese (not so much Koreans… and Indians/Pakistanis, etc are a completely different story despite sharing the same continent with you guys).

        By the way, where did you hear those stereotypes about Spaniards? Sounds more like Latinos rather than Spaniards.


  12. At random stranger aka please stop: Good to know how u found my blog. I had to admit, you turned me on a bit….talking about your vagina and the cooch types. I love vagina or (cooch) I’ve been with a lot of Asian women and I have to say that Asian women/Chinese have some of the most attractive vaginas. There come in many shapes and colors. I don’t know about The half moon vagina? WTF.
    Anyways, did you ever find out what vagina type you are? You can always send me a pic of it (with or without face) and I can tell you.
    I hope you do continue to tune into the blog and contribute. You sound like a reasonable Asian women that can hold a conversation instead of just getting defensive like some chickenheads here. (you know who i’m talking about 😉

  13. Well someone has been burned lol but on a more serious note I feel like this article is a perfect example of how our own personal experiences (regardless of truth or any other factors) shape our view of the world and of other people. I’m curious if this is an American thing though, because I live in Canada and I only recognize #1(I know a few for sure), 4 (more rare), 5 (more common), and 10 (a lot of them lol). I have no idea about #9, and I don’t quite understand #8. This list is definitely overgeneralizing Asian women though, much like the stereotype/ assumption that Asian men are all short, feminine/ androgynous, have small dicks, and are all misogynists. Obviously that is not all true, but you see where I am going with this..?

    1. To be honest, I haven’t gotten it that bad from any Asian women. However, its the behavior i see that I’m writing about. Theres alot of types. Perhaps its more in major american cities like SF, NYC, LA, etc. Let the other Asian men here on the blog answer that for you. Number 8 is quite simple. Druing WWII, there were many Japanese women that hooked up with American GI’s and became known as war brides. Google it. During the war, Japanese men were kamikaze and dying and their women was fucking US soldiers, the enemy. Like I said I’m not taking sides but I think its sick that your country would be at war and Asian women would open their legs for the very same people killing their own ppl. Same for vietnamese women during the vietnam war. Hooked up with GIs

      1. Truth is, where do you think the small dick stereotype came from?

        That’s right, our Korean/Jap/Viet/Chinese Asian “sista” whores/prostitutes currying flavor with their whitey customers & disparaging Asian mens’ “size” to make themselves (and whitey) look better

  14. ” Since then she has been dating Black, white, Black and white mix and anything but Asian. She explains, “it’s the more American thing to do.””

    Next time this happens, tell them it’s American to NOT be racist. Which means not dating based on race….which she just did

    1. Right. Shove back it right back in their face. However, these whores always have a reason for everything. She will probably respond with a, “oh Asian guys are boring, all they care about is work. Or I’m not attracted to Asian guys. Or my ex Asian bf stuck his finger in my butt and now I don’t like Asians anymore

  15. I want to share this story with you. I am a blue eyed 6ft 1 inch light brown haired Hispanic, or “White Hispanic”. I have mostly dated White women in my life, but I have also dated Hispanic women and/or other races that I find attractive. A couple of years ago while I was going to college at the University of California at San Diego (a 54% Asian school) I decided to ask out a Korean FOB. She was really attractive and I could tell that she was also pretty wealthy, we had met in a Economics of Mexico class. The first date was a lot of fun and we were both having a great time, at least until we started to talk about our families and I told her that my parents are Mexican Immigrants. As soon as she learned that I am Mexican-American her entire demeanor changed, she even had the audacity of telling me “I thought that you were white” with a shocked look on her face. I asked her if there was something wrong and she went on to tell me how she had hoped to build a relationship with a “real-American”. I had never heard something so stupid, racist, and insulting in my entire life. I concluded the evening by taking her home and going back to my place so as to blaze with my Korean-American friend. I told him about what happened and we both came up with a pretty good plan that would teach the FOB a lesson. I asked her out again, and told her how I would bring some of my “real-American” friends with me, I only asked that she bring a friend of hers that she could introduce me to (I also agreed to pay for both her and her friends dinner). We all agreed to meet at a very pricey French-restaurant and I brought with me my Korean-American friend, another Chinese-American friend, and a Persian-American friend who were all in on it. We were all rolling the minute that we were there, and we politely introduced ourselves and ordered the most expensive meals and desserts on the menu. After filling our stomachs the rest of the guys went out to smoke a cigarette, and I pretended to forget my wallet. After I assured the girls that it was okay for them to take care of the bill, I went out with a cigarette on hand and took off with all of my friends back to my place so as to blaze and laugh about the whole thing. I hope that you guys have enjoyed this story, BTW she did call and text asking me for money, I just ignored her and acted like she was crazy.

    1. Lmao. That was a good one. Really good move. More importantly u pointed out the racism in these cunt asian women. Everyone gets all defensive or denies the truth but she thought u were white and only wanted u if u were white! What did I say? This bitch is a number 5 on my list.

      1. And yes, if you’re White in Latin America, you will have a much easier time to score women than a typical Latin American would. I’d suspect it’s the same in many other parts of the globe.

    2. Well, she deserved it! But let me tell you something, especially to you, lonewolftraveler: this behavior of preferring Whites is not exclusive to Asian women. It’s sort of widespread. Hispanic women are probably even more prone to preferring Whites than Asian women, and it’s not because of American media. They already act that way in their own countries. If you turn on the Hispanic television, 90% of the people you see are White, even though 90% + of the people in Latin America are not White. In Hispanic countries dominated by Black blood such as the Dominican Republic, they refer to African textured hair as “bad hair” and European textured hair as “good” hair. In countries dominated by Indian blood, like Mexico, Central America, most of South America, you get more of the same as “indio” or “cholo” or “indigena” is often used as an insult, despite the bloodlines running through the very veins of the inhabitants of those countries. They will often deny that they have (very obvious) Indian ancestry. Anywhere you go in the world, whether it be Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, India, Whites will be accepted. The same is not true for others, especially Blacks who are often rejected in places. In fact Blacks are more widely rejected in India or East Asia than they are in Europe. I don’t think this has much to do with American media as American media does not dominate every corner of Earth, and American media is itself dominated by Jews who don’t really portray Whites positively. If anything, they usually portray Blacks in a more positive light. I’d say it has more to do with European countries having been more advanced than the rest of the world for the last 4 or 5 centuries, and having colonized large swaths of the Earth.

  16. “All Asian women will fall into these categories” No shit when you just basically laid out general personalities that are generally seen in all women (white women, hispanic women, black women, etc). Next week’s post: “The Sky is Blue”

  17. http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/files/2010/10/755-appendix.pdf
    If you check out page 4 of this pewsocialtrends study you’ll find that although Hispanics marry out of their “race” at the highest rate of any other group in this country, there is absolutely no gender imbalance in marrying out. Meaning that both Hispanic men and Hispanic women marry out of their race that the same rate and percentile of roughly 25%. The only other group that does not have a gender imbalance in marrying out of their “race” are white at 9%. As for Asians and Blacks their is a huge gender imbalance with Black men marrying out at 11% more than Black women. In the Asian community the imbalance is the most stark with Asian women marrying out at nearly 20% more that Asian men.
    I find the intellectual dishonesty of many of the posts here shameful and even disgraceful, how can someone deny the scientific data which proves the Author of this list to be correct in saying that Asian women are not staying loyal to their Asian men. To say that the motives of Asian women are innocent and pure in their selection of mates is extremely dishonest. Frankly, I don’t see Love playing a major part is such unequal gender imbalances, rather what I see is a trend which seems to indicate a lot of self loathing and disrespect of ones own identity. As I read this list, I was reminded of all of the Asian women that I met in college. I believe that the author of this list is writing from a place of honesty and concern for his own community. Granted that not all of the blame should go to the Asian women, a lot of it should go to the racist White male dominated society that America is. Personally I think that the Asian community can learn a lot from my own Hispanic community. Although we as a people are more discriminated against in this country than any other group, with the arguable exception of Blacks, our men take up White brides at equal rates to our women. Why this is I do not know, but the reason why may be the key to solving this gender gap in the Asian community.
    As for Ander, I can relate to almost everything that you are saying and I know that you are also speaking truth. Where we differ is in our identity, although we may both have the same amount of European blood a Spanish-American is perceived to be as a non-threat to anglo dominant culture as a Mexican-Amercian would. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have heard people tell me not to speak Spanish in public and I live in Southern California. I think that this difference in identity is what allows me to better understand the sincere Asian American concerns that are being expressed here, and although things are bad now in this country I do know that things are going to get better for us both with time and the changing demographics which will help to marginalize the White-Anglo male dominant society that we are currently living in. Thank you.

    1. I’m not surprised at the findings in the study. However, I would hesitate to say that it has anything to do with Anglo dominated culture. The preference for white is sort of world wide, not only in the USA. I’d say it has to do more with the effects of colonization and the general situation in which European countries have been more advanced than other countries since about the 15th or 16th century. It’s going to sound horrible but I believe the reason for such gender imbalances in Blacks and Asians is because of looks. Generally, Black women are considered uglier, and more masculine looking, so they are less desired, even by Black males who’d rather be with a 300 lbs blonde,White woman than a regular Black woman. Asian women are generally considered more feminine, attractive, and there culture isn’t much of a barrier for westerners as for example Arabic or Indian (Hindu, Sikh, etc) culture. Asian men though are on the short end of the stick because they generally appear less masculine than Blacks or Whites for example. I don’t mean they are, but they just look that way. I don’t feel it’s because Asian women are particularly conniving against their own race, or because American media wants it that way. It’s more the compatibility of the cultures and the physical appearances.

    2. Furthermore, I would venture to guess that the reason Whites have a somewhat low rate of interracial marriage as compared to other groups is because Whites form a majority (about 60-63%) in the US and usually live in areas where the vast majority of the population is White (think small town America). Minorities though, like Blacks, and particularly Hispanics and Asians usually live in urban and very ethnically mixed areas.

    3. curvySorry, the thoughts just keep coming lol. As for Hispanics, the men and women generally have similar dating “currency”. The men are considered are typically masculine and the women are typically feminine. Probably Puerto Ricans, and other Caribbean folk have more opportunities to go outside their ethnic groups because these people are generally mulattoes and considered more masculine ormorefeminine than the more ambiguous indigenous Hispanics. The Caribbean women. are curvy, and the men have body hair and a triangular body type whereas the indigenous lack facial hair, curves, etc. Again, it sounds wrong, but I’m sure it is a major factor.

    4. Good point made with evidence to back it up. Many studies show that asian women have interracial relationships at a far more higher rate than asian men. As u said Latinas marry out of their race to but at far more equal ratios between Latino men and women. Especially coming from a statistical standpoint. It’s good that u can put all the racial opinions aside and look at the cold hard facts/numbers unlike some other person who is non asian but thinks he can speak for all of us and what we endure.

      1. Yep, says the person who conveniently ignores other points, answering only to those commentaries which he likes to imagine is true.

  18. We live in a democracy, and most people in this country are white anglos. How do you expect them to not have most of the power?……Further you say that its not a race thing yet you give the example of a black man preferring a 300 lbs white woman over a regular black woman. Personally I would prefer the regular black woman over anyone that 300lbs and that out of shape. I just can’t follow your line of thinking, but I will concede that perhaps factors other than race at at hand. As for you saying that Asian men look more feminine, I don’t know how you can’t see that you are playing into the racist propaganda which is being played up against them. Just because the TV shows say and show that it doesn’t make it true, remember that most of these tv producers have their own agenda. I suppose that you also think that most blacks are criminals although most people in prison are there for non-violent drug related crimes and the National Institute of Health has shown that non- Hispanic-Whites use drugs at higher rates than any other group in this country. There is racism against Asians in this country, and to deny that is very dishonest. Asian men look just as masculine to me as Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics. I have also lives in communities dominated by each of these groups so I do speak from experience. Further I will also say that of all the groups that I have lived with, I have found Non-Hispanic-Whites to be the most selfish and dishonest people. I know that this is anecdotal, but it is my honest personal experience. I just with that everyone would stop being afraid of criticizing racist behavior and start speaking the truth.

    1. Please forgive the typos, I should have proofread this before I posted it. I hope that you can intuitively correct the typos. Thank you

    2. I almost don’t watch television, and television in this country is mostly controlled by Jews, not Anglos. Asian men lack body hair, and are usually shorter than Whites or Blacks. True or false? Those are normally taken as signs of masculinity. True or false? Again, I’m not saying they are not manly, what I am saying is that physical appearances go a long way.

      1. I respectfully disagree; although Asians are on average shorter and have less hair, I don’t think that plays as big a role as the culture putting them down. Remember that Asian Americans are taller than their foreign counterparts and yet they also suffer from high amounts of rejection from Asian women. Besides a lot of women don’t like hair on a guy, I know because I’m full of chest hair and I’ve had some women tell me that I should get it waxed or shaved. BTW I will never do that. Although, I will concede that their is a chance that you might be correct in some of what you’re saying. I just can’t agree with you unless there’s come hard data that can prove your points. Until we have that info, you have to be open to the possibility that maybe my arguments might be the real cause.

      2. Well, the thing is we also don’t have concrete evidence it’s because of discrimination. I doubt it has more to do with discrimination than with other factors for two reasons. First, American media usually establishes Blacks as being the paragon of manliness, not Whites. Whites are just portrayed as the typical American, nothing special. Asians are not very visible in American media. Secondly, and more importantly, this behavior is not an American phenomenon. Worldwide you will find similar trains of thought. For example, the idea that Blacks are savages or ugly isn’t a uniquely American or European idea. In fact, this idea is probably less prevalent in Europe or in the USA than it is in India or Arab countries. Anyway, thanks for taking out time to discuss this in a civilized manner. Cheers!

  19. Maybe the reason you are attracting all these similar “types” of self-hating women are because you keep talking about/perpetuating this sort of hate. You talk about how Asian women compare Asian men to men of other races–it doesn’t seem that you have dated enough women of other races to say these extremely specific and hateful things about Asian women. Sure, you say there is some truth in these stereotypes and maybe there is, but a lot of this sounds like generalizing about a diverse group of people on unresolved feelings that come from piled up microaggressions.

    Why not focus on something OTHER than a woman’s race when you’re objectifying them?

    Seriously dude, you have some issues–you DO know that sounding like an extremely misogynist, woman-hating, and self-hating asshole doesn’t help out on the Asian pride, or any pride at all? Not a good look. Not a good look at all. Almost threw up trying to get to the comments section, honestly.

    1. I love the defensive comments from bitches in denial and white knight manginas. When Asian women date interracially TWICE as much as Asian men (other groups of women don’t do this), something fishy is going on and it just might be their stinky vaginas. Anybody who wants to make excuses for Asian girls can look up these statistics, but of course they’ll just shift the problem onto us Asian men. After all, how can Asian princesses do any wrong?

      1. Double standards. It’s okay for Asian women to date other races but when Asian men date inter-racially now it’s oh what does she see in that chino? Does he have a small dick? Eew, why do you like Asian guys? People like to hate on Asian men’s dating choices even our own quote on quote Asian whores

  20. As a non asian, non-white, non-black(yes, latino) I gotta agree and disagree on this article. Yes, I’ve met a lot of asian gals who do meet the stereotypes mentioned above, mostly with whites guys and, to some degree, blacks.
    On the other hand, Ive also met latina girls who do the same stuff you describe but with asian guys. Yes, latina gals chasing after asian guys !! Some , I think, are golddiggers. Believe me, Ive seen the cutest pieces of latina ass hang around with some decrepit asian old fart. And when I approach them, they roll their eyes as if I am the one with the useless dick hahaha. Also had some some asian friend around my age with, again, the cutest pieces of latina ass that would talk shit to me even if I gave them a smirk. Who understands those women, right?
    My message would be, dont sound so frustrated man. Like I said, those asian guys have had some nice latina ass better than I did. I guess it might be some female tendency towards the “exotic” and also classism that has been nurtured to us by consumerism and imperialism, affecting any race.

    1. You speak from your experiences and I speak from mine. If u go outside in any major city in the USA, you will see a lot more Asian females with non asian men then latinas with Asian men. That I guarantee. Thanks for sharing

  21. I’m Asian and no, I don’t hate my own kind. I do agree with some of the above like the hypocrite Asian woman and those who are in clicks where they are a carbon copy of themselves. I live in a white dominated horse town with a big Asian population and most if the Asian girls I went to school with all dress and look the same with their Abercrombie and Hollister clothes and hairstyles. I never dressed like them because I don’t even like those preppy brands. Most of them are pretty competitive when it comes to fashion, boys and who’s prettier. Me, I’m just the laid back and confident one who rather not look like them and fight over the stupidest things, instead, I rather just sit back and watch them tear each other apart. Sounds mean but I don’t really care much for those kind of girls. I don’t like dealing with drama. Materialistic? Not me. I didn’t grow up being spoiled with designer/brand name clothes and handbags. I had to work for those things when I got older. I grew up accepting what I had because it was better than having nothing at all. Money? I don’t care what kind of a job a man has or how much money he makes as long as he has his own source of income and not depending on me to pay for everything while he sits back and do nothing but burn away the money he didn’t make. I don’t care about what kind of car a man drives either. About the dating outside of the box, there’s a fine line between that. Some, they think it’s an opportunity for a higher status because “it’s more American” while some date for the individual they are. Do I find Asian men attractive? Yes, but the only problem is that they don’t find me attractive or girlfriend material. I rarely get hit on by Asian men (it’s true, I’ll state my opinions below) but I get hit on alot by Latino and black men. I can tell they’re interested just by their gestures and flirting. Latinos will compliment me with “Aye chica bonita!” or “mami chula!” while black men will say “Damn! Shawty, you fine!” or “Whoomp! There it is!” White men on the other hand rarely hits on me, especially the good looking ones. The only white guys that are interested are the ones who are twice my age and are some what creepy and may even look like a potential pedophile, rapist or serial killer. If they are about my age or older by 2-3 years, they can either be creepy or way out of their heads, like thinking that they can easily land a date with me just by being racist. Of course, not all white men are creepy. A creepy guy can be anyone regardless of race. By the way, I was never interested in dating white men anyway, sorry, but thanks for your interest.

    These are my opinions why I think Asian men don’t hit on me:

    1. They may be shy.

    2. They think I won’t talk to them because they think I’m out of their league.

    3. They are out of my league.

    4. They are extremely picky and goes for the super pretty girls only. Yeah, the ones that look like a Korean pop star. (Ex., Lee Hyori)

    5. They only go for the hoochie mama looking Asian girls. (Ex., Levy Tran)

    6. They don’t date Asian girls and only go for white girls.

    To the Asian men, if you’re interested in getting to know me, just talk to me. I may be shy and a bit reserved but that doesn’t mean I won’t talk to you. I don’t bite either. Don’t get mad and start talking shit when you see an Asian woman with a Non-Asian man. If only you Asian men would give some of us decent looking Asian women that time of day to prove to you that we can be a catch and stop wasting your time on looks and focus more on personality, you wouldn’t get fucked over. Some of us may not be as good looking like those Korean pop stars but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a beautiful heart. Being beautiful doesn’t have anything to do with looks. Beauty comes from the heart. If you’re only going for looks, you’ll only find yourself disappointed in the end. No joking about this one.

    1. Perhaps Asian men don’t hit on you because are u are dating black, mexican, indian? To be honest, its a turn off when Asian men see an Asian woman with one of these guys are if they learn she has been with one. Or perhaps you surround with Non Asian friends (either male or female) and Asian men immediately label you as one of the types of Asian women I listed above.
      Nonetheless, maybe you should actively seek Asian men. Perhaps give them hints, or even strike up a conversation. Not all Asian men want the materialistic type of girl or the Kpop lookalikes.
      If any Asian men are interested in getting to know this girl, feel free to drop a comment and say hi.
      Lala, if you want, list your city you live in and let’s seeif any Asian men on this blog will want to meet you.

      1. “Perhaps Asian men don’t hit on you because are u are dating black, mexican, indian?”

        But Asian men will still hit on an Asian woman who dated White? You didn’t mention white. Maybe it’s that same racism you keep yapping on about – Black Mexican, and Indian are of lower status. Asian men wouldn’t touch an Asian woman who’s dated them.

        And why the hell would the girl above want to post her contact info and meet the misogynistic douchey Asian men on this blog who are all about “game” and “conquests”?

  22. No, I have never dated outside my race before, although I do have Asian friends and friends who are Latino, Native American, black and white. Reason why I never did dated outside because I had very traditionally strict parents who would freak out if I brought home someone who isn’t Asian.

    1. Is that the only reason why u won'[t date out of your own race?
      So u have dated Asian men before. it’s just that you don’t have enough Asian men that hit on u? I’m lost as to the point your making now.

  23. Great post

    Honestly, nearly all Asian women (especially in the west) are a combination of your examples.

    As usual all the white knights (literal) are here in droves, butt hurt.
    Obv they found your site from searching “White men, asian women”. LOL

    Never let whitey control the dialog…they’ll always seek to repress or trivialize as if you’re a sore loser

    Stay on topic, ignore all the side issues they’ll throw at you (diversion tactic)

      1. In response to the small dick stereotype comment, it reminds me of a time that I was listening to the Howard Stern show way long ago. Some Asian cunt was on the line with Howard and he asked her is her white bf’s penis larger than Asian men? She said yes, but then again she admitted she only had one Asian bf and tons of white bf’s. So yes, you are so right. Asian women date Non Asian men not only because they prefer them as they proclaim, but to go out of their way to make Asian men look bad as possible. Who knows what causes their vendetta they have against Asian men. Perhaps daddy issues? Perhaps they hate being slant eye whores? who knows.

  24. In before the whitey Asian girl lovers arrive…LOL

    In before the random Asian girl feminist justifying her choice of (invariably) white mate appears..LOL

    How the fuck do these Asian bitches always find these blogs for Asian men?
    Do they patrol the internet for Asian men blogs, in an attempt to derail the blog/thread?

    Ooops too late…thread derailed, as usual…

    1. “in before” was invented by white Americans. Stop stealing our language and using it to complain about us stealing your girls. Your insecurity makes you more pathetic than your genetics.

      1. Actually it’s White males running away from over sized butch feminists in America to “non westernised” countries. Just read Roosh forums and you will see whiny White American males whining about how “Western” culture has ruined prime female land like Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

        Vent your anger at the real issue which is Blacks on White porn which is absolutely thriving in all sorts. Black on White cuckoldery is exclusively for White males.

  25. I don’t blame a lot of these asian women turning you down. You sound like a messed up bitter person who isn’t getting any from any girls. Try switching to the men side, you’ll probably enjoy it more.

    1. LOL. If your trying to get under my skin, your doing a horrible job. Not only are you are insinuating that I don’t get any or have any women but now you have to put down the homo-sexual population, who has nothing to do with this. If you don’t can’t write a comment worthy of a respect or somewhat intelligent argument, then please shut the fuck up

  26. Hi! I came across your blog through another person’s blog: mickeyreflects (aka mkrsx). And for the most part, I agree with you. I’m not from NYC but rather LA and I definitely see the things that you see in NYC with regards to Asian women in Los Angeles myself. And I don’t think it’s an isolated phenomenon either.

    But i do think that it is true for anyone and everyone living in or close to the major urban city centers but not so much on the country side. I’ve definitely encountered at least one of each (if not more) that fits #1-6 and #10. #7 is definitely a rare type. #8 and #9? No comment. LOL! Well, ok, maybe this: My personal experience has been that Chinese women clean that vagina well. I’ve never personally met one that doesn’t. #8? Well, not my mom. Thankfully. Can’t speak for anyone else though.

    Me personally? I don’t date outside my race. Mostly because I don’t find other ethnic women attractive. Maybe Latina’s/Mexican gals, but that’s mostly because I’ve grown up in East LA where the ratio of Mexicans to Asians is like 80% to 20%. In other words, hard not to at least find one attractive when you see them everywhere. But I’ve been to college and white girls are not my cup of tea. Same thing for black girls. Too American for my tastes. And I’ve tried dating two black women post college but…culturally, I can’t relate even though we had a lot in common and we had fun together. I’ve also dated a number of Chinese women of the Mandarin-speaking variety. I can’t get along with them. They’re “too Chinese” for lack of a better word (read: conservative). It doesn’t matter if they were American born or foreign born.

    I find that I get along best with Chinese women who spoke Cantonese and who are culturally a little bit of both American and Chinese, which is what I am. LOL! It’s just hard finding one like that. And who isn’t a #10. Everything else, I can deal with. LOL!

    1. Nice breakdown. It’s def not an isolated thing. These types of Asian women are all over the USA and worldwide for that matter. Like you, i found myself getting along better with non American born Asian women. I”m not talking about Fresh of the Boat types, but the one who came here as a teenager so although they have American in them but they also have traditional values as well.
      Asian American women (born in USA) are ones I cannot relate to or get along. Whether for dating or not, I can’t relate to them, enjoy their company and quite frankly can’t stand they way they look, act, or sound. I mean their are a few exceptions here or there but thats it.
      Been with a feel white women, a middle eastern and thats it. Never been in an interracial relationship long enough to know if culturally can match or not.

    1. Not only that but exploiting asian women for sex in hong kong is not the answer. That just reinforces the trashy asian man stereotype somehow. It just doesn’t help your image. :/

  27. The problem you are speaking of has nothing to do with racd it is strictly that b females world wide have become toxic. They are not equal to men they never will be …. look between your legs bitch you don’t have a cock not even a small one. The next part of the problem is white knights, manginas and sissyboys. Homosexuality must no longer be tolerated and women must be talked to properly. Women are to be told what to do the vote taken from them and they must be put back in the home and kitchen.
    I think you missed one big thing…… females are parasites nothing more they will latch onto the host that will provide them the most money and power. They will suck the blood out of the host until the host is destroyed and they will find a new host. They are not symbiotic (giving anything in return) …… The only protection men have is demanding of women obedience, complete total obedience.
    First thing I tell any woman is they are not equal to me and do not deserve equal pay equal or treatment and they will only get respect from me when they kneel before me and declare that I am right they are wrong and that they are ready to assume their propper place serving men.
    women use the only power they have the nasty between their legs and sissies that beg deserve the shit that women give them. A womans place is to be a slave she is to ask permission to leave the house she must give her man propper respect…..asian men american men and all men must unite in MGTOW women are to be slaves and when they accept that they are happier….. they are not leaders they are doormats that men must wipe their feet on until they take their place.

    There was in times past total dominance of women by men and this propper position was given away by men that gave in to being cut off from sex…..
    The solution is as follows.
    Do not marry them and be certain to contract that they leave with nothing if they leave our you kick them to the curb. They must be dependant and not be able to get alimony or anything from the relationship.
    Any time a bitch fails to obey kik her to the curb.
    Never give her a insurance policy in the event of your death because she will arrange your death.
    Leave any insurance to children in trust with specific instructions what the children are to do for the wife (you only call her wife you never marry one)

    Return to tbe days of shoguns samurai and women keeping their mouths shut until spoken to.
    Men are to have more than one wife and to have concubines.
    all religions agree that women are to obey 100 percent ,,,, they are not to say no to a man and the man is to go to the father of a girl and buy her with dowry ….. she is to obey her father until he gives her to her husband and she is then to obey him.
    Women do not think logically
    they are unreliable and they are made to serve men.

  28. https://www.neweurasia.net/culture-and-history/materialistic-people/

    Which category does your mom belong to? Are you like this because she was one of those types?(no wonder) And your future daughter is which category? Because she will surely look Asian or atleast part Asian and will have Asian blood?
    Did you know that Turkmenistan is also part Asia and some have expressed concern over them being gold diggers? Actually what you wrote hear are types of women you can find in all ethnicities. Western guys who hate their girls think the exact same way you do about Western girls and some think Asian girls are the solution. Funny huh? Except that the solution isn’t in a group of girls. It is in you. I have known many Asian girls who are attractive devoted faithful and caring to their boyfriends and husbands. I guess the group you hang out with is just the same class as you. Also it is lame and elementary school student like to try to stereotype a certain country’s girls. Seriously ASIA? Are you talking. About China India Bangladesh Indonesia..or what? Are you talking about people who don’t look Caucasian? How about half hispanic half japanese? Good luck building up your own devil so that you can go on hating, if it makes peace in your mind..But let me tell you what..you hate about certain girls.. those kinds of traits can be easily found in even guys and girls from every ethnicity..and Asian guys as well. I mean an Asian guy writing a blog on dissing his own ethnicity.. are you sure you are so much better than the girls that you hate?(I personally don’t like the personalities that you listed but not because they are Asian. Seriously, some of them aren’t even a big deal. Just ignore them if you don’t like them. I think you are acting in a worse way to a majority of Asian girls who has done no harm. Stop acting like you know all the girls in the world and being judgy)

  29. https://www.neweurasia.net/culture-and-history/materialistic-people/

    Which category does your mom belong to? Are you like this because she was one of those types?(no wonder) And your future daughter is which category? Because she will surely look Asian or atleast part Asian and will have Asian blood?
    Did you know that Turkmenistan is also part Asia and some have expressed concern over them being gold diggers? Actually what you wrote hear are types of women you can find in all ethnicities. Western guys who hate their girls think the exact same way you do about Western girls and some think Asian girls are the solution. Funny huh? Except that the solution isn’t in a group of girls. It is in you. I have known many Asian girls who are attractive devoted faithful and caring to their boyfriends and husbands. I guess the group you hang out with is just the same class as you. Also it is lame and elementary school student like to try to stereotype a certain country’s girls. Seriously ASIA? Are you talking. About China India Bangladesh Indonesia..or what? Are you talking about people who don’t look Caucasian? How about half hispanic half japanese? Good luck building up your own devil so that you can go on hating, if it makes peace in your mind..But let me tell you what..you hate about certain girls.. those kinds of traits can be easily found in even guys and girls from every ethnicity..and Asian guys as well. I mean an Asian guy writing a blog on dissing his own ethnicity.. are you sure you are so much better than the girls that you hate?(I personally don’t like the personalities that you listed but not because they are Asian. Seriously, some of them aren’t even a big deal. Just ignore them if you don’t like them. I think you are acting in a worse way to a majority of Asian girls who has done no harm. Stop acting like you know all the girls in the world and being judgy) don’t worry about other girls worry about of you are a nice guy for your girl

      1. Dude I am still young and have no experience yet what would I know? All I know is that someone cares too much about Asian women’s sexual preferences and it’s not healthy. Asian girls can fall in love with white guys and white guys can fall in love with asiam girls. Do you think that a happy loving couple would fall out of love if the white guy does a surgery that makes him look asian? (Like in that movie where they put mAkeup on the actor to make him look asian). It would be funny if you get a really nice and decent son in law who is Caucasian and treats you(father in law) with respect. Life is full of surprises

    1. I think it is you who is going way out of your way to make Asian women look bad. Multiple really long posts on a blog..you aren’t making a good example for other Asian guys. Even non asian or Caucasian girls will think your post is biased and misogynistic….are you sure you don’t have Asian mommy issues..? If not, I am sorry, but I am pretty sure you fall into an Asian man version of the negative categories that you made……..

  30. It is a good thing when women open their legs for you or asians but a bad thing if they do it for white guys? ?wow someone is very bitter.

    Imagine your daughter or grand daughter gets to see these posts and comments.

    Seriously, the hard feelings and negativity….obsessing over who dates who…
    Why all the hate. Life is short man

    1. You are mis understanding the point of the post. These are directed at the self hating Asian women who only date out of their race and go out of their way to make Asian men look bad by saying they don’t Asian guys. They publicly and openly compare us with non Asians, and publicly degrade Asian men. Don’t tell me there are not those type of Asian women out there and I know everyone will feel the need to defend this point and turn it around and call Asian men bitter, racist, or jealous.

      1. let me tell you as a asian person .. you are going out of your way to publicly degrade asian women. Just because there are asian women who prefer to date non asians and talk bad about asians in their personal lives doesn’t justify your bad behavior. You are acting jusy like or worse than those people. And those kinds of asian girls probably don’t give a shit about these kinds of posts.. An asian person like me who thinks sex isn’t the most important thing in life (especially other people’s sex life.) sees this post and reacts wow this guy talks bad about people of his own race..does he think he is better or something.. compared to asian girls,caucasian girls probably tend to be not interested in asian guys ..and some caucasian girls are even racist of asian guys. Why doesn’t he talk bad about those caucasians girls then? Is there a rule that asian girls belong to asian guys and asian girls have to like asian guys? If an asian girl talks bad about asian guys..It’s her loss.. let her be. Because talking bad about their own race is like spitting on yourself. Like what you are doing right now.

  31. Thanks a lot for giving ammo to racist scumbags who hate asian guys and women all together(hey even an asian guy says it~they talk bad about each other~so ofcourse I can say it too~).To me those kinds of women and you are one of a kind

  32. As a amwf Hapa that came from a Asian dad and white mom. I do agree with lonewolf on most of it. He does make a good point about those woman because I encounter just a few of them. Right before I saw them they gave me a bad look. Btw I look like a full blown Asian. If any of you want Argue with me go ahead because my mom is white lol

    1. Thanks for sharing. Now if u looked mixed, u would have prob be more exotic to them. But since u still have ur Chinese fathers last name u would still be more Asian to them. Please feel free to share the post on Facebook, Twitter, etc

  33. I think your problem is that you are envious or jealous of white men hitting in your women. But guess what? It is not our fault or Asian womens’ fault. It is your problem and your fault that many many Japanese women (i cannot talk about other asian flavours) prefer non-asian men, mostly EU and USA ones.
    And before you ask me, yes, my wife is Japanese, I have been living in Japan for almost 8 years and among all my Japanese female-friends, all of then share the same thought: Japanese men are unkind, selfish, inexperienced and everything but sweet.

    This is not a biological problem, but more a cultural problem, so do not blame us (westerns) or even your women. Just look at yourself before critizising others..
    As you said somewhere before, everyone is a product of what they live and their cultures, so if all these women are like that, they are product of their culture and past lives. Shouldnt you then look at your culture before blaming others?

    Also, about penis size, that is not a stereotype, maybe you are one of the few with bigger penis, congratulations, man. Actually I dont care too much about that, but now that you mentioned it, you must know that all of my western friends who came visit me in Japan (I can say even myself, but I dont want to put me as example), NEED at least Okamoto Super or Mega Big Boy, because their **average/standard** size in Europe turn to be huge size for the Japanese condom market. And they are average in width/length, just like myself.

    Thank you and good luck.

    1. “Amongst all my Japanese female friends”…
      You do realise they are friends with you precisely because they have all succumbed to that stereotype? The vast majority of Japanese women do not associate with white men.

      Also, it is a common belief amongst white men hitting on asian women that they think white women are too loud and fat, another words, not submissive and feminine enough for then to control.

      As for penises, you must have seen a lot of dicks (white and asian) to know about that.

  34. At: Asian Woman from Malaysia – “Stop, just stop. Please.” Maybe I will if you beg me. Anyways, I am not purposely going out of my way but just merely pointing out the truth. Maybe you should understand where I’m coming from. since you from Mayaysia I’m not sure how things are out there but perhaps you should come to the western world to get a better understanding on what i’m saying.

  35. Lol, and Americans just love to say how functional Asians are. Seems like your “culture” is just as worthless as anyone else’s . Asians are not special, they are not smart, they are inhuman. Do superior Black people a favor and don’t bring us up in your inferior Asian issues. There’s no such thing as “acting black”. That is some deluded nonsense that white people invented, along with all of their other stereotypes. Asians love to think they are better, but truth is everything Asians have white men handed to them on a silver platter. Asians were given money to come to America, that’s why they have their businesses. Whites bring chinks to the Anerican schools. Whites use chinks as a divide and conquer method to put the black race down. Blacks are far superior, we were the firsts in this world, everything we had white people stole and try to take credit for. Blacks created civilization, math, science, but white people are jealous so they try to hide our success. White people and now Asians it seems love to quote false statistics just to bring black people down. Truth is, you’re not as special as you think. Did you know the model minority myth was a stereotype created to silence the black activists. White peoole oppress black people and blame them for their situation by highlighting “Asian achievement.” You see, Asians are nothing but a pawn to overthrow the far superior black race. They aren’t as hardworking as people assume. In fact Nigerian students are statistically proven to be the best academically. Africans in America are hardworking and extremely educated, but they don’t get the same media attention as Asians because that would reveal the truth, that blacks are genetically superior. Same for African Americans, we have millions of success stories but they don’t get media attention.
    Also, did you know not all Asians are rich? In fact there’s a lot of poor and undocumented Asians living in America. South East Asian Americans are the poorest and uneducated members in American society. But do their flaws get brought up in the media, no because white men want people to believe the model minority stereotype.

    Also, as for your post about Asian women. I find that Asian women (and men too) are indeed those things you mentioned. They have ugly inhuman features, flat yellow face, slit eyes, buck teeth. They smell like fish. They are thieves and liars. They are forever sucking on the toes of white men. This is how Asians are: “Yes white man, me love you so long.” Or “Yes white man, me ruv you so rong.” Lol. Fuck whitey, and fuck chinks. Blacks are superior.

    P. S Ching chong, ching chong! Asian women suck white man dong. Lol. But seriously, most white men actually hate Asian women. They only fuck them because they think they’re whores (which is true.)

  36. I’m a little confused here. You mentioned that it’s wrong to be telling people who to date and who to not date since everyone has the right to pick and choose who is compatible to them. However, you claim that it’s wrong anyways because they lose their culture. I feel that a person also has a right to express whatever part of their identity is most important to them though. There are already tons of asian women and men in asia who fully embrace asian culture since they grew up in it. It’s not like there’s only a few thousand asians left in the world and that we’re some sort of dying breed. If the culture part is a huge issue, it should also mean that asian men should stay away from non asian women. However, it seems that you are encouraging asian men to seek out non asian women and chastising the asian women for seeking out non asian men. It’s either all ok, or none of it is ok. Otherwise, you would be a hypocrite.

    Then you talk about the part where there are asian women who fully embrace asian culture and go to events, keep up with asian pop culture, eat asian food etc and you look down on that too just because they are dating a non asian man. So at this part, i’m even more confused since you now have someone who trying not to lose their culture but you still resent them. You give all these different examples of “different types of asian women” but really, I think you should rename the article to “reasons to hate AW/WM couples”.

    I think you may have struggled to hit some of your points. This is a strange example but it sort of feels like those extremist feminists that try to bash the other gender to raise themselves up instead of raising all females up to the same standard. I think that your main focus here was bashing asian women instead of finding ways to help the asian brothers out. You can’t stop interracial dating, that would just be ridiculous because you can’t control every persons decision and you also don’t know what’s going on in their life to make whatever decision they choose. However, you CAN choose how to live your own life and have that positivity influence other people.

    Kindness has a much better chance of changing a person’s view. Hate will only support their original views.

    Sorry for the long post but would love to hear what your opinion is.

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