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Stuck on 19 notches

I won’t count this as a cold spell since I am getting steady sex from my doctor girl for the past 3 months. However, what steady sex really is: ” the same old pussy.” While its awesome having a girl coming over once or twice a week to please and satisfy you it can get really boring drilling the same hole over and over again. My last new notch with the Taiwanese girl and although she was very attractive it has already been 2 months and the thrill of that new conquest has since worn thin. Although I’ve been actively pursuing new notches I haven’t had much luck as of late. I went back to online dating again going out with two 9’s (scale 1 – 10) Asian American women but the dates did not go well at all leaving me feeling even more in a slump. The dates with these girls reminded me on why I never pursued Asian American women to start with anyways. The looks were there but the chemistry was far off and I am beginning to feel my game is lacking something, or needs to be updated or retrained from scratch.

There is also a Korean girl who was a devout Christian and although I got her number getting her to go out with me on a date was harder then trying to get a boner swimming in freezing beach water. Word of advice, when you find out a girl is a serious Christian, don’t bother going for her pussy unless you are planning to work years to drill that hole. Talked to a few other girls just to realize later they were involved with someone and cheating was not an option. I got pretty close to 20 notches with a girl from the west coast but when I got out there she flaked on me after 2 weeks of big sex talk, promise of anal, swallowing my cum and non stop fucking. I felt even more like a jackass spending 2 weeks talking to this troll with nothing to show for. (Will write about this more in another blog entry about my trip to the west coast).

Getting my 20th notch is proving to be a challenge but it is the first of things to do on my conquest list. Now to sharpen my rod and go out hunting

2 thoughts on “Stuck on 19 notches”

  1. omg feels like me. ive ditched my fuck buddy cause im tired of the saame pussy, saying soem excuse of i wanna get serious and stuff. but ended up in a adry spell cause ive been meetig too many faithful girls. its funny cause it seems there is a season for this, like whore season is over and christian season is in. and im waiting out this storm. (maybe regretted dumping my fuck buddy who is a 9) for going after fresh pussy from conservative girls who are at most a 8 and who are more conservative than a pope on a Sunday.

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