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One Night Stand with a Taiwanese Girl


Don’t want to get into too much detail with this one for now since I promised her I would keep my mouth shut and also for my own personal privacy. All I have to say is having a hobby or anything you do where you can meet women will do wonders for your matchmaking opportunities. She came, I gamed, flirted, touched then followed up.  I fucked her real good and loved every bit of it. After the awesome sex, I took her out for breakfast. This is my first REAL ONE NIGHT STAND. (Besides the white girl in Hong Kong. So I guess you can say the second).

The next day, I treated myself to a steak and enjoyed every bite I took. This girl is of value in the social world of Taiwan which made this conquest all that more satisfying. (and she looked damn good with her stockings). Even women you think are out of your league are really nothing when you work the right game and simply be a man by pursuing what you want. When your cock is in them, all women are the same. They moan and love it. Perhaps I will write a more detailed blog entry about this at a later time.

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