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My Week in Hong Kong

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Been back in New York and recovering from a week of fun, fucking, drinking, eating and jet lag. Going back to work for the first time in weeks isn’t an easy task neither but I can’t complain since I had an amazing week to recharge myself.

So how can I describe Hong Kong? A pussy dating heaven for a ABC (American born Chinese) male… was for me and it could be for any Western born Chinese male or Western Asian in general. As long as your not incredibly hideous, dress somewhat decent have some skills in talking to women you would have more than your share of dates to go around.

During my short week there I hooked up with multiple girls. I managed to complete what I couldn’t do during my first visit there (back in 2007) which is bang a 100% Cantonese Hong Kong girl. (She was a 8 out of 10 easy). This time around not only did I get pussy on my first night there (hours after landing) but I had her stay with me for 6 out of the 7 days that I was in Hong Kong. Out of those 6 days, 5 nights were non stop fucking…..we hopped from one hotel to the next, fucking in love hotels, hostels, and checking out leaving the room a mess with condoms lying all over the place. Besides fucking, she was my personal tour guide by bringing me around to see the sites of Hong Kong and dining with me at restaurants. We also ventured in Macau to watch the first ever UFC show on Chinese soil. It was an amazing night as I took a picture with the “Iceman” Chuck Lidell and watched my favorite MMA fighter Cung Le, knock out Rich Franklin in the first round of the much anticipated main event. I couldn’t believe my eyes…..I was hopping up and down like a kid screaming on top of my lungs. It was a week that I didn’t want to end…..

Then one night the Hong Kong girl didn’t stay over with me was because I actually had sent her home that night. I had date with another local girl. I sent the Hong Kong girl home with her knowing that I was going to hook up with another girl that night. She spent an hour trying to convince me to come up with an excuse to not have dinner with the other local girl and if I did, how to get rid of her after dinner so she can come back and stay with me for the night. I couldn’t believe it…..It was rock star status for me…..girls competing to spend time and stay the night with me. I sent her home anyways and had dinner with the other girl. We had dinner then went to a bar…..after a number of beers she asked me where I was staying…..I told her……she asked to come over…..and I said yes……we stumble back to my hotel and get down for the night….

Besides these girls, I had many more that I had made plans to see but never got a chance to because I couldn’t find the time too. Hong Kong girl was constantly at my side doing everything I wanted her to do. I had a quick session with a girl from Singapore in a Lan Kwai Fong club which is still my best club experience of all time. In total I had at least 7 more girls on standby, 3 were waiting for me to call, 3 were trying to set up dates with me and 1 girl that I actually stood up. All were 100% Hong Kong girls. Note: None of these girls mentioned in the post were prostitutes. All these girls were strictly HK locals, including the American girl.

My second trip back to Hong Kong was nothing but a sex, eating, and sleeping fest……I also made up for the lack of pussy I got on my first trip to HK back in 2007. Redemption can be such a sweet thing…..I love Hong Kong.

Bonus: I am writing a travel guide based on my experience in this city. It will have tips on how to get laid, where to go, what to eat, where to stay, etc. Coming soon!

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**Update: 05/29/14**

The book is finally out! After nearly two years later, the first and ONLY sex guide written specifically for the Western Asian Male is ready to be shared with the world. If you want to get laid in Hong Kong, then this book is for you! Click on the book image below for more info.

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45 thoughts on “My Week in Hong Kong”

  1. I think Thailand is better, they like Western Asian males there a lot too, the girls better looking in Thailand, and it’s a lot cheaper is my guess.

    1. Thanks for the tip. Have u been there before? I am considering South East Asia as my next destination due to the fact it is cheaper….first world Asian cities uses up your cash pretty quickly……S.E. Asia – Cheap pussy, food and beer is good enough reason for any man to go…..

      1. yes i was there last November and will be again in a couple of months(Chiang Mai) I think the Thai women are fine dude, both the light skin girls and the dark skin girls, and yes it is cheap when you consider the rates in the u.s. YOU’LLL LOVE IT BRO

      2. haha…..enough said….i’m convinced….lol. I’ve always found SE Asian women attractive esp the dark ones…..Brothers, I’ve also been hearing good things about the women in the Philippines too….going to look into that too….

  2. a lot of dudes say they get chicks all night for 1,000 baht(33 usd$) but however generallly those are not the cream of the crop girls, they are generally less attractive. I got it for 1,000 baht an hour which some would say I was getting ripped off, but she was one of the better looking girls from the bar, if this girl worked in the u.s. she would be charging at least $250 an hour or even much muchmore.

  3. the thing about the Phillipines is I hear from many is that it’s not that safe compared to Thailand, although Phuket has been dubbed the crime capital of Asia, Thailand is pretty damn safe because of the buddhist thing in their culture

    1. That is a good point….I have heard the same thing. I’ve been doing a bit of research and it seems that Manila is the place NOT to be in terms of safety but Cebu or Makati is a better option. Either way is hard to determine what’s true until you set foot there yourself……I would just travel with another person….more strength in numbers….

      1. and Roman Catholics think sex is a sin, whereas in Thailand sex is more or less not a bad thing because of Buddhism

      1. if you got the money meet me in Chiang Mai, Thailand Feb 4 thru Feb 21st, we’lll have a blast with the ladies there

  4. we’re all racists to a certain degree or another us Asians included as well as any other groups of people, denial is more dangerous than the admission of it(racism)

  5. I am a 2ND generation American born Asian who out of curiosity click on yourCraigslist post in RnR. You’ve got to be kidding me you actually blog your life? And feel you can coach guys how to get laid? Lol comeon man you are saying its wide open pussy in Hong Kong but only fucked two women? Its a bad week if I fuck only two strangers…..more like 5…my best was 8only because I had two threesomes with four different ladies….Wednesday and Thursday back in August….no prostitutes although I take them out and pay…..I got more action with didferent females in two weeks then you get in a year….ya for me! Asian females are boring to me and a novelty so I mainly fuck white bitches and out of all those ladies only one black bitch who was mostly white…..even her pussy was pink…..

    1. Good for you Mr. Shimok on your ability to get laid. If you read more carefully, I had other options available ready and waiting for me but I chose to stay with one girl for my stay because I actually enjoyed her company out of the bed. I knew its only a matter of time before haters and hot shots would start shooting off their mouths

      1. Man you are irritating speaking of your weekly action as if you are making these huge conquests. I’m not sure why you feel that posting on CRAIGSLIST each week to link your Blog would do… Are you trying to teach your fellow Asian the possibilities that are out there… You are a true inspiration….

  6. My advice is to drop the obsession with race and you’ll probably score even more internationally. Hong Kong is one of the easiest places to get laid in the world. I once shagged 3 girls in 2 days without trying, in wrinkled clothes and two weeks of unkempt facial hair. Check my blog, going over options to get laid in 10 countries and counting. Cheers.

  7. Hey LOneWolf, so how exactly did you meet/find these girls so quickly? Any advice for a white-guy thinking of moving to Asia? Is HK the move as far as getting laid? thanks

    1. When are you planning to move? Hong Kong is good for anyone that wants pussy. Look out for my Get Laid in Hong Kong Guide book that is coming out sometime this year. It will have all the details on what I did to get laid, how I met girls, tips and tricks. Follow my blog by entering your email address on the lower right to rceive updates and when the book is dropping.

      1. Hey – I was thinking of applying to Int’l Schools in Asia for the Fall 2013, either HK or TW or Singapore, Shanghai, Japan, Korea, I will prob apply to all and see what comes back but in case I have the chance to choose between countries and cities I would love any advice. Getting laid is priority 1 as always. Im whit, late 30′;s but look late 20’s, is teaching at a prestigious school considered good enough there or are they fixated on finance? Here in NYC they are,.,.., thanks for any advice and insight you may have for me…

  8. In my opinion Hong Kong because its just so damn easy to get laid. Everyone speaks English and there is a large expat/foreigner population. Korea is fun but less open and more challenging to foreigners since they have more of a closed culture. Personally, I’ve never been to Japan but I’m aware that they are really interested in westerners and our culture. Career shouldn’t matter as long as your making money. And if they are fixated on finances only, then drop them and get another.

    1. Good point, but what about the angle that going further inland makes a westerner more “special” and thus desirable? Any truth to this? Or would the language barrier be insurmountable for anything other than massage girls/paid company…. I have a friend who is average-good looking guy who claims to have been a “rock star” in his time teaching English in Taiwan so that tempted me to go there, Any insight as to how long it might take for someone with good language abillity (already speak 3-4 languages) to pick up enough Mandarin to get by? And would Mandarin be of use in areas that speak mostly Cantonese/Shanghainese, etc? And I have heard the Japanese have a particular fetish for white guys but don’t know how true that really is…. thanks

  9. Hey bro, I love your unabashedly blunt writing style. I’m actually gonna go to hong kong this year as well! but i have relatives so i have a place to stay without paying rent. HOWEVER, i am definitely planning to go up for a weeks trip to guangzhou, macau, and other fun places in the mainland which should be even fucking easier than HK girls. I would love to hear some of your suggestions on where to go for Fun in HK and since im staying with my aunt and her family, im thinking about renting those hotels you’ve paid for by the hour. I had success with that with a girl i met at Toisan, Guangdoung. I feel like a lone wolf too, and im cutting out alot of my friends that just wants to stay in America and keep trying to go clubbing and hollywood which i absolutely hate, because it’s impossible to find any bitch thats down to fuck there. Thats why im planning to move in Asia and stay there indefinitely and probably get a crotch rocket. LOL! FUCK SOCIETY!!!!!!!

    1. Good thing to hear that u are doing ur thing brother. I don’t think that hk girls are tougher but just more picky. I’m gonna try to get my hk guide by the end of this month, that should be able to offer u advice. When r u going?

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    1. Follow the directions on the post. IMPORTANT directions on how to download the book: After your payment through pay-pal, a page will appear asking whether to return to TheLoneWolfTraveler blog or pay-pal home page. Make sure to click the first link (return to the Lonewolftraveler blog) which is the link to a page with a secret pass-code. Once you have the pass-code, click on this PAGE and enter the pass-code and then you will be able to download the eBook. As of now, questions regarding the book will be answered through Facebook messages ONLY.

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    Keep up the good work! You know, lots of individuals are looking round for this info, you could aid them greatly.

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